(Closed) When/where did you get your ears pierced? How about your kids?

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Helper bee
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I think I wasn’t allowed till I was maybe 13 or 14 (my parents were more strict than others), and I had mine done at the doctors as at the time I was diagnosed with epilepsy so it was recommended my doctor did it. 

I don’t see myself getting any other piercings but if I was I’d use a recommended Jewellars or Claires. 

I think like others, when I have children I’d wait till they asked me to have them.

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Buzzing bee
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Girl with needle-phobia here. I don’t have any piercings. I have panic attacks even looking at someone else getting pierced or poked or punctured in any way. So my (biased) opinion is that parents should not get their young children’s ears pierced. Piercings are a personal choice and everyone should be able to make that decision for him/herself when they are old enough to do so. 

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Worker bee
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I got mine pierced for the first time when I was 5.  I don’t remember when I got the second ones done.  I have a daughter and will let her decide if and when she wants to get them pierced.

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I agree with the bees that say go to a reputable piercer. I would not go to mall stores that use a piercing gun! Stay away. 

Also, if/when I have a child, I’ll let them decide when to get their ears pierced. 

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Worker bee
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My mom had mine done when I was a few months old and I’m glad for it. I hardly ever wear earrings now but I’ve always had the option to. I got my cartilage (at the top of my ear) done when I was 14 or 15 but it became infected so I had to let that one close. My sister got her ears done later, maybe 6 or 7 years old. She was sooo excited but cried so much after the first one that she didn’t want the second done. My mom said she couldnt walk around with just one pierced ear so made her get the second (which she was eventually glad for) but I’m happy I don’t remember any of that pain myself as a child lol so I’m all for babies getting ears done.

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Helper bee

I got my ears pierced at the doctors office when I was 18 months. 

I got my ears double pierced at Claire’s as a preteen and both holes ended up extremely crooked 😥

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Sugar bee

Mine were done as an infant at the pediatrician. I did my second set of holes myself when I worked at Spencer Gifts in high school. One of those is completely closed and disappeared. The other looks like it is still there but the hole only goes partially thru. Every now and then when I REALLY want to wear an earring, I push it all the way through (OUCH)! My oldest 2 girls were pierced when they were infants and my youngest daughter when she was 10. I don’t worry too much about it hurting them. It hurts about as long as one of those many, many, MANY immunizations they get and certainly less than a circumcision (I would imagine). They look B E A U T I F U L with their little diamond studs. Sparkle fever starts very early on in my household.

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Bumble bee

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Willow90:  I got my first holes at 16, second holes at 18, at Icing/Claire’s. I would NOT go to them! I have never been able to wear anything in my second holes because they will get so infected and sore. My first holes have what feels like permanent cartilage bumps underneath my holes. I’ve basically let my second holes grow in. I’ve read getting pierced with a needle is MUCH safer. And I have no problem with parents piercing babies ears, I doubt I’d do it though. The baby won’t remember if it hurts. 

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I had mine pierced at a mall store when I was about in 5th grade. I pierced my ears a second time myself when I was in middle school because my mum forbade me to have it done.

Because piercing is a body modification, I absolutely believe in waiting until a person can choose for themselves if they want it done. I would never, ever consider having a baby’s ears pierced. My DD expressed interest in my earrings when she was about in 3rd grade, and I showed her my earrings. She asked if the post went THROUGH the earlobe and I told her that yes, it did, and it didn’t hurt all that much and healed quickly. She thought that over and said she was MUCH too young to consider putting holes in her body and did not want it done. I told her that was fine, and that I would never make her do anything she was uncomfortable with. 

Now, in 6th grade, she has decided that pierced ears are not for her. She wears and changes rings on her fingers like most people change earrings. I am all for it, and I told her that people withOUT piercings are far more unusual than those with them.

And people talking about a hole closing interest me. My body doesn’t work that way. For me, once a piercing heals, regardless of where it is (cartilage, earlbe, body piercings) it is permanent. I can not use the hole for a decade and rings will still easily slide through if I change my mind. My piercings never, ever heal through.

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I don’t remember either of my ear piercings. I believe my first holes were done when I was only months old and my second holes were done when I was maybe three. I’m not sure where my mom had them done, to be honest, but I don’t think my doctor did them. I’ve done my bellybutton and nose since then so I’m not afraid of needles, but I’m still glad she had them done before I could remember because each time I go for a piercing, I get overly anxious.

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Sugar bee
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I got my ears peirced on my 9th birthday (that’s all I wanted haha) at a place like Claire’s in the mall.

I’ll probably wait to have my [potential future] daughter’s ears peirced because mine got severely infected due to an allergic reaction and I would hate to have a baby go through that too!

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Helper bee
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I cannot for the life of me understand maiming a flawless, beautiful little human for no reason at all, and not giving them a choice about it.  Usually I can see both sides of something, I just don’t see this. 

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Helper bee

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Willow90:  i have two holes in each ear, plus two cartilage piercings on my right ear.

My SO and I have been dating since HS.. And hes done 3/4 of them :p 

at stores like sallys beauty supplies, you can buy the cartridges that go into the piercing guns they use at places like claires and piercing pagoda. Ite basically like using a stapler.. The 3 he did healed so quickly, while the ones i had done at claires when I was 5 took forever to heal because the gun applies too much force! 

We paid 7.99 for a pack with 2 earrings and 2 cartridges.. But we’re brave, thats just my sucess story

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Worker bee
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I just got a cartilage piercing recently (I’m in my 20s)…I don’t have my lobes pierced. My parents would have done it if I asked, I’m sure, but I was never really interested. 

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