(Closed) Which comments/attitudes from others about your profession do you dislike most?

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Helper bee
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@starfishnight:  “Everybody hates dentists” 
” No one goes to the dentist unless they are in pain” I usually laugh at these comments, because well if people went for their regular checkups and cleanings, they wouldnt dread the dentist so much and wouldnt be in pain to begin with!.

And how can I forget the comments about sticking my hands in people’s mouths all day…lol…Every field in health care-medicine, nursing, etc, involves one getting down and dirty! Whether you are delivering babies or performing root canals on teeth with apical periodontitis, you are handling “gross stuff”. Plus, its fun! Why not just embrace it? lol

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Bumble bee
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As an autism specialist-SPED teacher, people thinking autism is caused by vaccinations. 

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Honey bee
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“oh, your job must be so boring/easy, you just sit there and watch people sleep all night. 

I’m a polysomnography tech. I’m watching every heart beat, brain wave, breath etc for hours on end. 

Oh and the ever helpful

“Oh you work night shifts? You know that increases you risk of cancer/early death/etc by like 400% right”?


Shut up. 

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Sugar bee
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That veterinarians are just out to make money and don’t care about animals they just want to get paid and run unecessary tests to rip off clients.  I did have one person apologize to me after joking about how much I must make because his bill was so high, and I let him know I made $5 an hour (was doing an internship at the time).

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Helper bee

Every negative stereotype about my profession is true, haha 😉 I’m a software engineer.

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Bumble bee
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@starfishnight:  I’m a social worker. Everyone thinks I’m a huge left wing liberal and/or I take away people’s kids. I had my name tag on one day at the grocery store and the clerk actually said to me “oh a social worker, you take people’s kids away right?” UGH. I didn’t even work with kids at the time! And for the record, social work encompasses so many different types agencies, groups, populations, etc. etc. that we all don’t take kids away!

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Helper bee
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@starfishnight:  I can totally see why it annoyed you. A lot of people dont realize the hard work and dedication it takes to join a profession, yours included…and it can certainly irk one when people think your job is super easy.
I may joke around, but when it comes to certain people who are being especially rude, I remind them that becoming a DDS takes 8 years of post secondary education, not including the 3-6 additional years it can take depending on the specialty.
So yea, dont be shy  about letting your credentials be known when necessary!!!

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Blushing bee
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@pixiecat:  I’m a veterinary technician and I can’t stand hearing comments like that. Working in the veterinary field is definatly a labor of love, some people just don’t get that >___<

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Bumble bee
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The key to success is happiness.  Not the other way around.  

No matter how big a splash you make in this world, whether you’re Corey Feldman, Frankie Muniz, Justin Bieber or a talking teddy bear, eventually, nobody gives a shit.” – TED

Keep that in mind whenever someone starts to feel superior about their job and looks down on others.

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Busy bee
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I’m a lawyer. I get a lot…people assume that I lie, that I make a lot of money, that I do it for the money, that I like to argue. None of those are true.

I tell people that I’m an immigration lawyer, which I always think will make it better, but then I get even more offensive comments, either bashing immigrants or criticizing the fact that I have an income at all, since it comes from poor immigrants. Then when I tell people that I make the same salary – or less! – than my peers who work at nonprofits so that I can keep my fees down for my clients, I get criticized for that. They are also shocked at the lengths to which I go to not lie and to always do the right thing, even if I don’t like the outcome. I guess a (relatively) poor lawyer who does it for the right reasons is fairly unheard of, which is a real shame.

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Buzzing bee
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@starfishnight:  I trained as a therapist so I understand the hurt.  Being a therapist is a lot more than sitting in a room listening to people. 

Right now I’m job hunting and I’m pretty fed up with all the ‘people are unemployed because they’re too lazy to work’ and ‘it’s not that hard to get a job, they [unemployed] people just don’t care’.  It hurts because I’m working my ass off to find a new job, and would dearly love to be employed again.  Many of these are the same people who want all sorts of sympathy and understanding when they don’t have a job and the double standard hurts even more.

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Bee Keeper
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I’m in HR, which I think might make the list of most hated professions?  I sometimes get comments about 1) how much people hate the HR people at their job, 2) how useless the HR people at their company are, and 3) jokes about being scared of HR/having to be very PC because HR is around.

It’s kind of annoying but whatever.  

One time though, I have an EXTREMELY uncomfortable conversation with my roommate’s dad.  He works for a huge the company (the hydro/electic utility for the entire province) in a fairly senior job.  His wife is an ex-HR person for the same company who now works in the operations department.  

I had just got home from work at around 8:30 pm and found a group of them having dinner at the appartment.  We were chatting and he basically went into a lecture about how all HR people are a waste of time/pain in the ass and they do nothing but inhibit the business.  I must have been mentioning something about the new HRIS I was implementing, and his wife (ex-HR) was super bitchy telling me that it will be unsuccessful, cause more admnistration rather than less, and wont be adopted by anyone who needs to use it, etc.  I guess she hates technology?  Not sure.

For contrast, I run the HR department for a small software company, so I’m not sure how exactly they think their experience is directly relevant.  Oh, right, it’s not.  They are just a-holes.

Anyway, while I’m out working 12 hours a day their son is lolling around not finishing his thesis.  And I’m useless?


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