(Closed) Where/when did you have your first kiss?

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Sugar Beekeeper
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End of the night that we met.  I had gone up to his apartment for some reason and I gave him my number.  As I was literally about to walk out the door, he grabbed my arm and pulled me toward him and said “I’m sorry, I have to kiss you.”  And he did and it was awesome.

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Helper bee
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Haha… umm  i let him kiss me on the cheek but our first kiss was almost a month into dating.  He would always be so cute and polite and ask everytime he took me home, “Can I have a kiss?” Then i would say no and let him kiss my cheek. Finally, the night he really just looked like he was going to give up I told him yea.  Aww… Thinking about it makes me smile. Yes… i guess iw as evil. wahahaha. Figured if he really liked me he wouldn’t mind. Now, almost 4 years later, I am 8 months from marrying hi.  Sealed

Although… the frist “real” kiss as some friend would call it was like seven months into dating. at the drive in movies.  We were with friends but they never noticed it.  Embarassed  He was so cute though.  He actually apologized afterwards thinking that I didnt want him to.   Maybe it had to do with that first month. hmm…

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Do we mean first kiss ever? Or first kiss w/ our guy? I’ll do both. 

First kiss ever: I was 15 and with my first boyfriend. We went to a high school football game with his friends and went to his friends’ house afterwards. We were hanging out in the basement watching tv and the 2 other guys ran upstairs for some reason. Somehow I ended up sitting on the pool table (so not sure how that happened) and he leaned in to kiss me. Then I hit my head on the pool table lamp thingy. Then we tried again, and a news story came on about ecoli and diahearrea (sp?). Sex-ay. Something we laughed about forever. 

First (kinda) kiss with bf: It was our second date and I was like omg when is he going to kiss me! We held hands through the movie and it was super cute. So we’re at my door and things are all awkward because he is like a foot taller than me and I couldn’t hardly figure out how to hug him let alone anything else… we did this awkward kind of hug thingy and then he just grabbed my shoulders and gave me a peck. Then smiled and walked away. So cute, but I totally wanted more!

First (real) kiss: fast forward to date EIGHT. Not kidding! Eight dates, and we’re sitting on his couch watching tv. I was totally frustrated like omg why won’t this guy kiss me. I get up to go to the bathroom and when I come back he is sitting on the other side of the couch– weird. So I sit next to him and immediately he leans over and lays one on me. To which I say: It is about damn time what took you so long! And he tells me he has a “good” side he has to work off of (a la George in Seinfeld) and I’d always been on the wrong side! haha. My guy is such a goofball. 🙂

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Blushing bee

After our first date he was opening the door to cab and I leaned in and waited for him to kiss me. Nothing. I was beginning to feel awkward but he had this big smile on his face so I just leaned in a little more and kissed him! I knew that night I would marry him. He proposed 15 months later!

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Our first kiss was on what I fondly recall as our failed third date.

First, there was the conversation:

(him)”So we’ve been on a few dates now…”


(him)”I think we’re dating now.”

(me)”…*sheepish grin*yeah.”

(him)”You’ll have to start calling me your boyfriend, you know.”


Second, there was me burying my face in his shoulder and chest for thirty minutes.

Third, there was the kiss.

Fourth, I realized I was locked out of my dorm and no one answered phones and we stayed out all night. As I am not very good at staying up late, that had never occured before, and has never occured since. I think that makes the memory more special, yeah?

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Helper bee

@luli29 — yes… very smooth.  he was totally the debonair bachelor about town when we first met, just like mr. big.   it wasn’t until we got into a relationship (several months later) that i discovered what a goof ball he really is.

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Busy bee
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It was in the parking lot of a Claim Jumper, where we had our second date (on my FI’s way back home to his house from his parents’, for those of you reading the other post).  So romantic, I know, but it was really cute how we stood there and talked for hours while he worked up the courage to go for it.  I knew what was coming, but it was still fun to watch.

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Helper bee

@ a party at his house, i knew he was debating whether to kiss me or not.. so i just went for it and kissed him myself! Classy first kiss huh? We were in highschool ;p

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Blushing bee
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Third Date- We went out to a dancehall, but didn’t stay long becasue we couldn’t talk over the noise. Ended up sitting on my couch until 2 am talking and our 1st kiss happened as I walked him out to his car to say goodnight.

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Buzzing bee
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It was our first “real” date, second general date, and third encounter with each other. It’s sort of funny how it happened; on our first date, a double date, we spent some time after coming back from the restaurant to walk around my sister’s neighborhood and talk, and it was freezing cold. There was that feeling of ‘I want to kiss you but I’m not going to because I’m nervous.’ On our second date we ended up in almost the same scenario…walking around in the cold after a nice dinner, talking and thinking that we wanted to kiss. Except that MinMan whipped out the suavity and went through with it. 😛 

MinMan: *stops walking* Sooo…what are you thinking about?

Me: *mumblemumblesomethingaboutthecold*


Me: Well, I’ve told you. What are you thinking about?

MinMan: …I could tell you, but I’d rather show you.

Cue kiss.

And…wow. That man can KISS!

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Honey bee
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First kiss ever? My best friend’s cousin when I was 13.  He had this friend that liked my friend, and we “dated” each other all summer.  Ah, to be young again ;o)

First kiss with FI? In his living room the first night we hung out.  I remember kicking my shoes off so that I wouldn’t be so tall. haha

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Sugar bee

Our first kiss was on our couch.  At the time, we were friends and housemates, so we were already living together.  He poured his heart out to me about how he wanted me to be his girlfriend (so sweet) and then he kissed me. 

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Helper bee
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our first kiss… the night we met

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