(Closed) Where does your pet sleep?

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Bee Keeper
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In our bed – FH hates it – but I have had him since I was 13 and he has ALWAYS slept in my bed – I can’t turn him away now that he is an old man!

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Busy bee
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In our bed with us. Our one dog is a dachshund mix and she’s 15 lbs, but our other is a box mix and she is 55 lbs. The boxer mix sleeps sometimes on her side and sticks her feet straight out and in a queen bed it can get cramped. My Fiance used to complain about the lack of room so we made the dogs sleep in their dog beds on the floor but he caved after just 3 days and invited them back in, LOL. My Fiance doesn’t like to cuddle much (he gets too hot, waahh!) but at least my puppies like to 🙂

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Busy bee
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I grew with pets where they were always a member of the family.  I already had a dog when I met Darling Husband and he’s grown to see her as a member of the family too.  For the first 6 months she remained sleeping on the bed with us (already crate trained for travelling situations).  When we added to the family with a second dog there just wasn’t any more room on the bed for 4 of us.  I also needed to crate train the puppy so while she was being trained both dogs slept in their own crate.  It’s stayed that way ever since even though the puppy isn’t so much of a puppy any more.  It’s heaven to have the bed just to the two of us, however if Darling Husband is away I let them sleep on the bed with me.

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Honey bee
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Both of my kitties sleep on the bed.  They are both very small and they do not take up much room, thankfully.  Both me and my fiance love it!  We got both of these cats together :o)

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Buzzing bee
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starts out in bed (60lb chesapeake bay retriever mix) and usually ends up curled in a teeny tiny little ball – serious, I dont know how he gets so small) – on the chair in our room.  Sometimes if its really hot, in front of the ac vent

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Busy bee
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The pup has a pop up crate next to the bed and when we tell her go to bed she goes there, but usually during the night she’ll jump up and join us. When Fiance is out of town she always sleeps with me in bed, then we usually have a hard time getting her to go back to the crate for a couple days after he returns!

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Busy bee
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Haha – well, when we turn out the lights they will jump on the bed with me resulting in telling them to get down. Once we fall asleep they are sneaky. We have two pit bulls, a male and female. The female will curl up in a little ball near the foot of the bed and you barely know she is there until you wake up. The male however, has to position himself between me and FI  and will sometime lay on his back so you wake up and there is a dog in your face. He is the bigger of the two as well so when he lays in between us more than likely he is stealing the covers but he likes to roll around to get comfortable as well. This is just about. every. night. Sometimes they sleep on the floor and lately they’ve been going in to the closet. They are weirdos.

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Helper bee
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This is funny! Tongue out

My husbands cat, who I have issues with, as I posted before, sleeps on my side of the bed, and I often wake up with the cat spooning with me. This makes my husband jealous, as it’s his cat. But, for some reason, the cat loves curling up near me.

And this sounds weird, but do any of your pets hang around and watch the adult action? Sometimes, we’ll think the cat is not around, and we’ll be in the moment, and I will see a 25 lb hairball staring at me or swinging his giant tail around. We leave the bedroom door slightly open at night, to listen for my older daughter, and sometimes, we don’t get to closing it, and before we know it, there’s “Cosmo the Porno Cat” as he’s come to be known. Does this creep anyone else out, or do you just laugh it off and shoo the pets away, like my husband does? His friends like to remind me that Cosmo is a bachelor cat. Yup, I guess he is!

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Blushing bee
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My cats have been sleeping in bed with me for the 6 years I have had them.  All my stuff is at FI’s apartment and I’m sleeping in the guest room til we’re actually married, so the kitties are curling up with me every night there too.  The guest bed is the bed from my apartment, so I am hoping that once I am married they will keep sleeping in my old bed without me.  It’s probably wishful thinking but I also think they won’t want to be a part of what will be going down in our bed ;p

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Busy bee
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Our one cat sleeps with us all night at the foot of our bed. The other comes and goes. He doesn’t like movement, so as soon as one of us rolls over, he’s out of there.

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Sugar bee
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My Future Father-In-Law lives with us and our poochie, Buddy, originally lived with him until they both had to move in with my Fiance. Because Buddy was used to being only with my Future Father-In-Law, he still sleeps in his room and usually at the end of the bed.

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Blushing bee
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when we got our pug, we were looking forward to the day when she was potty trained enough so that we could have her in our bed. she’s 14 lbs but she’ll go up to the head of the bed and stretch out, effectively taking half of the queen bed. we wouldn’t have it any other way.

we know another couple that had to “wean” their dog from sleeping on the bed, and it was really difficult but it did happen, cherrylimeade, so i think it takes a lot of time and a lot of patience. but maybe it would just be better if your FH accepted her on the bed (i personally vote for that option)!

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