(Closed) When/where did you get your ears pierced? How about your kids?

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I had my first set done at 13. My mum was adamant I had to wait till then as she said kids need something to look forward to. As happens with younger siblings, my sister ended up getting hers done at 11. Typical!

I had my second set done at 14 and I have a third hole in one ear. 

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tagerosan:  Did you get the cartilidge done with a gun, or a needle? Piercing guns are not suitable for any part of the body other than the ear lobes… and proper piercing needles always cause less trauma/scarring/keloidosis than the guns like the ones you get at Claire’s, which are completely unhygienic…

Just wondered, because I’ve only ever seen scars like that on people who used guns.

EDIT: HA, just saw several responses saying the same thing! OP, please don’t go to Claire’s…


To answer the question… I started getting into piercings at about 13YO, and am covered in them. I have 21 at the moment, because I had to let one heal up due to migration. I’ll probably get it redone though. The most I ever had at one time was 23. I also have several tattoos. I even did a few of my own piercings… using a fresh, sterile, professional piercing needle, of course.

I would never, ever pierce a baby’s ears. It’s a matter of consent, first of all. It’s their body, and they’re a child, not a fashion accessory. It’s done because the parents think it’s cute, but the child doesn’t care about that stuff… all it cares about is the pain. Inflicting pain on a child in order to influence your own image is never cool. It has to be their choice. Secondly, what if they don’t want them when they grow up? Some piercings simply never seal completely. Thirdly, you’re exposing them to infection etc… why? Piercing is a non-essential body modification. Why cause them pain and expose their immature immune system to infection when it is so unnecessary? Fourthly, as a child’s ears grow, those holes can migrate and often they become uncentred, so they look stupid and uneven, and the child will have to have them redone anyway.

I’ll come out with it and just be honest… I totally judge people who pierce the ears of babies. I’m normally (surprisingly, perhaps?) quite chill IRL, but I’ve already said that if the in-laws try piercing any of my future offspring, I will hit the f-ing roof…

… on the other hand, if they want to take after Mum, I’ll happily consent to it. In a licensed parlour with sterile equipment. When they are teenagers. Not before.

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MrsNeutrino:  I got mine done at 6 weeks. My mom said the same thing about me pulling at them. 


I got my second holes at 14. 

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I still l remeber my first pair of earrings, litttle yellow gold knots, I was around 5 I think. Now I have a daughter and as soon as she wants earrings (if she does!) we will get her some. For me it was a special moment and I want the same for her. And if she doesn’t want the that fine too. I have nothing against parents getting them for their younger girls but for me I want it to be a special moment for her 🙂

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19. I went to the mall.   Age of consent was 18. Piercing Pagoda, or whatever it was called at the time. My girls went to the mall, too. I think the older one was 8 and the younger one was 6, when she decided she was ready for it, and could handle the upkeep.

They’ve both got one extra ear piercing, plus the belly button. One was too close to the edge, and ripped out, the other had frequent infections and was taken out. Both agree, the navels were a mistake. One looks misshappen, because of it.

I grew up in an area that was quite “ethnic,” and I used to see infant baby girls’ ears pierced, all the time. I’m on the side that doesn’t agree, with the practice. 

I only wear earings for special occassions. Same with most other jewelry – only a wedding ring on now.

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We had to wait until high school. I actually got my first holes at Wal-Mart of all places. She did a nice job, but then I went crazy with piercings and by the time I was a freshman in college I had 5 holes in one ear and 2 in the other plus a navel piercing (which lasted all of 6 months before it migrated out). I took out all earrings except my original lobe holes and prefer just wearing simple studs. Oh, I also have bilateral daith piercings, but wear tiny studs and only a handful of people have ever noticed or commented on them.

I agree with pp, a professional piercer is the way to go, and let the kid decide for themselves if they want piercings. My friend has earring holes almost next to her head because her infant holes migrated and stretched so much. It is really not cute.

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I had my ears pierced when I was about 14. My Mum had said we had to wait until 16 but then she gave in when my older sister was 14. I wore earrings for a while and then my ears got really sore and I stopped for years. They’re ok again now as long as I wear decent earrings and not cheap fashion ones.

I don’t think it’s right to pierce children’s ears when they’re too young to understand, and I don’t think it looks that nice. DH is from a culture where it’s normal to do it, and our niece had her ears pierced at 2. If I ask him about it he’ll say our daughters should have it done, but if I never bring it up, he wouldn’t think about it I don’t think. We’ll see the day we have a girl!

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Willow90:  my parents we’re so strict and there was a rule in my house I had to be 13 to get them pierced haha I felt so grown up when I was finally allowed to get them done. 

Then when everyone at school got their belly button pierced my mum put a decoy in place and said I could have my 2nd holes pierced .. So I forgot about the belly haha 

I got my belly done when I was 16 and ironically haven’t worn it or earrings for about 10 years. It’s funny how school influences decisions!! 

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I got my ears pierced at 13 at Claire’s. My mom treated it as a bit of a coming of age thing and I really liked that and will likely do the same if I have a daughter, though I’d take my daughter to a real piercing salon rather than use one of the guns they use at the mall.

I think our society has lost a lot of rights of passage, so I like the idea of making this something that a daughter would look forward to and want and feel special about. I also woudl want to wait until my daughter was old enough to be sure she wanted her ears pierced and be able to keep them clean. 

ETA: No ears, but I had my tongue pierced when I was 19 at a piercing/tattoo salon. Hurt like the dickens but I like it. There are times I wonder if it’s odd that a 32 year old pregnant professional woman has a pierced tongue and if I should take it out, but it’s become part of me and I like it, so I keep it in. For my kids, I’d take any requests for piercings other than the ear lobe upon request. If they were a teenager and I really thought they had thought it through and had wanted the same thing for many months/years, I might consider, but certain nothing on the spur of the moment. Until they’re 18 and then I don’t get any say anymore.

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I had my ears pierced when I was in kindergarden.  It was something I begged my mom to do. I’m glad she let it be my choice (even though I was 5 you could argue I didn’t know what I wanted), but I do remember asking for it and I enjoyed when my mom took me.  We just went to a department store jewellery department, I don’t think my mom knew anything about piercing guns vs. needles.  This was in the 80s and I think almost everyone around here did it this way.

When I was a teenager I got a second lobe piercing and an upper ear piercing done at Claire’s or something because i didnt know better.  I regret it because the upper ear one was messed up and my second lobe is crooked..

When I was 20 I got my lip and conch pierced at a professional tattoo and piercing shop.  I wouldnt’ do it any other way.  My lip piercing is gone and grown over but it was a great experience and I still have my conch, it was done very nicely.

If I have kids I would let them make the choice and take them to a professional shop

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I asked to have mine done when I was seven.  (I’d wanted them for longer than that, but I was afraid it would hurt.)  It was done at a boutique with a gun.

I will let my kids get their ears pierced at a professional shop (no guns!) when they ask and are old enough to be responsible for the aftercare.

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goldshine:  I have to agree, I admire pp’s who say they don’t judge parents who get their babies pierced, but I fear I do. And tho I am not conservative about most things, I have a 16 year age limit for my daughter before she can choose. Mind you, her father would make her wait till 30 if he could!

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I was 12 – that was my mom’s rule. She was 16 when she was done and compromised with her 3 daughters that 12 was old enough to be responsible to take care of them.

My first ones were done at the hair dresser, my second ones were done at a different hairdresser, I have a third in my left ear that was done at faces and my cartilidge was done at Claires (not sure if they do it anymore – I worked there at the time).

I never had issues with any of them.  When I have daughters I’ll probably make them wait as well – I don’t want to do it when they’re babies, I just don’t know how old yet.  I’m thinking 8, but maybe 10 or 12…we’ll see

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I wasn’t allowed to get my first ear piercing until I was 11. It sounds young now, but at the time I was the last of my friends (5th grade) and felt really uncool. At 15 I got them double pierced, 18 a cartiliedge piercing, and at 20 I got a second cartilidge piercing with my Mom, so I have 6 ear piercings total 🙂

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I had mine pierced when I was a baby. I got my second piercing in 7th grade, and my cartilage pierced in 9th grade. I got my second and third piercings done by my cousin at Walmart, lol (small town life!), with a piercing gun. No damage to my ears.


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