(Closed) Where to draw the line with children and potty humor?

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As an elementary teacher, I can tell you, there is nothing you can do to stop kids from finding this stuff funny, but nine times out of ten especially girls will grow out of it naturally after a few years when they start to develop a stronger “girl” identity and other girls don’t find it “cool” to tell those kinds of jokes. (Because that’s what boys do.) Boys are a little tougher if you dislike this sort of thing but girls will usually just forget about it. 

The focus should be on time and place, not telling her what to find amusing, as trying to control her sense of humor will just come off as too harsh. Just keep not laughing/responding with confusion or mild displeasure, that will help discourage her, and zone in on reminding her about what context is appropriate for those jokes and what isn’t. 

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My husband is 34 and still loves potty humor. I don’t know that boys every grow out of it. hahaha

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my daughter is 4 and there is a lot of toilet humor going around at her daycare. I do what my mom did with us, tell her if she wants to talk potty talk to go do it in the bathroom. 


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My kids are 9 and 11 and still haven’t grown out of it.  I guess I don’t see the big deal…it’s funny and everyone laughs.  I would never think to punish for it.

I have a pick my battles type of mentality with my kids.  If this is the worst thing they ever do, then I will feel like I did a great job raising them.

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Why on earth would you punish a child for potty humor? 

Also, you can’t control what she finds funny. 



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I’m not a mother but I don’t think it’s amusing, appropriate, or good manners to allow “potty humor”. It’s disrespectful and annoying to say the least. One of my cousin’s children is absolutely obnoxious with this sort of thing and it makes me think twice about inviting that family over to holiday events/get togethers. The child thinks ACTUAL farting, making fart sounds, burping, and talking about poop is suitable table conversation. Her parents think it’s “cute” and say she will grow out of it. Hmm how about teach your child some manners and to act like a respectful young lady dearest cousin? Because having your child talk about butt-hair and POO POO while snickering all over the place is tiresome and not at all amusing or something that should be tolerated in my opinion.




Bottom line, it isn’t OK with me now or if I should choose to have kids in the very distant future. I’m a firm believer in respect/manners and how they contribute to a childs behavior. Whether or not it’s just a “phase” doesn’t really matter to me personally. Temper tantrums are also just a phase but they aren’t OK/funny either.




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i’m a girl and i still think it’s funny 🙂  i’m positive that once my son is old enough to start making these jokes, he will. i think it’s more about teaching “time and place.” you can’t control someone’s sense of humor, but you have to know when to keep it a little under wraps.

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This is a natural developmental stage. I wouldn’t punish the behavior in and of itself, but I would work on teaching your child when it is appropriate. For example, not at the dinner table, not around company, not out in public. She will likely grow out of it before long, and I wouldn’t worry too much… afterall, all the other parents of 3 and 4 yearolds are dealing with the same thing 🙂

ETA: not yet a mom, but I have worked extensively with children from birth through middle school.

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