(Closed) Where are/were you at 25?

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I was in RT school, initially went to nursing school. It was not for me. However, I wish I had stuck it out (there are so many non-bedside nursing jobs compared to RTs. There is little mobility in my job as an RT so I’m not being challenged and I am getting bored. I am looking into PA school soon. I was single and swore of dating until I got done with school. I moved away from home got engaged now married. I own a home now and just preparing to apply to PA school (scary).

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Helper bee

At 25 I had just moved to a new city and started a new job after having finished my masters. DH and I had been together for less than a year and were in an LDR so I was using up all my spare cash for flights. I was living with two friends and socialising quite a lot. 

Fast forward five years, we’re married and live together. I’ve started a new business and he’s changed careers and gone back to school. Other than that, nothing feels that different. We spend more time together and less with friends (people moving away, babies, etc) but it’s nice. I feel more settled but also still like the world is our oyster (especially because of our jobs), so who knows what the future holds. 

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DoubleD :  Thanks! He is wonderful and I’m so happy. <3 

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At 25 I was recovering from a 3 year breakdown where I was agoraphobic and barely left my apartment. I was married to my husband and it was incredibly hard on him emotionally and financially. In the year before my 25th I only just started going outside again and my husband surprised me with a weekend trip to somewhere we always talked about visiting. I was physically sick the entire time from nerves but it was still amazing!

We started then going to regular dungeons and dragons nights which gave me the confidence to apply for a job which I got the month after my 25th birthday. We saved all the money I earned and we were able to buy our first home a year later- we had been renting before that. 

Getting that job got me out and about and built up my confidence and resillience in general and I applied for the masters I’d been thinking of doing since before my breakdown. I’m now doing that masters and loving it.

I also found out in January that I am autistic which explains a lot of the difficulties I’ve experienced and am now getting help to cope better in social situations which has already been life-changing.

I’m definitely not where I thought I’d be when I was 25 and still so fragile. O wish I could reassure myself that it would get better and that I am so much stronger than I thought and that for all the strain I put my marriage through that we would be stronger and closer as a result of my breakdown. 

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At 25 I had finished my first masters and had been working in my big girl job for a year. I had just escaped a long term abusive relationship and decided to move to another city even though I hadn’t yet secured another job. My mentality was that I was good at what I did and qualified, so I should have no problem—a little naive of an outlook, but the universe took care of me and I found something great just about a month after I arrived. I lived on an island and could bike to the beach in about 5 minutes and I absolutely loved it. I was never much of a partier, but I definitely took advantage of the beach being so close and used to go for sunset walks almost every night. I really miss it there, but it turned out I had done things backwards—I was living my retirement at 25, lol. 

At 33 I decided to move to a large city, change careers and go back to grad school for another master’s degree in a different field, and got married and divorced (yep, happened all in the same year—some hidden things came out about him 2 months after the wedding and I decided I was not interested in that being the rest of my life so I filed for divorce.)

Now I am 35, have been working in my new field for 2 years, and am enjoying it immensely. I met a wonderful man a little over 6 months ago and am ridiculously in love. We’ve agreed that we both want to retire to the beach, so in another 30 years my life will be back to how it was at 25, lol. Life was good back then, but it’s even better now. 

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loldol92 :  why though? 

there are a lot of successful ladies on this site, is that too hard to believe…

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Busy bee
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At 25 I was a stay at home mom to a 3 year old. So that was pretty much my whole life at that time! 

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At 25 I was a small business owner, living with DH (still boyfriend at the time) in the house we’d just purchased together. In the almost 10 years since then we got engaged, married, bought a lot to build, sold our house, had a baby, and finally kept the lot but bought a new house. 

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Bumble Beekeeper

Omg, I had a total meltdown about my life at 25. I vividly remember shortly after my 25th birthday, sitting outside at a pub after a kickball game, drunk off my ass from too many rounds of flip cup, weeping openly to the dude who would become my deadbeat boyfriend for the next 3.5 yrs about how my life wasn’t where I wanted it to be. Good times! 

I was gainfully employed in what I thought was my “dream job” at the time so not sure why I felt so wrecked…I think that period of early/mid 20s after college when you’re getting your footing in the real world with true adulting is just hard.

My 30s have been a lot better. I dumped my deadbeat bf, met D.H and got married at 31, moved across the country for him, got my career as a freelance editor off the ground and had our first baby 6 months ago. My life is so different now at 33 than 25, and definitely for the better …but no regrets about mistakes I made in my 20s!

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Helper bee

25 was a crazy year. I had just graduated law school, started seeing a fellow law grad (now my husband), passed the bar, spent a few months interviewing for jobs in several states, got my first job working for a legislator, moved to a new city to an amazing downtown studio apartment that I would still live in if it wasn’t too tiny for two people and two dogs, started hanging out with the people who are now my framily, a lot of partying with friends and coworkers. Lest you think this sounds fun, I was an emotional wreck the whole year due to all the uncertainty and change. I’ve grown up A LOT since then…better job than I ever thought I’d have at my age, two dogs who are our children, own a house, got married. Much happier with my life now. 


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At 25 I was engaged, moved out of parents’ house and into my then fiance’s house, got my second puppy (first one was only 9 months at the time), and switched to a new job. I spent most of my time at that age adjusting to living in a new city, being at a new job, raising two dogs, and wedding planning. 


I’m 27 now and still feel like I’m adjusting to be an adult. I ideally wanted to have my first child by 28, but now that I’m closer to that age I feel that I’m too young to be a mom lol. Even though I haven’t accomplished everything I wanted by now (ex: having a master’s degree), I’m pretty comfortable with what I have done with my life so far.

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Bumble bee

At 25, I was living my dream job/ dream life in NYC. Got my first really big promotion that year.  I was also broke and in credit card debt because, well “Dream life” in NYC, haha! I traveled, I ate, I shopped, it was awesome! Just not super responsible though by 30, I owned a house, had no debt, ample savings & a nice 401k so once I buckled down and relocated, I caught up quickly financially. 


But it I was super single and not that happy about it. I had recently broken up with THE GUY I always thought I would marry because he said he didn’t want to get married until he was 30 and he didn’t know if he wanted to marry me…but he did love me (I know that). A lot of my friends at home were getting married and I thought something was wrong that after 2.5 years, this guy wasn’t ready to propose.  I didn’t know then that it’s super rare to get married that young in NYC and that most people just date until they’re closer to 30 and then they get married. A lot of my friends from NYC did that.  But I kept comparing our relationship to my friends from home (in the South). 


Ironic thing is I eventually moved back home and it still took me until I was 32 to get married! Would have been married earlier if I had stuck it out with NYC guy but we would have had a very different life than I have now and now at 40, I’m super happy with how life turned out.  Oh yeah, and at 25 I wasn’t sure I wanted kids but by 35 I was desperate for them and about to start IVF.  


Overall, I’d say life isn’t exactly what you think it is at 25….even though it feels like you know it all! 😉

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downonmulberry :  

When I was 25 I was divorced,  just arrived in Australia, met a lovely man  and we  then  spent two years on the road ( South East Asia, your standard hippie trip ) punctuated  by 6 months in London. 

Parted amicably on return  to Australia and not long after,  met h. Damn fine years , those.



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At 25.. I was a college dropout, working at a local bank, dating my fiance then bf and lived in a tiny apartment.

Flash forward to today (28 years old), I’m about to graduate with my master’s in finance (after completing my bach), I’m engaged, and I own my own house. Life is good now, but man it’s nice to see that I struggled and worked through a rough patch in my life in less than 5 years.


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Helper bee

I’m 27 now so this wasn’t that long ago for me, although I still had fun going through old pictures to remind myself! At 25 I had been dating my now-husband for about 3 years. We moved from our first little one-bedroom apartment together to a slightly nicer, but still small apartment that year. I was unhappily waiting and we had a lot of conflict and heartache about why he hadn’t proposed yet.

Things were really going well for me career-wise: I had recently gotten my dream job after leaving my first job out of college, which I’d absolutely hated. I was ecstatic to finally feel like I had tons of potential at work and I completed a certification that year that earned me a lot more money. We also adopted our two cats that year, whom we love tremendously and now can’t imagine life without.

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