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I wear mine at the gym.  If I am going swimming at the gym, though, I put them in my purse in my locker, with a lock on it.  At rugby (when I was playing), I would leave it in my car in the glove compartment in the box.  Once I forgot to take them off and a friend held my ring while I played.  When I take them off for chores around the house, I put them either on the bedside table or on top of the coffee — both places are out of the way.

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If I’m at home I have a necklace tree that I hang it on. If I know I’m going to the gym I leave it at home. If I am already at the gym I usually wear gloves when lifting weights so I leave it on. i also sometimes put it back in its box in the same spot so I always remember where it is!

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I just leave it on my finger. You could always pin it to the inside of your garment with a safety pin.

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I don’t take my ring off for any of those things. I’d say just put it back in the box it came in & leave it in your bedroom on a night stand or something. 

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99% of the time, my Diamond Rings (ERing & Sparkly WBand) are on my fingers.  As an Encore Bride who was married over 20+ Years the first time, I can tell you that most Diamond Rings are extremely durable.

When I do take them off it is for a very few select set of circumstances:

Home Renovations – Painting – Gardening – Deep Cleaning – Cooking & Baking (the type where you get in there with your bare hands, like kneading dough) – Working Out at the Gym – some Water Sports (Snorkelling, Scuba, etc)… and as Mr TTR & I travel a lot, if we are going to be visiting some more “sketchy” places

When my Rings aren’t on my finger they are in the ring boxes in which they came.

If we are travelling and doing something for the day that might put my rings at risk (Snorkelling) then I’ll put them in the ring box and LOCK THEM UP in the Hotel Room / Ship Cabin Safe.

If we are going to be travelling to a part of the world where my very glittery rings would attract inappropriate & unwanted (dangerous) attention, then I leave em at home entirely.  In which case they go into the ring boxes and are LOCKED UP in our Safety Deposit Box.

When I got Engaged / Married this time round…

Mr TTR was very generous and gave me lovely rings.  I knew right away, that these Rings altho lovely weren’t always going to be practical… especially when we travel (and we do LOVE to travel)

So, I thought ahead and got a 3rd Ring… a Plain WBand that I wear whenever I find myself in a situation where I feel I cannot wear my Sparkly Rings.  The Plain Band was blessed at our Wedding Ceremony, and slipped onto my finger for our Vows at the same time as the Sparkly Wedding Band (2 WBands).  So it truly is one of my WBands.

I wear the Plain WBand whenever I need it.  Altho I’d be sad if I lost it (say snorkelling) it wouldn’t be the end of the world, as it would be inexpensive to replace.  It also is ideal for travelling to “sketchy” places or parts of the world, as it attracts NO UNNECESSARY Attention… as in most of the world Married People just wear a simple band with no embellishment.

AND of course it gives me peace of mind in other ways as well… NO empty finger feeling… NO one ever misunderstanding that I am a Married Lady, and makes me happy that I can look down no matter where I am and see that reassurance / special bond that I have with my Hubby.

I highly recommend that other Bees consider the idea of having a Second WBand if they are the type who travels a lot.

Hope this helps,

PS… I wear my plain band when I am doing a lot of the other activites on my list that put my Diamonds at risk as well.  Example… some paint on my Gold Band, will never ruin it, etc.


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When I take my ring off to sleep I return it to its original box and place it in a drawer. The only other time I take my ring off is to do the washing up and in that case I either put it back in its box or, if I am feeling lazy, pop it on the arm of my glasses and fold them closed. (I don’t need to wear my glasses all the time but they are often to hand. I feel it’s safer to put my ring on them than leave it on the table by itself, as it’s small and could easily be knocked on the floor or misplaced.)

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It’s rare that I take mine off but if I do I put them in the box that it came with:


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  • Wedding: November 2013

I bake and cook a LOT and my groomzilla told me soon after getting engaged he did NOT want me baking with my ring on — so we had an agreement that if I forgot to put it back on he wouldn’t freak. Good Plan.


The day we went look at Bridesmaid or Best Man dresses my Future Mother-In-Law noticed I didn’t have my ring on — I said I’d been working and had left it by the sink.. {but didn’t remember taking it off at the house ~ cue internal panic attack} 


Future Father-In-Law wasn’t feeling well so we ended up visiting there til late and I got home after 10. (FH didn’t live with me then) so I walked in and immediately went near the sink where I’d been stashing the ring — not there. I cannot call HIM and tell him I’ve lost this perfect ring … so I called my mom who knew a freakout in progress when she saw one… long long long story short? When I got the boutique we were dress shopping at I was early and my hands were dry so I pulled my ring off to put some lotion on and left it in the folds of my gearshift… I retraced my steps luckily while imagining my greasy finger and a slightly too large ring slipping off in the midst of dressing rooms and frou frou dresses and luckily figured it out BUT that led to my one and ONLY Pintrest project (other than recipes):




Go to Hobby Lobby or the like and find yourself a smallish picture frame (do not do like me and go cheap without making sure the glass comes out)


Go to the back of the store where there are cork coasters, get at least one pack and some cute pins (pearl heads are the cutest, imo) and a coordinating scrapbook paper. 


Remove guts and glass of frame keeping back – I stacked and glued 2 coasters and the paper then a little glue and stuck in the pin and bent it at an angle.. then smushed it all into the frame and voila a ring holder (or 3) for by bed, sink, and bathroom. and ONLY leave your ring(s) THERE! 


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I’ve only had my ring for a week but I have a ring holder in my bedroom where my ring goes at night, and another in the kitchen by the sink, for when I’m doing dishes.  I think I’ll probably keep a little pouch in my gym bag to put it in when I’m working out, so it has a ‘place’ during that time, too.

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@canarydiamond:  🙂 I’m super lucky, my Future Mother-In-Law works there so everything we have (jewelry, flatware, crystal) is all Birks

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I wear mine except for sleeping and showering. I have a ring holder I made  beside my bed. I also keep the box in my purse just in case I feel the need to take it off when I’m not at home (cooking at a friends, eating something messy at a restuarant etc.).

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I use a Lalique ring dish that I keep on my dresser (secured with clear museum putty)

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