Where do you live and what's awesome about it?

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ByCandlelight :  a statistic I saw a couple years ago was 80% of people who were born in Pennsylvania never move out of Pennsylvania…and I totally believe that.

Right now I live in the Chicagoland area…I have no pros for that. But I lived in downtown Philadelphia last, and I loved it. It was beautiful, historic, so easy to walk everywhere, and significantly safer and prettier than Chicago. Downside was the smell. Oh the smell.

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pantsapocalypse :  I live in Alberta and it’s the mountains that make this place awesome! I’ve been here for over 10 years and my heart still skips a beat when I drive out to the mountains. 

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We are New Yorkers <3, recently moved to New Jersey.

I never wanted to move, but my husband was always so eager to move there since a lot of his family members ended up there years ago. This is not our forever home, though. I am a Chicago lover and we decided to eventually buy a condo in Downtown Chicago (in the next 7-10 years) and move there at some point of our lives – most likely retire there, but we will be visiting a lot in bewtween to care for our place there/vacation, etc.., We go about 1-2 times a year. My husband does not understand why I am so obsessed with Chicago, but he is not questioning it, lol 😀

While I am absolutely NOT crazy (at all) abuot living in Jersey, the good thing is that we are very close to NYC (about 20 minute car ride, depending on how far in Manhattan we need to go), we are in cute town and have lots of strips of restaurants, coffee shops, etc..,

I think taxes in Jersey are totally ridiculous (at least where we live)

Traffic – I HATE IT WITH A PASSION, because my 30 minute bus ride from work to my house turned into a 2 hour nightmare last night (over a PUDDLLE!!!!!) and it tends to happen pretty often. ( we both take bus into Manhattan as we both work there)

Water – Water (at least to me) tastes like it was pumped out of a toilet. Just horrible. We NEVER drink tap water.

Food – mehh, I am from NY, NJ hasnt been able to impress me with food.

Shopping Malls – ok, this, I like, because we don’t have that many shopping centers in NY, so that is a good thing.

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living in florida, id say the weather. I grew up, up north so nothing brings me more joy then watching everyone get a couple feet of snow in the lower teens, while i sit on my couch in shorts and flip flops in 80 degrees. 

although some years i do wish florida would get a few more cold fronts. 

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pantsapocalypse :  North Slidell, close to Lacombe. So not far at all from where you grew up. I’m sure the cajun/creole food is horribleup there. You need gulf seafood! Yep, Mardi Gras is right around the corner…which means king cakes!

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Toronto, Canada


I love the diversity of our city, every time I travel anywhere in the world, I come back shocked as to how good we have it back home- the best food from any culture. Friendly people overall since it’s Canada, but definitely less so in Toronto. I love that any time of year there is always something fun to do in the city- a festival, a new restaurant to try, a neighbourhood to explore. We live on the waterfront so that is super pretty and lively in the summer.

We just legalized marijuana which is pretty exciting as well.

I also love feeling safe here. Although shootings have gone up in the city a lot the last year, it is mainly in areas where we never go, but is has got me feeling more concerned lately. I would feel much more scared living in the U.S. right now!

I am curious how those of you especially in big U.S. cities feel about gun violence and mass shootings and such that are going on right now? TBH I am avoiding visiting the states for this reason at the moment. 

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I live in a small city in the Midwest. The best thing about it, by far, is the low cost of living. We live very comfortably on a single salary and squirrel the other away for travel and retirement. It’s easy to live here – no traffic, people are easy-going, we feel like part of a community. We are one hour from a major international airport and we travel more than we ever did living in a HCOL city.

The bad is a lack of job opportunities – we both work for the large university in town but there are few other options. The state politics are trash but fortunately, we are seeing a gradual shift to the left.

What I didn’t realize until I moved here is that every thing is cheaper, not just housing. We’ve let our lifestyle creep up but we’ve cut our costs in literally every category. The only thing that I pay more for here than on the East Coast is manicures (miss you forever, cheap Philly nail salons).

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kittycatcat :  I also live in Southampton and as a foodie I agree with you there’s great places outside West Quay. 

I’d say my main con is transport for places outside of Southampton. >.> I moved from London so I don’t drive yet but if you don’t have a car you’re screwed. 

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Moved from Brighton in South East England to just outside Tunbridge Wells (still in South East).

We are in a beautiful cottage surrounded by fields and stunning views. Loads of places to go walking and find a country pub 🙂 Easy to get to London. Local shops and restaurants are good.

I miss Brighton but it’s so expensive we couldn’t afford to buy a nice house there. Unless we left England there is nowehere else I’d want to live. 

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I live in Ohio. It’s cold and gray ~9 months out of the year. Summers are warm but very humid. We never get hurricanes. That’s about it lol.

(I grew up in Michigan. It’s basically Ohio, just more lakes.)

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From Chicago but moved to Nashville a little over a year ago!

Hubby and I just bought our first house about 30 min outside Nashville just because homes are cheaper out here and zero crime. The crime in metro Nashville is awful, far worse then Chicago in my opinion. But we couldn’t be happier in our tiny 2 stoplight town. Nashville night life and country music can’t be beat! Since living here we have met several country music stars at random places like Walmart and Lowe’s lol it’s so cool! Plus we have a great football and hockey team. 

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