When will I feel less overwhelmed with having a baby?

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My son is just about to turn 1 and I still feel overwhelmed.  He JUST started sleeping through the night at 11 months.  Before that he woke every 3 hours… just about every.single.night.  From 4-5.5 months it was every 1-2 hours.  I can nearly count on both hands how many times he slept longer than that in the 11 months.  During the day, he doesnt like to play for long on his own until he’s clinging on to my leg again, sometimes screaming to be picked up.  I actually peed with him on my lap earlier this week.  I’m still worry all the time and second guessing if what I just did could mess him up.  I just feel like this is the new norm as a parent… always worrying about something.  

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Something that really helped me when my babies were small was having three things I achieved every morning/ day – making the bed, taking a shower and having breakfast. Just doing those three small things helped keep me sane (and reasonably healthy!) and it helped me not feel overwhelmed.

the other things that helped were getting out of the house every.single.day (even if it was just a walk around the block) and finding a Playgroup and music class to go to. Baby got some stimulation and new experiences and I got to have adult company and conversation, plus it also gave our week some structure and routine.

My final piece of advice is to just stop worrying and just go with your life as it is right now. Your baby is her own perfect little person and you’re both only just coming out of the “fourth trimester” and you’re both learning how to live together! You’re doing a wonderful job, Mama, hang in there!

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pockster :  I am late to the game but wanted to comment. Things didn’t get easier for me until my daughter was about a year old. I had a lot of PPA and it made it really tough for me to feel ‘normal’ again. Now we’re at 20 months and it’s insane how easy everything feels (even with tantrums, yelling no, and hitting lol). Part of how hard the first year was for me was how many changes they go through. I felt like I got a stage figured out and then she’d change so I was always off balance. I’m very much a planner and not having any consistency was so tough. I just wanted to let you know it does get SO much easier, I promise. Ask for help, know it’s okay to not like your kid all the time, and try to get out and do things that make you feel good. It was hard for me to hang with friends or do happy hour because I didn’t want to leave her, especially after I went back to work, but it helped my sanity. If you ever need to chat let me know! 

ETA: We also sleep trained pretty early and it was one of the best things we did. I’m a person that needs 8 hours of sleep per night so that made it way harder. Getting her to sleep through the night was amazing and we’ll definitely sleep train our next baby too (hopefully we won’t have to though, I’m planning on being better from the beginning).

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Keep trying with the carrier! It was a disaster for us for the first few months and then it clicked. I read somewhere that around months 2-3 they learn to push with their arms so they automatically push back in a carrier which feels like they hate it. 

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pockster :  I’m sure you’re doing a great job!

My daughter is now 9 months and I feel like things get easier with each day.  We have an established routine the days I’m home as I’m working part time now.  So she eats and naps around the same time and the babysitter follows my schedule too.  She also has a very strong personality and is much more interactive.  She’s still not a great sleeper but much better than even a few months ago.  And don’t ignore the small accomplishments like getting a load of laundry done..

Hang in there!  There is light at the end of the tunnel!

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