(Closed) Which "C" is the most important to you for diamond engagement rings?

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    Carat Weight

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    It always surprises me to even see this question being asked repeatedly around here. It’s always cut! Why bother buying a diamond if it doesn’t sparkle? Of course for some shapes (emerald, asscher, etc) clarity is more important as well. 


    Edit:  @claireos: said it best!

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    @PrincessBride27:  I sold jewelry for a living for 6 years, in an upscale free standing jewelry store… IMO, *remember this is a personal preferance* Carat weight is the most important. In no way am i saying that the other C’s are not important because they very much are… 

    Think of it this way… Do you have friends who have diamond erings? List 5 people in your head… ok, now out of those 5, in order, who has the highest clarity? – you probably have no idea… ok, now out of those 5, who has the highest color? – you probably dont know. ok, now out of those 5, who paid extra to have a speciality cut/idea cut etc? – yeah, you likely have no idea here either…

    BUT- now, who has the biggest ring? You probably know the answer to this.

    Thus, my preference is carat weight first, so long as the clarity is SI or better, and the color is d,e,f,g,h,i nothing lower than near colorless, and as long as the diamond sparkles, and isnt super deep get the biggest one in your budget ๐Ÿ™‚ 

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    Cut, baby! I don’t want to have some big ass blah rock sitting on my finger looking all cloudy because it’s poorly cut. It’s like “My diamond is huge…It looks like crap, but look how big it is!” A good cut can make all of the other Cs look better:D!

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    I agree that cut is the most important “C” there is. Even a colourless, flawless diamond will look mediocre at best with a poor cut. And when a person sees ideally cut diamonds, they realize that they might be able to go with a lower colour or clarity grade because of how great the stones look, either saving a lot of money or allowing them to go higher in carat weight. For myself, I didn’t see the point in paying for quality I could not see, so an eye-clean SI1 daimond was great for me, and because mine is set in yellow gold it allowed me to go slightly warmer than if it had been set in white metal. But I made absolutely sure that it was GIA certified as ideally cut, and that it had an HCA score under 2.

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    When choosing my diamond I went with: Cut, Clarity, Color, then Carat…  I love how I can be driving and I have to shade my eyes cause my ring is sparkling so much ๐Ÿ™‚  no but really my diamond may be smaller (less than 1 carat), but it is damn near flawless!


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    Cut, and then Carat. I have seen some I1 and I2 diamonds, at 2-3 carats in weight, and they look incredbile. They’re EX or Ideal cut, which allows them to sparkle and hide  alot of the imperfections. As I don’t walk around with a loupe, as long as there are no black spots, I am happy.




    I personally would prefer a larger, well cut imperfect diamond over a small well cut perfect diamond. I know I am the minority. And it’s not because I want to convey “look what my husband can afford!” as a smaller, perfect diamond actually would cost more, so size does not = money, it’s just I just like larger stones. I have long thin fingers/hands and smaller stones get lost on my hands. My opinion would probably be different if I were petite.






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    i dont think any of them are. im not really into dimonds though. i like them but i guess all of them. i couldnt tell you what was what. i would be happy with anything. i couldnt even tell you what my e-ring or w-ring was. :/

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    I realize this is an old thread, but for the person who mentioned carat size as the top priority, I think perhaps you meant spread. In other words, it is not out of the ballpark to assume that a steep-deep cut is higher in carat weight, but can easily be almost half a mm smaller than a stone with lower carat weight but an ideal cut (or a less ideal 60/60 cut with an overly wide spread). Believe me, that half mm is very visible. No one is talking necessarily about a specialty cut, just ideal proportions on a basic round brilliant. So cut can actually make your diamond measure larger than another stone with greater carat weight. If a person is interested in the biggest looking diamond, cut is very important. Why pay for the additional carat weight if you cannot see it?

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    cut, color, carat, clarity – in that order. and my Fiance hit it right on the nose! ๐Ÿ™‚

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    For me clarity is most important. I DO notice poorly cut a s cloudy rings over size 

    ETA: my ring is less than a carat and VVS1 D  It’s a cushion cut from a high end store

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    Cut, color, clarity, and then carat size.

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    Cut first, color and clarity tie kind of…I’d want no lower than an H and no lower than a VS1…I guess I’d pick clarity before color if I for some reason absolutely had to, then carat.

    I have a yellow sapphire though…even though they’re not graded the same, I went down in carat size (a total of 1mm) and up in color/cut/clarity all in one fell swoop. Definitely worth it

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    I would not compromise on cut, color, or clarity. If the resulting diamond that fits the budget is too small for the needed purpose, I would look to an untreated sapphire or other precious gemstone that I could afford at the size I wanted, without sacrificing quality. 

    I believe there’s something beautiful and high quality in any price range, though it may take some searching.

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    @LuckyDucky86:  I’d rather have a 1 carat diamond that is clear and sparkly than a 5 carat diamond that looks like shit. I may not know people’s exact color or clarity, but I do know when their diamond looks dirty or not clear and sparkly. Also, your post was very social-central, not getting the best deal.


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    I’d have to say:

    • Cut
    • Clarity
    • Carat size
    • Color

    My diamond is an heirloom diamond in the warmer tones and I love it ๐Ÿ™‚

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