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Sugar bee
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Can you be more specific about what you want to learn? If you are wanting to learn about ovulation, charting, etc. I would begin by reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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@Take The Reins:  I know.  My mother is nick-named fertile mertile.  I think it’s a lot harder for us women to get pregnant these days though (or so it seems) so people are reading books and going to the doctors for help/information.

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@Take The Reins: Honestly…a lot of the stuff I know from reading the TTC/Pregnancy threads here on WB 🙂 The more you read the more you absorb! I also definitely second Heathaah’s suggestion to read Taking Charge of Your Fertility. I’d also recommend starting a Fertility Friend account and starting to learn how to chart awhile before you decide to actively TTC. I’d totally say to start that 6 months to a year before you start TTC so that by the time you get started you’re already aware of your body’s patterns. And if all else fails, ask the knowledgable ladies here 🙂  

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Bumble bee
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My mother went through miscarages and fertility treatments so I guess exposure. Ill be checking this thread too. I definetly want more info. I dont even know what TTC meens.

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I think for a lot of people getting ku IS as simple as “insert a into b and voila!” and I sincerely hope that when you do decide to start to ttc it’s that way for you.  I startes posting in he 6 months + board and am constantly Blown away with those ladies knowledge too. I read taking. Barge of your fertility and the 20 email sessions (with quizzes!) that fertility friend sends when you sign up to their tracking on the ttc topic and as soon as we started tryin I read what to expecT when your expecting just in case it happened immediately and that seemed to be a decentknowledge base. 

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It’s amazing the amount of information that you can get on here. It takes the avearage american couple 8 months to get pregnant. We all know examples around us of people who had unplanned pregnancies, because most people don’t talk about how long it does take them. It’s not something that usually comes up in casual conversation. Plus there is some shame involved when it comes to infertility/miscarriages so most people keep it to themselves.

I learned most of it when I started to have to go through things myself. Asking ladies here, google, research, etc. It’s amazing the amount of information you will absorb or want to know once you start to get into the stressful life of TTC.  I agree with reading taking charge of your fertility as well as beginning to chart now. Knowledge of how your body works is power! 

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Buzzing bee
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@Take The Reins:   Don’t feel bad – I learned about 90% of everything I know from reading the WB babies boards!  I had been tracking my cycles with an ipod app as my cycles were somewhat irregular but didn’t know anything beyond that.   A couple of months before the wedding, I got caught up in reading the babies boards and it didn’t take too long to start figuring things out (i.e. what fertile CM is, how many days you really have in your fertile window, symptoms of ovulation, pregnancy symptoms etc).  

Once Darling Husband and I decided we were going to start trying in the immediate future, I bought What to Expect Before You’re Expecting and found that I already knew most of the info in there from the WB babies boards!   I did try out a few other sites (Fertility Friend and Countdown to Pregnancy) but never really got into them.  

So yeah, just hang out here in the babies boards and you will soon learn everything you ever need to know about TTC!   Btw, there is a thread somewhere that explains what all the acronyms mean…

Good luck to you when you begin your TTC journey!  🙂 

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Bumble bee
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My family is just super fertile. I think we can just think about getting pregnant and that’s it. My daughter was a huge surprise, since he never got off in me. That’s right. I’m THAT fertile. I didn’t learn anything about ttc, so don’t feel bad.

If you DO want to learn, I loved the what to expect books. I read what to expec when expecting [awesome!], and what to expect the first year [ok, but still had helpful information]. I hear there’s one for what to expect when…something about ttc. I didn’t read it so I don’t know the name.

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Keep in mind that other than the process of charting, much of the “preparing” that is floating around these boards is fairly subject to, well, let’s say “interpretation” although that’s not the word I want. The diet changes, the quitting all alcohol, the not working out if you’re in your two week wait because you’re afraid your embryo won’t attach… A lot of that is personal opinion and personal choice. As far as preparing, the only fool proof, medically proven to help you get pregnant thing to start doing is to start tracking your cycles. That is the absolute best thing you can do to “educate” yourself. 

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@Miss Root:  Agreed. Start tracking those cycles, that’s important info. lol

My family has also always been very fertile and no issues with getting pregnant. I think several years back, I was watching Oprah or something and it talked about the “ovulation window.” I then was never on BCP because I didn’t like it so my DH and I just tracked my cycles and stayed away from the “fertile days.’ I also just googled stuff online. Once we decided to TTC, it only took one cycle and we have a bun in the oven!! Of course, I was also worried that it would take quite awhile cuz I’d read about the 8 months of trying thing as well.

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I read Taking Charge of your Fertility–one of the most informative books I have ever opened! I got pregnant about 3 months after.

In terms of TTC “prepping” I didn’t do anything. I was already in great shape, and didn’t give anything up once I was off the pill. I have read that some people around here stop working out, but I had never heard of that and continued on as usual.

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i too thought it was as simple as ‘doing the deed’, it’s basically what they say when they try to scare you when your younger. sex=baby. plus my mom got pregnant within 2 months of getting married and ended up popping out 3 kids in 3 years, i figured it was gonna be super easy. so when me and DH(fiance at the time) decided that right after the wedding we were gonna not prevent i started reading and that’s when i realized it’s a little more ‘involved’ and what not. thankfully, i took after my mom, but i couldn’t imagine going through what some women have to go through for a baby.

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