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I am very allergic to nickle.  I couldn’t wear earrings/rings for years because we couldn’t figure out what it was exactly.  Anyways I went for allergy testing and they stick a piece of nickle to your skin for 3 days and you have to go back and get it checked each day.  They had to take it off my skin after 1 day because it was already getting so severe.

I now I have a nickle testing kit to check everything with πŸ™‚
Nickle allergies are becoming more common now- a lot of people were allergic from being over exposed to nickle.  Most of my earrings from when I was young had nickle as well as my braces… I developed my allergy shortly after getting my braces off.

Anyways, when I had an allergic reaction my ears would seep, the lobes would swell to twice the size and get really hard, and I get hives down my neck.  The seeping coming from your ears could be from an allergy, or it could be from unsanitary earrings.

Claires is all nickle free as far as I know, as well as many other places.  Most places I ask say they have gotten away from nickle because of the nickle allergy prevalence.
You should probably get tested, that is a sure way of knowing. 

White gold is also plated with Rhodium, which would offer some protection- but it does wear away so I am not sure how long that protection would last for.

My boyfriend and I picked out my ring a few weeks ago (I am not sure when he is giving it to me)… but I realized after that I forgot to ask about nickle :S But I am assuming it will be fine because I actually haven’t had a piece of jewellery test positive to nickle in a long longgg time. I think it’s actually illegal in some countries to put nickle alloys in jewellery.

Anyways, I basically is all of my nickle knowledge πŸ™‚

In a nutshell: get tested! πŸ™‚ It’s hard to come by cheap earrings/rings that contain nickle these days.

I honestly think that is bizzare that he wants to use an alloy with more nickle when most places are trying to reduce nickle!

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I’m allergic to nickel (in my ears at least), but haven’t had any problems with my white gold e-ring or wedding band which I’ve been wearing for 2.5 yrs.

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I’m allergic to nickel.  You would probably know if you are.  I can’t wear most watches, and belt buckles will give me a terrible rash on my tummy if I let them touch my skin directly.  I have to be careful of bras that have metal parts, and any clothing with metal buttons that touch the skin. 

I haven’t had any issue with my white gold ring or necklace though.

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I am also allergic to nickel.  I can’t wear watches like SapphireSun.  I have no problems with my white gold e-ring, though.

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I’m allergic to nickel. Buy some cheap jewelry or a cheap watch at Wal-Mart to see if you react to it…that stuff is all nickel! My rings are palladium.  Options for nickel-sensitive people include platinum, palladium, and white gold alloyed with palladium instead of nickel. If you are allergic to nickel, I wouldn’t take a chance with white gold that is alloyed with nickel.

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I’m allergic to nickel as well. I get rashes on my stomach from my belt buckles. However, I haven’t had any problems with my white hold engagement and wedding rings, and neither ring is Rhodium-plated. Getting tested would be the best way to see if you’re allergic, but you could also wear a big, metal belt buckle that touches your skin : )

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Like PPs said, you would probably know if you were allergic. I am and (like the PPs) I have reactions to pretty much any cheap jewelry including belt buckles and watches. If you’re super concerned, see your dermatologist, they will be able to provide you with more information.

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Brilliant Earth offers a hypoallergenice white gold alloy that has no nickel. This is what we are looking at for my ring πŸ™‚ 


“All Brilliant Earth recycled yellow and white gold jewelry is made from 18K gold, which is composed of 75% pure gold and 25% other metals. Standard white gold typically contains nickel, to which some people have allergies. Upon request, Brilliant Earth offers a hypoallergenic white gold alloy for a small price premium. Rather than nickel, our hypoallergenic 18K white gold contains palladium, a naturally white member of the platinum family of metals.”

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I am VERY allergic to nickel but I can wear white gold. I can’t wear anything fake or even belts w/ metal buckles because I will break out withing minutes. But I have alot of white gold I can wear and do wear. Infact, all my jewelry is white gold.

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@Quatchi: Yikes!! Is your ring white gold? There is a VERY good chance it is a nickel alloy. Even the highest end jewelers very commonly make their white gold with nickel, it’s the standard for WG. Unless it specifically says it’s “palladium white gold,” you can pretty much be absolutely sure it contains nickel. When the rhodium wears off, you are probably gonna be in trouble. Given the severity of your allergy, I hope that jeweler has a good return policy!

@lergx6: That’s great that your jeweler was willing to offer you that solution! Hope it works out for you!

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