Where to try on elongated cushions ???

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You can “rent” rings from Yasamine Co to try on, a company does crushed ice moissanite. I believe you just have to pay for shipping, and of course they take your credit card in case you try to steal the rings lmao. They just ship them to you and you ship them back! I think you can rent multiple rings.

The website is YasamineCo (dot) com 

If interested, I suggest contacting them to see if they are still under production at this time. I actually tried an elongated crushed ice cushion from Yasamine, and while it was pretty, I think brilliant cut fancy shape moissy is more my cup of tea as the crushed ice was white but not rainbowy at all, and tbh a little flat looking. Other companies like East West Gem Co and True Gem have crushed ice that I think is more rainbowy than Yasamine. 


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I have an elongated cushion and couldn’t find one to try on anywhere! I bit the bullet and went for it and couldn’t be any happier! 

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I’m also a visual person and wanted to try on an elongated cushion before having my boyfriend spend about $1000 on a ring style I might change my mind about. We tried looking at mall stores to try on, but they didn’t have any of that style…sooo, I went looking through Instagram hashtags, Etsy, Ebay, Italo Jewelry, Everly Rings, and Amazon for cheap rings I could try on and return if I didn’t like it. 

I ended up going with this from Amazon! The seller is called Bo.Dream. The listing says 4 carats but I think it’s more like 3 because the mm size is 10×8mm. I got it in a size 5 because at the time it was the smallest size they had. Wayyyyy cheaper than Etsy if you’re only looking to try on! I’ve had this since January and wore it every day until like late February/early March. I only stopped wearing it because I got this other Amazon ring (seller: Ainuoshi) because I wasn’t sure if I wanted my soon to be engagement ring to be 10×8mm (3 carats) or 11×9mm (4 carats). I also wanted to see what a yellow gold elongated cushion cut ering would look like because I couldn’t decide if I wanted white gold or yellow gold. Both rings are really great quality sterling silver that have not tarnished, changed colors, or turned my finger green. I did get the yellow gold ring a half size too big, because at the time I was between a size 4 to 4.5 last month and am now back to a size 3.75 to 4. Anyway, ordering these made me decide to keep them to wear for fun/if I get pregnant again in the future and go up a size during pregnancy since they were both cheap and looked decent. Getting both rings instead of just one to try on really helped me determine the length and color of metal of my engagement ring.

Definitely recommend using Ainuoshi or Bo.Dream or Berricle on Amazon since you can see other people’s reviews to reassure you that the ring will look like the picture, plus free returns if you are only planning on seeing what an elongated cushion looks like! These shops have different sized elongated cushion cuts as well if these are too large for your liking. They’re more affordable than Etsy, so you can buy different carat sizes to see which fits you best also, instead of only trying out one size and wishing you went bigger or smaller. 

The Amazon rings helped me decide on a 10×8mm moissanite in a 14k yellow gold setting, from an Etsy shop called LoveRingsDesign. Hope this helped! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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haileyedwards :  You can contact them on their website or here: yasamineco (dot) com/contact

The owner, Alexandra was super nice and helpful. I would recommend asking to see a crushed ice elongated cushion ring and a brilliant cut elongated cushion ring if they have both for rent! If you’re in the States I think the rental price is ~$20. 

Buying a cheap CZ ring would also be a good idea but CZs are way more diamond like than moissy, you want to ensure you like the elongated cushion moissy, knowing it won’t really look like a diamond ๐Ÿ™‚ but still beautiful it its own way!

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