Where do you live and what's awesome about it?

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I live in Oakland, California. It’s gorgeous here, and I love almost everything about it. It’s vibrant, alive, full of character, and it’s got some fantastic dining. Up on the hills where I live, the views of the Bay, the bridges, and SF are amazing. I love sitting out in my deck, watching the fog come rolling in, and staring at the sailboats in the Bay when it’s sunny. I live right next door to the Redwood Park, which is a fantastic place to hike among majestic trees. I love the proximity to Berkeley and SF (10 and 20 mins away), which are cities I can’t get enough of. I can have the big city in minutes, while still being surrounded by natural beauty. 

Some parts of Oakland are decidedly unsafe, but they’re easily avoided because Oakland is so huge. 

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I’m from Toronto but currently living in Amsterdam. 

Amsterdam is so lovely. Everything here is so chill and relaxed. And it’s so beautiful. The canals, the old buildings, I just love it. It’s so walkable and easy to get anywhere you want to be and I love the food. It’s been great living here. 

Toronto is also so wonderful so I’ve been fortunate to live in amazing places. 

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I live in London.

Pros – there is so much to do here. Theatres, restaurants, parks, museums etc and it is easy to get around the city with our awesome public transport system. Roads are still horribly busy though, especially at weekends.

My husband’s family lives here too so we get to see them a lot and they can help out with our son. My parent’s are only an hour or so away and easy to get to on the train.


Cons – the busy traffic and air pollution, the cost of living is a huge one. House prices are ridiculous and nursery fees, transport costs etc all mount up. The crime is a bit of an issue – lots of stabbing this year, but thanks to the UK gun laws shootings are super rare and you can’t easily commit mass murder with a knife. It is also confined to certain parts of society so we are unlikely to be caught up in it.

Something only locals know? Don’t go shopping on Oxford Street in December (or any time of year really) it is always busy, always full or tourists and never worth the effort to get there / home. Same with eating anywhere near the main sights, always busy and overpriced.

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I live in Southampton, on the south coast of England. 

The pros: It’s great for shopping and restaurants. I grew up in a small town, with not much there, but there’s so many options here. It’s a large city, but not as busy as places like London or Manchester, so it has a nice balance. 

It’s also quite historic, we have things like the Bargate right in the centre of town, which is from the 1100’s, and it’s where the Titanic sailed from, so we have some nice maritime museums, etc.

Cons: traffic can be bad, luckily my husband has lived here forever, so he knows all the little side streets. On days the cruise ships are in, it’s not unusual for people to get stuck for 2-3 hours just to get out of the dock areas. 

Also, we have two universities, so there’s a huge student population. It’s great if you’re in the right age range, loads of atmosphere on nights out, but I’m of the age now where I don’t particularly enjoy getting caught up with rowdy 19 year olds in fancy dress on a bar crawl!

Weather isn’t great either, but that’s just the UK…

Something only locals know: there are some absolute gems of restaurants and shops if you know where to go outside of the main town centre. There are also lots of ways to get around without going through the traffic bottlenecks, if you know where you’re going.

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My husband and I would love to live in Seattle in the future.

I’m originally from North Carolina but have lived in Hawaii for 5 years now. I intended to spend only 6 months here but then fell in love & now I’m married with a three month old! Haha. 

The pros are that we live in paradise year round. It’s almost December & it was 84 today. Also the “Aloha Spirit” is quite nice, people tend to be easygoing and generally patient and kind.

cons are that it’s ridiculously expensive, and I mean ridiculous LOL. You can’t find a decent single family home for less than a million in Honolulu where we live. We’ve just begun the home search this month. Our 1 bedroom condo (that we rent) is almost $600k which was a shock after being accustomed to NC prices. Also, island fever is very real… you start to feel land locked from not being able to drive very far or take road trips. 

But we truly love it here. Someday we’d like to move to the mainland… maybe after our kids are grown we will retire in Washington or California. I’d love to spend more winters on the mainland as I do tend to miss sweater weather & light snows 🙂

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I grew up in Toronto Ontario Canada and when we got married we moved to Richmondhill about 20 minutes from where I grew up. I truly like our house and I like where we live. I have the best commute and I have a lot of my husband’s family near by, but I also miss my family and my friends. We tend to see them a few times a month and we talk on the phone on a regular basis.

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kittycatcat :  I loved reading this! I’ve always fancied a trip to Southampton! It’s one of the few places that I’ve not been to in the UK. Liverpool lass here and it sounds similar. It’s a historic city, great nightlife and a high student population! 

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rosieb52 :  Come on down! It’s a stones throw from Winchester too, if you’ve ever been there. Very historical and some nice unusual shops 🙂

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pantsapocalypse :  

pantsapocalypse :  I’m from NOLA, too! Still here – living on the Northshore to be exact. A lot less crime across the lake. But I went to school and work downtown, so I spend all of my time in the heart of the city.

New Orleans (and South Louisiana in general) is awesome because you truly feel at home and welcomed everywhere you go. Southern hospitality is a real thing. Of course, the food is the best in the world, and it’s funny how all of my favorite Louisiana dishes I cook start with the same ingredients – trinity (yellow onion, green bell pepper, celery), garlic, parsley, my spice blend and lots of butter. Also, there’s nothing better than having your family and friends over for a crawfish boil and a grill-out..my favorite way to spend the weekend.

Unfortunately, the crime has gotten out of control. As I mentioned, we live on the Northshore, which is across Lake Pontchartrain and about a 30 minute drive from downtown. Where we live is much safer than NOLA. The city itself is just so dangerous…literally every night on the local news there are shootings being reported in areas that wouldn’t be thought of as “crime areas”. Keep in mind New Orleans is not a heavily populated city – population is only ~400,000. So it’s a small city with big city crime, which is scary.

Something none locals may not know is that people actually from New Orleans and its surrounding area do not have “country” accents. There have been so many times that people were surprised to find out I was from NOLA because I don’t have a country accent. There is definitely a unique New Orleans accent, but it’s not country. Northern Louisiana people tend to have country accents, and of course when you get into Mississippi you start to hear it, but not in New Orleans and the surrounding area. Also, everyone here truly is a die-hard Saints fan. Whether they are winning or losing, we bleed black and gold.

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pantsapocalypse :  my husband is the single most friendly, outgoing, caring, and funny person I have ever met. And even HE couldn’t make friends in Seattle. What is up with that?! I’m from the Boston area and we get the reputation for being unfriendly which I think is insane – Boston people are super friendly! 

Boston pros: we have everything you could want, a decent public transit system by US standards, all 4 seasons, and the best sports teams. I love how every day I walk through history. Our recent election had a referendum question on whether or not to uphold a law that protects transgendered rights. How that was even a question still blows my mind (as is the fact that about 30% of people voted in favor of scraping the law), but there was an amazing ad campaign in favor of leaving it that pretty much sums up Bostonians – “hey….we might be Massholes, but we ain’t no assholes”. 

Boston cons: it’s expensive and snow is dumb. 

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pantsapocalypse :  From West Hartford, CT, currently living in upstate New York, probably at some point going to be living in the Netherlands, lived for a year in Australia. Connecticut and New York are pretty much the same, cold winters, lots of snow, etc. I really enjoy colder climates. I love that for most of the year it’s cold enough to wear sweaters and scarves. I love the scenery. Lots of mountains and parks and I love that NYC is so close by (to both CT and upstate NY). My heart will always be in the northeast US, no matter where life takes me physically

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I currently live in North Jersey (about 30 minutes outside NYC) and I probably wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. New Jersey gets a bad rap but it’s beautiful here, and you’re never more than a hour away from a beach, a mountain, a city, a small town, and so on. I grew up in Texas (DFW area) and while I like being from Texas, I would never move back. I need the seasons. 

Cons would be traffic & taxes but I am not really bothered by either. 

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I live in a small town outside Portland, ME. I love all the restaurants and breweries we have in the area, it has become such a foodie place and it’s fabulous. Plus the fresh seafood. 

I personally love all the recreational activities. We are around 30mins from the Ocean (beaches or beautiful rocky oceanfront parks), 30 mins from beautiful lakes and around 1.5 hours from a very nice ski mountain. We are also pretty close to wonderful hiking, 45 minutes or so for smaller hikes and only 1.5 hours away from amazing all day type hikes. 

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From Chicago but currently live in Madison, Wisconsin.  

Pros:friendly people,  strong job market, smaller city feel, minimal traffic, affordable to live in a nice home in a safe area, much of th workforce is highly educated due to it being a University town, two lakes near, mke is only 1.5hrs and Chicago is 2hrs drive. 


Cons: snow- but that has been getting better due to global warming, driving to Ohare to fly anywhere (much more affordable) 

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