Where Should my House Guests Sleep?

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Busy bee

Hmm.. Beautiful bar room. But the bar room doesn’t really give relaxing, sleeping vibes, does it?

Is there a chance that you can put the twin beds together and give it to the couple, and try to accomodate the ladies somewhere else? Personally, I think it is more important for the couple to have some privacy than the ladies, because let’s face it, it’s Christmas time and they are going to want to do the deed.

Do you have a well-insulated basement where you can accomodate for ladies, and where they can have some reasonable standards of privacy? And as for where they can shower, I thought whoever misses out on the room with the twin beds can use your shower.

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Bumble Beekeeper

I’d be fine with crashing in a bar room. I’d much rather a room with a door vs the living room. Plus, if people get up early, they can still use the living room, and would be less ‘disturbing’ to the rest of the household.  

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Bee Keeper
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I’d put whoever confirmed the trip first in the twin and double room, regardless of it being the couple or the single friends. I would never kick a single friend off a bed just so a couple had privacy to have sex. 

The bar doesn’t look as cosy as a living room but it does have a little privacy.  Why don’t you just put it to the couple when they arrive and they can pick between the two spaces on the day? 

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Busy bee
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I say bar room as well. Air mattresses aren’t that comfortable, and having a room with a door is really nice. And they could probably use your shower, especially since there’s a half bath they can use at other times. 

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Worker bee
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Overjoyed :  I’d 100% want a door, so I vote for the bar room. 


ETA – can you hang a curtain over the glass bit in the bar room to give it more privacy? 

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Helper bee

I vote for the bar room as well. I am a very light sleeper and I hear everything, so with the door that might help a bit. Also I don’t think I would be comfortable sleeping in an open living room where people will gather when they get up and be waiting for me to get out of the way. I would much prefer some private space, whether it has a see-through door or not. 

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Sugar bee
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I’d put the twin beds together, find some cheap sheets that fit, and put the single ladies in the bar room- maybe with a curtain over the door since you said it’s glass… I think it’s a little more important for couples to have privacy than single guests, but that’s they way it’s been done in my family… If you need to put the couple in the bar room bc you can’t find any sheets/linens i don’t think that would be a biggie either, it’s fairly private so long as the glass door is covered… 

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Helper bee
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Bar room sounds fine, especially if there’s a convenient fold out bed in there already, and has a door.  The bigger issue is the lack of a full bathroom that’s not en suite to some other bedroom.  Just make sure to communicate the situation clearly and tell the bar room guests which bathroom to use (perhaps offer use of your own bathroom so they don’t have to pester other guests to get to the shower).

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Busy bee

Do you have kids (e.g. additional bedrooms) that perhaps the kids can camp out elsewhere & let the adults bunk in their room/s? If not, the bar (for privacy) also gets my vote. And to agree with a couple PPs, I would NOT put the ‘couple’ in the room with the twin beds for the sole reason of them being a couple to “do the deed”. It’s a couple days; I’m sure they can refrain while they are there. Let the two singles have that room, and whichever couple gets there first can choose the alternate options, or email them ahead of time to let them know the deal. If they don’t like the options – which are quite gracious of you to offer and accommodate – they can always get a hotel room, or if you’re feeling particularly generous, offer to book one for them. 

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Busy bee

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Overjoyed :  Haha yes. It is a truth universally acknowledged, that two adults in an active sexual relationship will be in want of sexy-time over Christmas 😉 It would be unfair to deny them the opportunity to do as they please over Christmas. If they do, or don’t it’s totally up to them. ‘Tis the season of loving.

IDK, but when I was single I would always offer the couple the bedroom and sleep on the couch, or when me and Fiance had accomodation with a family member/friend, it was basically understood that the couple got the double bed/room with privacy. I wouldn’t kick the couple off the bed saying that ‘No! I RSVPed first. Sleep on the futon losers!!’.

Considering that putting the twins together is not feasible, if I was a guest and I had to choose between the bar room and the open concept living room, I’d go with the bar room anyday. PP made a good point about hanging an temporary curtain on the glass.

As for the couple without the room feeling like a second-class citizen, unfortunately it’s the nature of the beast. I’m sure they signed up knowing that you have only two guest bedrooms and someone’s going to draw the short stick.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I’d offer them the bar room w/ the pullout or air mattress. If that’s not suitable they are welcome to go to a hotel.

We had two guest rooms at our old house. Both upstairs and one was actually larger than our master. It had a huge king size bedroom suit, the other had a full size bed (mine from my parents house). Everyone who had to sleep in the little bed always got the short end of the stick because the mattress wasn’t that comfortable either. My theory was they could either be happy to stay there, or pay for a hotel.

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