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i am going through something similar. we just adopted a shiba inu less than 6 months ago, and we love him to death. he has been a great companion.

however, ever since i have been pregnant my allergies to him have gotten worse. because he sheds so much, it is almost impossible to get away from the dander. my doctor said that living in a house with a dog i am allergic to makes it more likely for our  baby to be allergic to him too.

i am sick nearly every day because of my allergies to him.

i don’t really know what to do right now.

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I guess if a pet of mine put my future children at risk then I’d have to consider it but . . . with the dog and cat that I have now, I KNOW that will never be an issue. They are both wonderfully gentle and loving and docile and sweet with kids and I love them pretty much more than anything, they’ve gotten me through a lot. With the dog and the cat that I have now, provided they continue being as trustworthy and great as I know they are, there is no line. I’d do anything to keep them.

I know my husband agrees with me. Pets will NEVER make sense on a balance sheet but the degree to which they make my life better is invaluable. I know that sounds insane but it’s worth it, to me. All of it.

That said . . . I understand the concern about ticks but there ARE other topical flea and tick treatments that work as repellents. I don’t know. It just seems like insects on a dog should be such a simple fix. Also, if you can see the tick obviously, isn’t it likely a wood/dog tick and not a deer tick, the primary carrier of Lyme?

It’s just sad.

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My family has had four dogs throughout my lifetime. The first was our neighbor’s mutt that we adopted when we moved to our farm. They were going to put him down otherwise, because he was mean to everyone but us. My mom eventually put him down at 17 because we had to carry him to water and food. That was the line for him. My dad and siblings were not completely on board with that decision.

2nd dog is now 10 – got as a ‘whoops’ pup from different neighbors.

3rd dog showed up in our field on day. Someone had dumped her – pregnant as we later found out. We kept her for several years until she began attacking our cows in their stanchions at night. We had also gone through two surgeries to remove bladder stones. We knew no one would want to take her and in good conscience, could not, because while she was never aggressive toward people – she had obviously been abused at some point and we didn’t want to risk it. The third cow that had her face chewed up was the line for my mom (again, the rest of us not on board, but I know it was probably the right choice). We put the dog down.

4th dog was rescued before she went to a shelter that would have put her down. She’s 4ish now? And a sweetie pie.

Farm cats are a different story – I loved ours, but we rarely spent much money on them beyond cat food and flea powder. We lost countless kittens to fleas/illness and several adults were hit by a tractor/vehicle or other farm cat fate. Part of it was because they would just show up and multipy. We didn’t go out and adopt them from somewhere. If I got a cat or dog now, I would keep them within reason. If they became aggressive or had seriously expensive medical bills, that’s probably my line.

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I’m not really sure where my line is.  I don’t have any babies. My dog is my baby. He lives with my mom, though, because he’s very close to my mom’s dog and separating them would probably have a negative psychological affect on them.  Also, I moved in with Fiance and there are SEVEN dogs here.  None of them would get along with my dog.  My dog isn’t mean to other animals, he just howls at them.  One of FMIL’s dogs is actually a wolf, so I know she’d rip him to shreds.  It breaks my heart not seeing my baby everyday, but I am doing this for his sake.

Last year, I spent my entire $700 savings (I’d just starting saving for my future) on my dog’s three day hospital stay and medication.  I would do it all over again.  Either that or get Care Credit and pay for him that way. 

He doesn’t sleep in a doggie bed, he sleeps in my sister’s bed under the blankets with his head on the pillow, no kidding.

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haha That’s how my pup sleeps as well. She often takes up more of the bed than we do! She’s a bed hog!

Our pup is NOT a dog’s dog. She’s a people’s dog.

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@regberadaisy: We have a bandana for one of our dogs that says “I’m a people pup” He wears it whenever we go pretty much anywhere in public and he loves it cause once people read it they immediately want to come and pet him, so he eats the attention up. lol

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MY line is that you GET them, you KEEP them. If one turned aggressive and bit, tho, there wouldn’t be a way for me to reconcile that in my brain, and the pet would have to be euthanized.

My Girlfriend just had her 5 year old dog (Wheaten Terrier) take a chunk out of  her leg the size of a softball, so the next day he was put down. She spent a week in the hospital and had two surgeries, and was out of work for two months. She did the right thing. An unprovoked attack by a dog? That isn’t even a question, in my mind.

I used to be one of those who thought that people were crazy who went into exorbitant expenses for an animal, until our dog became ill unexpectedly. We provided whatever treatments and surgeries she needed for as long as she lived, and would do it again without question. Not only was it our responsibility, it was our pleasure to make sure she had the best life possible for as long as she could.

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For me, my pets are my children, I am never going to have actual kids for various reasons, including health. I am okay with this because it means I will never have to choose between my pets and my kids. I will literally do anything for them, unless it means prolonging suffering on their part, thankfully, so far I have never had to face a situation where I needed to spend over $500 at a time. My fiance has allergies, and his ones towards dogs are so bad they give him asthma attacks, so for this reason we will not have dogs, but he can tolerate cats with a lot of cleanliness and handwashing/vacuuming involved, so we will have them. If I take an animal in, the only way I would place them in another home is if I thought it would be best for them (for instance, if they hated another one of my pets and we couldnt fix it) in that case I would go out of my way to place them with family/friends who I trusted.

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@mrstilly:  I’m completely against chemotherapy for pets with cancer for exactly those reasons you stated. It’s a treatment that will prolong their life anywhere from a week to 6 months, but it is not a cure. I’m completely against it for pets. I think its one of the most selfish things an owner can do to a pet. They send them to the vet for a day, get life-threatening drugs pumped into them, stuck in a kennel and then sent home to feel like absolute shit. All for what? So the owner can have some “extra time” with Fluffy because they can’t accept that the cancer is going to kill them?! Shame on you. And shame on the veterinarian’s for allowing this! BIG money-grab!

Sorry, I have a huge vendetta against it. 

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Sigh, this is something I’ve personally been going through lately.  I have three cats, and one in particular has a serious litter box issue.  Before this, I used to believe all pets are lifetime commitments but I’ve had a change of mind.  Yes, under most circumstances, a pet should remain with the family that adopted them first.  However, financial issues arise where people can no longer adequately care for their pet(s).  If the pet is harming members of the family, then I believe alternative options should be pursued like relinquishing or rehoming the pet, and under some circumstances, euthanasia.  Right now our fix for the cat who has litter box issues is to keep her confined to one room when we can’t constantly supervise her.  It’s unfortunate but none of the animal welfare leagues will take owner-relinquished pets and the no-kill shelters are full and I’m not about to just dump her somewhere.  It’s tiring, constantly having to clean up cat urine is so annoying.  The vet can’t find any reason as to why she’s doing this other than as a serious behavior problem.

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I don’t have kids, so I can’t say what my line will be when I do… but as of right now, I wouldn’t get rid of my dog for anything… I would pay any amount of money I could to get him any medical treatment he needed.  Behavior wise we know his faults (he gets nervous around strangers) but he is deaf and has special needs so we work with him on it…  It would take an awful lot to get to the line with him (if there even is one).

As for our cats, they are the best cats in the world… so I don’t see any behavior issues with them except one of them doesn’t like to be held, but he can run faster than a toddler so I don’t worry about him lol… And medically we would do whatever they needed.



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As a Vet assistant I have a different perspective, I get a discount for my pets care, so its easy for me to say I would do anything cause I can do everything for my pet, but I would go above and beyond for my pets even if I wasnt…are they UTD on their vaccines? no cause I am lazy and its not gonna kill them and they are indoor cats, but my husband and I are probably not gonna have kids, so these are our furbabies and he is a wonderful father to them- we buy them presents on their bdays and christmas, he cleans the litter box everyday and we let them sleep with us…Yes I know they are not human beings but they are relying on us to take care of them, so how can I say your not important cause your not the same species as me?! I would never leave them behind no matter what…

I think of it as this…if your not gonna go above and beyond (not necessary in debut, but make good decisions and take care of them) then dont have a pet, having a pet (just like a baby) is a choice and repsonsibility….and if you dont want that responsibility then dont do it

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