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Blushing bee

Mr Chocolate Chip proposed a couple weeks ago on Superbowl Sunday. That’s right, not on our anniversary or on Valentines, but on the biggest sports day of the year (Typical Mr. Chocolate Chip!)

He had the ring for almost 3 months and was simply waiting for the perfect moment. That morning just happend to be that moment. We were driving to the grocery store to get some snacks for the game when he starts telling me how his mother thought you could see a town 50 mile away from the top of this hill we were driving by.  I agreed with his mother (It was a very big hill). He then proceeds to make a bet with me that you couldn’t see the town from the top. We made the bet, he pulls over and we walk to the top of the hill (which was exhausting!) Once at the top, I loudly exclaim that I was right (since i’m usually NEVER right I was excited) pointing to the town miles away. He grabs my hands, and tells me he could care less about the bet, he just cared about having me in his life.

I immediately start crying because at that point I knew what was about to happen. He said the sweetest things, kneeled on one knee and proposed. The best thing was that we were having the Supebowl party at Mr Chocolate Chips house later that day, so we got to celebrate with our closest friends right away 🙂

The best Superbowl a GIRL could ever have!


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Helper bee
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Both proposals are so cute! 

We went on a weekend getaway for our 7th Anniversary to a bay area (known for it’s crab…we’re in MD).  His aunt owned a condo on the bay there, so it was a free getaway!  We went to this AWESOME restuarant then went back to the hotel.  I went into our room, and when I came out I couldn’t find him.  He was out on the balcony.  He looked me in the eyes said a whole bunch of sweet things then got down on one knee, said my full name and asked me to marry him.   Before he even got down on one knee I was balling, and I couldn’t stop!!  It was the best moment in my life so far!

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Blushing bee

It was in August, exactly one week before I was leaving the country we met to fly back to my own for grad school. It was late at night, we were lying in bed talking in the talk, and he just asked! Such a surprise – he’d been so emotional and weird all day, I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Such a relief to know he was thinking the same thing I was! And then when I flew back to visit him in October we picked out a ring.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: March 2009

Mr. Peachy was in town visiting for two weeks for his vacation. On that particular day, I was having a pretty crummy day at work. Mr. Peachy decided that we were going to go somewhere after work in an attempt to cheer me up. He called me at work and told me we were going somewhere and to not ask any questions (a hard directive to follow!). I jokingly told him that he shouldn’t propose today and that I knew that he wouldn’t because he had not talked to my mom yet for her blessing. Little did I know, Mr. Peachy had stolen my cell phone the night before and gotten my mother’s numbers.After work, I head back to change and then Mr. Peachy picks me up. He turns on the mixed cd that he made me for Valentine’s Day and tells me that we are going on a picnic. I start asking questions, like what is for dinner, to which he responds that we can get whatever I want for dinner. A picnic with no food? That’s odd, but I stop asking questions and fall asleep in the car.We proceed to North Tampa where Mr. Peachy informs me that we need to go and run an errand at his mom’s house before we go on the picnic. By FMIL’s house there is a park that we have visited before when I was upset. Mr. Peachy took me there in December to swing on the swings which made me feel much better. As the park is right on the way to his mom’s house, I had no clue we would be making a detour. We turned into the park at which point Mr. Peachy told me to go sit on the swings and that he’d be over in a moment.Mr. Peachy walks over to the swings with a bouquet of roses which are all different colors, a bag, and a lavender piece of paper. He gives me the roses and the bag. He then proceeds to read the following to me:

My dearest Ms. Peachy,

I am sure that you knew this day was coming (maybe just a little earlier then we originally discussed). However, regardless of the date chosen, I want you to know that I love you and have loved you from very early on in our relationship. What we have together is something that is special, and something that does not come along everyday. I believe that this bouquet symbolizes the love that we share for one another. Each of the flowers symbolizes something different. The purple roses symbolize the protection that we offer each other, or in other words how safe we feel in one another’s arms. The red rose symbolizes love, but since I know how you feel about red flowers it also symbolizes the occasional annoyances that will plague our marriage. The white rose flower represents purity and innocence, in other words a love that is so pure it can never be tainted by the situations that occur in our life. The yellow rose represents friendship and platonic love, or the fact that we became friends before we dated, and how that friendship has continued to grow over these past 15 months. The green rose represents calmness, and how both you and I will need to be calm when the other is angry, hurt, or frustrated. The burgundy rose represents beauty or how our love represents a beauty that by ourselves neither one of us possesses. The pink rose represents grace, not an obvious trait for the two of us, but when we are together there is a gracefulness that appears before us. The dark pink rose represents gratitude, the gratitude that both you and I have for finding and loving one another. Finally, the last rose is orange, which represents passion. For us we are passionate about many things including our work, our happiness, and each other. I hope that I have been able to illustrate how amazing and close to perfection we are as a couple, and that you will take this ring as a symbol of yours and my love joined together. Ms. Peachy, will you marry me?

At which point he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and I said yes! In the bag was a framed copy of the proposal.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2009

We went on a vacation in early january with his family to Jacksonhole, WY. We went snowmobiling in Yellowstone, up to Old Faithful. When we got to they geyser he told me to go ahead to the bathroom, he needed to talk to his future stepmom about something. I knew something was up, having expected the proposal on the trip, but wasn’t sure what cause I didn’t see how he could have safely carried a ring with us snowmobliling. While in the bathroom with his sister, another person with us asked if we were all engaged or what, and I was fussing because my Future Sister-In-Law and FstepMIL were both engaged and I was still waiting. My Future Sister-In-Law said she had to walk away to keep from laughing cause she knew what was about to happen.

Anyway, when I got out of the bathroom, my FH asked me to walk with him for a second. We walked towards Old Faithful and he said he finally had my Christmas present (he had ordered it online and it supposedly came in late). He handed me a photo album he had had made of us, and on the last page it said, “now will you help me write the next chapter of this story and MARRY ME?” I looked up at that point and he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring ever! It was amazing!

The only drawback was it was FREEZING so I didn’t get to really slow down and enjoy it. In too big of a hurry to get inside and warm up. But I still wouldn’t change a bit of it for anything!

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

o, mr. bee! that was very sweet!! I don’t even know where our first date was, or even if we have a restaurant… =)

@jeska: wow!! mr. tofu proposed a week before our 7 year anniversary! talk about waiting a LONG time, right?? haha

mr. tofu proposed to me in Ladies Pavillion (where Carrie and Meranda have lunch) in Central Park in NYC.. (we are from LA).  It was our first time there together, and I thought we were there for a business trip of his, and I was just tagging along because i LOVE NYC! It’s such a great city!!

So basically, he tricked me into going on this trip with him (except that I invited myself and I really wanted to go), and he recruited our friends to help him setup and decorate the gazebo with rose petals, music ("Somewhere Over the Rainbow") and candles. ROMANTIC!!

Then we had dinner at Morimoto’s..  LOVE LOVE LOVED it!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: March 2009

@ 4 am, in our bedroom, in my sleepy state, with no make up.  It was so private, unexpected and completely perfect.

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Helper bee
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My FH proposed in front of the chapel we’re getting married in at our Alma mater.  He did all this after staging a FAKE proposal just 2 weeks earlier because I was getting "too close to knowing".  It was awesome 😀

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Helper bee
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Well the first time he asked was via text message to which I told him to stop messing with me! He said what if he wasn’t and I replied I knew that "he wasn’t being serious because he wasn’t on one knee in front of me and I wasn’t blinded by the bling"…hahaha. From there though we started talking seriously, I kept teasing him saying NO, but we were making plans and he officially asked at midnight on New Years with our families all around us and half our wedding already planned! I said yes that time! Um…unconventional, lol

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

I had a sneaking suspicion he would propose on our trip to Mexico, but a big panicky fight a month before put the possibility on the backburner.  Once we arrived, though, I kept waiting for it to happen.  He kept having long whispered conversations in rapid fire Spanish with our hosts that he knew I couldn’t understand and the grandmas kept giving me indulgent smiles and referring to me as his "esposa" (wife)- which I later learned was because they kept forgetting he hadn’t actually proposed yet!

Anyway, we had this amazing day in Guadalajara and he had a big, non-wallet sized, square lump in his pants pockets.  I was getting very worried, however, because we had at least a half dozen PERFECT moments – watching the dancers, listening to mariachis, holding hands watching the sunset (his were very sweaty btw), etc… and NOTHING!  By dinner I’d about given up hope.

We went to a really nice restaurant- but everything was slightly off.  I was grumpy and a little sun-stroked so got buzzed on 2 glasses of wine, complained about and had to go take out my contacts, had mediocre, but very expensive food (except for the super yummy grasshopper in mole appetizer- seriously!) and listened to weird Enya like ambient music.  Just when I least expected it, though, he came over to give me a kiss, and instead got down on one knee.  I have no idea what he said, but I couldn’t stop smiling like an idiot.  The waiters saw what was happening and someone must have changed the music, b/c all of a sudden "Take My Breath Away" from TopGun came on. We couldn’t stop laughing.  It was the happiest moment of my life!

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

My fiance recreated our first date, but I didn’t see it coming at all.  I was still in school at the time, and I didn’t expect a proposal until after graduation or towards the end of the year.  He proposed to me on the dock at Old New Castle at night after dinner.  I don’t exactly remember the words he said.  I just remember him going down on one knee with what appeared to be a fake ring to me (there was an led light shining on it).  I kept repeating to myself that this was just all a horrible joke he was playing on me.  It was real after all, and thinking back on that day still brings a smile to my face.

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Busy bee
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We were walking the Jetty by our home town that is on the Gulf of Mexico! It was sunset and I was clueless. He stopped me close to the end and started dancing with me then stopped and said amazing romancing things and got down on one knee and asked. The best part he has God to give him a sign to know that this was the right moment he asked to see Dolphins ( acutally porpoises but I like the word dolphins) and the were jumping around us. It was the most amazing moment of our life!

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Worker bee
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Hubs-to-be and I were on a trip in Washington D.C. (he was stationed there in the Army and is a HUGE history buff) and the very last night of our trip we went to a symphony with our friends. Halfway through the performance, Fiance pulls out the ring and asks if I will marry him. I mouthed "of course" and had to sit silently/patiently for another hour before exclaiming that we got engaged to the world 🙂 It was worth it, it was romantic and private. Just what I would have wanted.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I found out that we were getting engaged..on Christmas in a lovely card from him (the solitare hadn’t yet made it in apparently) and that he wanted us to plan a wonderful getaway together.

The ring will probably appear sometime between now and the 8th of March!  Engagimoon is the 5-8th and we picked a lovely resort in Jamaica.  We’ve got a romance suite and it is beautiful!  Trust me, I’ll do a complete gush on the board when it happens officially…as we are unofficially engaged right now..I mean we’re unofficial because I told him it is NOT official until the ring makes her debut! lol!

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