(Closed) Where do you eat dinner?

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  • poll: Where do you eat dinner?

    Kitchen table / breakfast bar

    Dining room table

    Living room - in front of the tv

    Outside Patio

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    Unfortunately, we usually eat in front of the TV. I don’t like it, but most of the time we have junk on the kitchen table (it’s only a 2 person table, so it’s small), and recently DH has been redoing part of the house, so that’s where some things have landed. It’s generally easier to eat in front of the TV than to find a place to store random stuff.

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    In front of the TV in the living room, but I’m not mad about it! We watch shows we both like and talk also, so I don’t see the problem with it honestly. Meals should be enjoyable, and for some people that means with TV, and I see no issue. 

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    I try to eat dinner at the table when we are both home to make dinner together. Most of the time it is covered in other crap and if I don’t feel like cleaning it off we will eat in the living room, but we have a table that pulls up to you.

    I always ate at the dinner table growing up and I HATE the idea of not doing that for my future kids. That will be a priority. For now though, Fiance and I are kinda enjoying just doing out own thing.

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    Fun topic.

    ALL the times in my life where I have either been single, or in a relationship where there was just the 2 of us… so living together – early married – empty nesters… any time there weren’t any family / kids involved… then myself and my SO (at the time) have gravitated to a more casual set up for meals.  And that has meant in the FR or LR in front of the tv

    When there has been family and / or kids in the picture meals have had more structure and ate at a table… either in the Kitchen or DR

    In the summertime (and summer is so short here) we do like to eat outside on the patio / deck a couple of times a week as well tho

    — — —

    I VOTED – IN FRONT OF THE TV though as that is what goes on the majority of the time.


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    Fiance eats at his desk in front of his computer and I eat in bed. 

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    We eat “in front of the tv” because we’re in a small apartment and don’t have room for a dining room table. Usually we throw on music and chat, but we also watch tv too.


    I can’t wait to,buy a house so we can eat at a table together 🙂

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    I don’t get what’s so bad about the TV… We like to have entertainment while we have dinner. We talk all day, it’s not like we’re missing any “connection.” We still talk with the TV on, even. I see watching our shows together as special time. We analyze the shows after, talk about the fandom, share ideas about where it could be going, talk about media theory surrounding whatever it is… we both took so many comm courses in college, we can’t just “watch TV” passively anymore, we have to deconstruct everything, hahaha.

    I really enjoy our TV time, it makes me a little sad to see that most people seem to think there’s something wrong with it. I knew that not everyone ate dinner this way but I didn’t realize how much general unhappiness there was with the concept. I grew up with dinner in front of the TV, and my best friend’s family would eat at the dining table… within viewing range of the TV. So it’s normal, even optimal to me.

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    In our computer office in front of our computers. Or in front of the TV if that’s what we’re doing at the time.

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    We eat at the dinner table  if it’s a quick dinner (i.e., my Fiance is working 2nd shift & comes home to eat dinner with me).  If he is on a more normal shift, it’s not uncommon for us to eat dinner in the living room while watching TV.

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    @Sea_Ashley:  Bedroom is not an option…but in my house it usually is. If the kids are gone and we’re in the middle of watching something (and it’s not a messy food!) we often eat in the bedroom at our computers or sitting on the end of the bed. But we do not eat while laying in the bed, I cannot handle crumbs in the bed! When the kids are home, I have a strict “families eat together at the dinner table” rule. My dad was never home for dinner and I think it sucks.

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    @Sea_Ashley:  Feet up on the coffee table, pizza boxes in laps, football on tv, FH in his running shorts and me in one of his t-shirts that I’ve found lying around somewhere…

    Ah, the married life.

    Oh wait, I’m not married yet XD

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    We eat on our reclining loveseat (awww) in front of the tv. I usually just use my lap, but DH likes having a tv tray. I don’t mind it, and for some bizarre reason I’m actually neater when I eat here than at the table. Normally the dining table is used as a dumping ground for stuff. We successfully cleared off and ate at the dining table for a few weeks in a row some time ago, but it got covered up by wedding crap then wedding gifts with no homes then the stuff we moved to give the wedding gifts homes…you get the idea. It’s almost back to servicable, and we’ll try being grownups again soon.

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    We’re about 60% dining room table, 40% living room in front of the TV. It usually depends on the type of dinner (if I make pizza, it’s in front of the TV, if I make a nice dinner, it’s at the table) and how cluttered the dining room table is – I have a bad habit of turning it into my project space. If we have guests, it’s always at the dining room table, Every once in awhile, we’ll eat outside on our balcony.


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    I grew up eating dinner in front of the tv.

    DH and I eat at our breakfast bar, but it is no further from our tv than the lounge!

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    We eat in our dining room most of the time, but we also like to eat on the couch if it’s a non-messy meal (:


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