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Yes! Unfortunately I told one friend and she’s text me Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s like ‘So… Any news?’ and then I have to say no!
I agree it’ll be better if we wait. How long has he had it?

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Helper bee

lol. I was planning to not tell ANYONE until the proposal, but then I went ring shopping and we found a beautiful ring and I watched him buy it. Right now I am trying to patiently (ha) wait out the 4-5 weeks that it takes to set the stone and size the ring. So, he doesn’t even have the ring in his possession yet, and I am already going crazy with anticipation! Needless to say, I ended up telling my mom, my sister, my roommate, a co-worker, and about three different friends…. hahahaha, so much for waiting 🙂 

I can’t even imagine what the ancipation must be like once you know he HAS the ring! Is it easier to wait (because you know it could happen any day) or harder (because it could happen any day!)?

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Busy bee
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@Ambergris:  I would say easier, because Im not worrying if he is going to do it or not and I know its coming soon. But kind of hard sometimes because for sure, whenever he pauses before saying something, or starts speaking really sincerely, Im all OMG IS THIS IT????? I have given up on trying to keep my nails nice all the time. Bah. 

Mostly Im just really, really exciteddd…maybe the tiniest bit impatient. We talk ALL the time about how excited we are to be married, how much we love each other, how excited we are to have kids and be a family. Its been 2 months since he got the ring, what is he waiting for?!?! I have made the mistake of telling my closest friends that I know he has the ring (Im not supposed to know..), thankfully they do not text me and ask if he has done it yet. But every time I talk to them and tell them no, he has not done it yet, its obvious that they were really holding back asking, haha. Probably better to wait on telling your family and friends if you can help it! It will be more exciting for them to hear the news at a time when they will be able to share it with others.


(sorry, having french keyboard-itis, canèt type anything with apostrophes grahhhÉ)

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I’m in your shoes. I’ve only told the forum here, one of my best friends, and my step-sister. No one else knows and it’s killing me!! I am NOT one to keep secrets, especially about something this big, but I also want it to be a big, fun surprise when he pops the question. We can stay strong together! And hopefully we won’t be waiting that much longer…

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Blushing bee

My SO has had the ring for nearly a year now. I’ve never seen it, and the anticipation is really getting to me!

I think it’s harder knowing he has a ring. If he’d never told me, I wouldn’t be expecting it, and then it would be a surprise for me. Instead, I know about it and I just want him to hurry up with the proposal!

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Bumble bee
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I don’t have the ring yet but I have the promise of a ring really soon… I love him and I love him for the fact that he is planning to propose very soon but it’s kind of making things a little more difficult in some aspects. Like last night at work I couldn’t help but spend the night looking up e-rings and wedding dresses, all the small details as well as I often do. My boyfriend shows up to bring me dinner and a co worker walks up to me while my SO is just feet away from me and says “So you’re getting married?!” I guess he saw all of the things I was looking up while on the clock! Oops. Luckily the SO didn’t hear it but it’s not the first time something like this has happened and wont be the last until I get that ring.


It’s wonderful to know it’s coming soon but the longer we have to wait after knowing it’s about to happen, it seems the more likely we will be caught and the more likely it will slip up

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Busy bee
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I know what you guys mean. My partner & I found the ring early January. He didn’t bring it home that day cos it had to get resized & he’s been paying it off. I told him I didn’t want to know when he had the ring or if it was in the house, I know I’d go mental.

He’s been hinting for ages about knowing the exact date he’s going to propose – my bday is a week away & I’ve always felt it would be then (but never told him my suspicion, cos I kinda don’t want to know. I’m terrible at Christmas time with waiting to open presents, I’d be bouncing off the walls if I knew the exact date). I’ve teased him a few times & he’s been throwing fake-outs my way “oh no, there’s still months & months before your proposal”

Anyway, 2 days ago his iphone gets a message (it was sitting beside me) and as usual, the little message preview comes up – from the jewellery store, saying his item is ready. I felt like squealing, but I still don’t want to ruin it so I just handed him the phone without telling him I know what the message said. I’m like 99% sure it’s going to happen on my birthday & it’s killing me!!

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LoL.  I’ve told everyone…my parents, friends, co-workers.  I’m terrible at keeping secrets and I figure everyone might as well know the truth anyways.  It will still be fantastic news for me and family/friends when the time comes.  I admire everyone’s patience…I could never keep a secret like this!

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haha, it’s simultaneously relieving and maddening.  He doesn’t have the ring yet, just the rock.  He’s had it for a couple weeks now, and would have to send it off for the ring to be made for it .  I so badly want to keep asking him “when are you sending it off?”

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OMG – I have been there!!

He bought the diamond 10 months before he proposed.  It was 8 months before there was an actual ring in the works.  We looked and looked for the right jeweler (and he freaked out for a while).  My parents were doggin’ him for not putting a ring on it… but I didn’t say anything!! 

I did spill to one girlfriend – I was so frustrated that he took so long.  But she kept it secret for me. 

Funny story – the ring was in his bedroom – my mom had family pictures taken and he wasn’t in them.  He had to work late on Friday and came over Saturday but she decided that we were doing it Friday, and it was just family, since I didn’t have a ring.  I did a couple weeks later.  Guys can’t just let a ring sit there. 

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@Papillon23:  Ha, I’d be the same way.  I told SO when he decides to buy the ring (won’t be for another year or so) he can’t let me know or have it at our apartment.  I’ve already told a few friends we’re talking engagement, but that’s a year away!  I can’t keep my mouth shut for anything.

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