Where are all my 2019 brides at!!

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  • Wedding: November 2019 - City, State

2019!  The year is here!

We’re getting married in November, so I still have a bit of time.  But I feel you on the sick of planning thing.  I still have a few larger things to sew up (I need to buy a dress still, etc), but otherwise everything is pretty well on track.  I’m happy I front-loaded a lot of the planning work and FH and I made a lot of larger decisions early on.  It’s nice to have the big expensive decisions out of the way and settled.

I have to say, I’m pretty proud of our venue.  We looked at several other places and thought we were going to have to settle for a mediocre hotel ballroom (it was nice enough, but we didn’t love it).  I hadn’t even considered our venue as an option because I just sort of convinced myself it would be too expensive.  So after our “meh” venue tours, I decided maybe I’d just write them an email and see what the pricing was, and if they were way over the top, then oh well.  Not only were they the MOST reasonable and offered the most for the money, but we LOVED the tour, the place fits perfectly with the theme I really wanted to have, and we happened to be able to secure a gorgeous church that is literally NEXT DOOR to the venue.  We were so thrilled.  It was a really fun victory. =)

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I am a 2019 Bride!! We are getting married on March 23rd! For us all the big stuff is done, so its just the little stuff now. And TBH, if that stuff doesn’t get done, no one will know so who cares! 

Biggest triumph is the fact that we’ve gotten so much done in just a few months. And the lowest low is that we have to do a tribute as my fiance’s father passed away between us getting engaged and the planning. That has been the hardest part. 

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4th of May here!

Star Wars Day lol

All booked within a couple of weeks of getting engaged in a September, but have been holding off doing much else until Christmas was over. Now I’ll start sorting all the smaller bits and bobs. Just ordered my invitations last night and the Sweatshop-of-Mum has just reopened post-holidays to make my dress!

Next thing…fill out our officiants questionnaire to start writing our Humanist ceremony. 😊

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  • Wedding: June 2019

June 22nd for me! Feels like it’s coming up so quickly 😱

The last “big” things we have to worry about are invitations and groomsmen outfits. Otherwise it’s all smaller details.

I’m so excited, but admittedly stressed too! I had my first ever wedding nightmare last week (dreamt that basically everything that could possibly go wrong the day of dis!) and I haven’t feeling it won’t be the last 😬

As for budget stuff, I’m pretty pleased with the deal we got on our wood flowers! And our big splurge was food… lobster bake! Which yes, I know is messy but also delicious! Haha plus we will have bibs for everyone and our families are all Lobster pros! πŸ˜› 

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All the big things are taken care of! I picked up my dress a couple days ago (I’ll be posting pics once my MoH sends me the pictures she took omg such a slacker XD) and while it needs some alterations (I’ve lost 10 pounds since September when I ordered it so it’s quite big on me), it’s so beautiful! The venue, caterer, DJ, and all that jazz are booked. I’m still having difficulty envisioning centerpieces, but I have time on that. Save the Dates were sent in mid-November, and I’ll be having two bridal showers since people are scattered in basically two far-away places and my MoH is spearheading that! 

Budget-wise we are right on track πŸ™‚ Thank GOD. I think the flowers are gonna pull us over a bit, and my gift for my fiance is a bit more expensive than what I budgeted, but we won’t be too far over, no πŸ™‚ Next steps for me are a) my hair and makeup trial and b) the cake tasting. 

The biggest hurdle is, in April, I’ll be flying my cat down to Raleigh for the first step of a crazy move. Then in May I’ll be moving the rest of my things down to his apartment and living with my parents for the interim before the wedding. It’s going to be nuts but…

I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!!!!

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  • Wedding: May 2019 - City, State

May 18th! 😱😱😱

I HATE wedding planning and so far only have my dress set 😬 But the venue we’re looking at typically books 3-6 months out from your date and we are touring/booking next week. We’re doing a what this venue calls a “group elopement,” which is just a very small 20ish person wedding. The great part is it’s an all inclusive package with officiant/photographer/decor/setup/etc and there’s only one vendor to work with so hopefully after next week I’ll have all the big things set.

I’m personally more concerned about where we will be moving immediately after the wedding – my fiancé is finishing up medical school and does not get his residency assignment until mid March. So right now I’m in complete limbo with the wedding and where we’re going to be living and I am stressed out πŸ˜‚ 

Only 5 more months! I can make it!

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  • Wedding: August 2019

We’re getting married August 17th 2019. So excited!! It feels both too close and too far away lol. I’m so ready to be married and August seems so far away when I think about that, but then when I’m planning I’m like “OMG I don’t have enough time!!”

We have the church and the reception venue booked. We’ve got our photographer, I’ve bought my wedding dress. That’s pretty much it. Oh, and we ordered the STD’s and I have MOST of them addressed and ready to be sent, but still waiting on my Fiance to get his sh*t together and get the last of his friends’ addresses lol.

We booked the venue and the photographer very soon after we got engaged in late September, but then put planning pretty much on hold through the holidays. Just too much going on. So now that it’s the New Year, we’re going to get back into it.

Next up is finding a DJ. Not sure where to start with that, or even how much DJ’s cost. Guess we’ll see! I’ll probably have my bridesmaids pick out their dresses soon too, although I think they have a couple months before they have to order them. We’re probably not booking a florist, our reception venue will take care of the flowers for the centerpieces, and other than that we’ll probably just order some flowers in bulk and then arrange a few things for the ceremony space and perhaps a bit of other decor. Not too concerned about flowers honestly.

Oh, and I have to figure out hotel blocks. And transportation (we’re planning to book a couple shuttles for guests who aren’t driving). I keep forgetting that I still have to figure that out. Gah!

I don’t have any of the details as far as decor planned out. I have a Pinterest board of wedding decor I like, but it’s just a bunch of different ideas with no cohesive theme or ideas. My Future Mother-In-Law keeps asking me about all the little details, and she wants to help, but I have to keep telling her I haven’t thought about it yet. My Fiance has had to step in a few times and basically tell her she’s stressing me out with all the questions. I know she’s just excited though, so I try not to get too annoyed. And I know she’ll be a big help once I’m ready to plan all the details. I just don’t want to plan any of the little things until I have everything else set (DJ, bridesmaid dresses picked, STD’s sent out, hotel blocks, shuttles booked, invites picked out, whatever else I’m sure I’m forgetting).

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  • Wedding: July 2019

Date TBD but late Sept/early October for us πŸ™‚ Ring is on its way so I cant publicly celebrate for a little longer but we are doing tons of venue research so we can book it ASAP. Feels surreal! Hes amazing and I CANNOT wait to be his wife! I would totally elope just the two of us, but we wants family there so we are going to do a small wedding. Im talking him down to as simple as possible becuase Id rather spend it on the honeymoon – he agrees thankfully πŸ™‚

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  • Wedding: February 2019 - City, State

2019 bride! We actually eloped in 2018 so I could get the name change stuff out of the way and get my licenses changed. However, we are having a big wedding celebration in February for our family and friends! Mostly everything is done, just waiting on some rsvps to be returned! 

I cant believe how quickly time has flown! 

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Yay! So excited here as well!! We are getting married May 18 and I’m SO READY for it to be here already. Planning was easy for us as my fiancé helped a ton and it honestly was really fun! Down side was how much it costs and how we wanted to pay it off ASAP so we didn’t go into marriage with debt from our wedding. Everything is pretty much paid off but we have some minor things to go. Now we’re ready to just be married πŸ™‚ 

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April 6th, 2019! Still so much to do but I can’t wait!

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  • Wedding: September 2019 - City, State

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jemmlove12 :  September 21, 2019!!

Congrats to you too bee! I keep telling myself “the year is finally here”!

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March 1st, 2019! We’re having a destination wedding. I still need to confirm the menu and music, but I think everything else is done! I have my dress alterations scheduled for January 17th which makes me a little nervous because I can be so critical of myself, but I’m hopeful I’ll keep it together! We also need to get the guys’ suits altered. I’ll likely schedule that for later this month. 

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November 9! I am ready to elope right now. The planning itself isn’t driving me crazy, it’s my family and his with incessant questions, demands, opinions. I am so over hearing it from them all! I do have a lot planned already and just have small items left to take care of. Which has been really nice now to just sit back and wait for it to be here. Luckily my MOHs are very helpful as they’re both married and have great advice 

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