(Closed) Where/when did you have your first kiss?

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Blushing bee
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At the end of of first ‘date’ (we met once before but since it was through eHarmony I like to call that the “Meet and Greet”- which lasted 5 hours! and ended with a kiss on the cheek)…our ‘real’ first date was 9 hours, first dinner, and then drinks and lots of talking while we listened to a live band play then back to his house til 4 am where we talked some more and watched TV- zero contact with one another until I was on my way out the door. We smooched on his front porch- I was on cloud nine, I knew instanteously that he was it for me.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

On our second date, as he was saying goodbye.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: May 2012

Awww…. my first kiss with my soon to be Fiance was in my mom’s living room on the couch watching tv…we were 15 and I totally kissed him first Kiss

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Bumble bee
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Is it terrible I don’t really remember that first kiss? Haha.


It was the night/morning we met for our first date. We’d caught a late movie and afterwards we took sandwiches back to my place to talk (we were total late night college kids). He was so gorgeous and a bit standoffish, so I figured he was enjoying the conversation but we’d never be on a date again (but hey, maybe i’d made a new friend?). Sometime around 4-5am is when it happened I think. I remember making a remark about how it was nearly dawn and that we’d stayed up all night. I was dead on my feet and he had to leave soon to go to work. It was wholly unremarkable. But like some of the best things in life, his kisses have grown on me over time and now when he kisses me I squel inside with glee. πŸ™‚ I still look at him and think he’s drop dead gorgeous. I’m glad he decided (so he tells me) that I was the one for him as soon as we met.

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: April 2010

Ours was on our 6th date. I had agreed to meet him one evening at Starbucks to grab coffee, and it was freezing that day. After we sat and chatted for almost 2 hours, we called it a night and he walked me to my car. I was freezing and he put his arm around me and was rubbing my upper back trying to warm me up while we were saying our goodbyes. As I started to turn to get in my car, he stopped me and asked, “Would it be okay if I..” and then he leaned in and kissed me.

A friend of his who had stopped by to say hi to us (’cause she lived a couple minutes away and she knew we had plans that evening) was with her friends walking out to her car and when they saw us kiss, they started cheering and making a scene in the parking lot. It was really cute.

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Bumble bee
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In my dorm room…We sat staring at each other for like, 10 minutes waiting for someone to make a move. I finally told him if he wanted to, he should stop being a waffle and just go for it. He totally did… πŸ˜€

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Bumble bee
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The night we met, outside my sorority house. πŸ™‚

I will admit, I was out with friends, it was cinco de Mayo and I had some tequila in my system. I ended up talking with Fiance, we closed the bar down at 2:30am, and he walked me to my sorority house. He said good night outside and kissed me. Apparently I walked back into the house and announced to the girls who were still awake and talking on the stairs that I just kissed “FI’s Name” haha, my friends still tease me about that.

The next day I woke up and was pretty sure that he had kissed me, but wasn’t positive. A few months later we were joking about that night and I admitted that the memory was fuzzy. He looked at me and said “I kissed TWICE and well, I can’t believe you don’t remember that!” haha

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Helper bee
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Aw, everyone elses sound so romantic and cute. Ours is a little less classy…

We work together, and had been hanging out all fall as friends. Playing golf and watching football. Then a bunch of our mutual friends decided they’d go get sushi for dinner on New Years Eve before going downtown. Neither of us like sushi, so we went to get pizza with his roomate. His roomate went home, and we went downtown to meet friends.

For some STUPID reason, the group left the nice bar we were at where we had a prime table at 11:30pm on New Years Eve and wanted to go to another bar. We walked outside and DJ and I started holding hands (yep, he was 29, I was 24, holding hands like kids). We couldn’t get into the nice bar we wanted to, so at 11:50pm we ended up walking across the street to The Eagles Club. We counted it down, and had our first kiss <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>in front of the Keno machines at midnight on New Years… KLASSY.

We’re not rednecks, I swear.

The weird thing is that this spring there was a gas explosion under the first bar we were at. It exploded! If we hadn’t wandered over to the Eagles’, I wouldn’t be able to embarass him by showing his mom where our first kiss was!

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Worker bee
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Our first kiss:  get ready for it….on his twin nieces bunkbeds!!!  haha


He waited more than a month to kiss me, it bugged me….but well worth the wait..he says he was nervous.  Anyways, we were at his parents house and there wasn’t a TV that we could watch a movie (we watched Zohan) and we were lying down on the uncomfortable, smaller than a twin size bed, and he finally kissed me!

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: June 2010

He was getting ready to take me home and i was standing up against the wall and he kissed me.  I SWEAR I was floating, so her literally swept me off my feet!


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Helper bee

ours was toward the end of our first date….and I haven’t stopped kissing him since :O)

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Bumble bee
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It was at the end of a group hangout, we weren’t even officially dating, but there had been some interest and history there for quite some time.  We had separated from the group as we were walking along the street and he kissed me in front of a wide doorway, it was the best kiss ever! 

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Helper bee
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on our first “official” first date, we went to a dam in the college town where we met, and we walked and talked for hours. Finally he just leaned in, and kissed me. it was perfect. 

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: September 2011

as creepy as this sounds – mine was in a cemetary πŸ˜›

i live in a really old area (think first settlers of canada), and there’s a really old cemetary up the road that i used to go to as sort of a ‘quiet time’. i have a really big family, so i often needed those.

anyways. my bf and i had been dating for a couple of weeks, and i knew that if i showed him my ‘spot’ we would kiss. i went for it.


we pulled up, got out, and were hugging. he came down for a kiss, i freaked, and hugged him tighter. (this was my first kiss EVER). i then went on about how i could hug him forever, and so then when he didn’t respond, i looked at him, and he came down and kissed me.

it was awkward, to say the least, cause being the oldest in my family, cousins, and the only one of my friends to have a bf at the time i really didn’t know what to expect.

however – it’s a unique story, so i don’t regret it at all πŸ™‚

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Buzzing bee
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this post is so sweet – mine was on Broadway and 8th street, right as I was about to get on a bus to go home, and not 5 minutes later I got a text that said, “that made me so happy” and I think we were both smiling all night long (only a year and half into our friendship, and several months into moving towards dating)

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