(Closed) Which comments/attitudes from others about your profession do you dislike most?

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Helper bee
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Im a cake decorator and the most upsetting comment I got was “You must make a lot of money, ingredients are so cheap and it takes like an hour to make a cake!” Basically I took that as I charge too much for my product. Well, Um no, good ingredients are not cheap, I barely get paid and I work 2 days to 3 weeks to prep, design, bake, fill and decorate just one cake. My social life went out the window.


Also I get the “why don’t u go on the food network?” “do you know the cake boss” “did you watch cupcake wars last night” “But costco only charges $15.00″….STOP already. Those food network shows are not for those who decorate well but decorate fast, No Buddy and I do not kick it, I can’t stand cupcake wars and go buy your old, chemical laddened cake from costco then. 🙂




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Helper bee

I work in retail, as a normal hourly employee. It bugs the shit out of me when people assume I make minimum wage and work there because I couldn’t do anything better. They also seem to think that because I supposedly make minimum wage then they can treat me like I’m an idiot.  My particular job requires college experience in a specific field, plus six months of training with eighteen hours of class and eighteen hours of homework a week, then a week off site just to learn the program. I also make more than the average customer walking into the store.

Yep. I’m just some mindless idiot living in my parents’ basement because I’m not capable of anything better. Could you talk a little slower? My brain can’t keep up with so many words in a row. 

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Blushing bee
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future dds here…

“did you know dentists kill themselves more than any other profession?” (Not even true)

“I don’t know you, but I hate you” (gee, so good to meet you! This really makes me want to help you)



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Hello, fellow lady engineers!

I recently found something more annoying than the men: I have a female coworker who brags about getting through college by using her classmates (and sleeping with some of them) for the answers. Way to help our cause. So frustrating! 

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Busy bee
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@twixie:  Another female in engineering so +1.  That and I guess some guys aren’t used to little female me telling them no. How dare I…

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Honey bee
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I teach English abroad, don’t even start me on the shit people talk, both other foreigners and locals.

“You must be a loser who can’t fit in, so you went abroad.”

“You must be unable to get a job back home”

“Must be nice that your only qualification is where you were born.”

“All Foreigner English teachers are lazy and just want to make money while on vacation.” 

“All Foreigner English teachers are drug-addicted, HIV-ridden, violent, untrustworthy perverts.”

“Isn’t it dangerous?” It’s Korea, it’s a first world OECD nation. It’s not even that different, if anything it’s safer on a person-on-the-street level than where I came from. Why does everyone back home ask me this?

or, from the REALLY bright bulbs (after I say Korea), the classic… “North Korea or South Korea?” (uh…… really?)

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Buzzing bee
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@lealorali:  +100000000000  Same here! I’m so sick of hearing how lazy we are, how over paid, how easy it must be, how much time I have off….I usually want to scream “I’m sorry, have SEVEN New York State certifications across multiple subject areas and grade levels, I have my Masters +…GO eff yourself!!!”

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Helper bee
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Surprised I’m the only administrative assistant so far! It annoys me SO much that my own supervisors think that I don’t do anything unless they give me a task. I think that they think I just sit there all day and wait for them to give me something to do. I support five people and I have a full time job PLUS whatever those 5 can think of to give me. Work is such a sore subject right now…

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Busy bee

That ER nurses are adrenaline junkies.  That we’re all “addicted to the pace” or somesuch nonsense.  

There were some medics I worked alongside who kind of fit that description but they were few and far between.  Rarely did I ever meet a fellow nurse who just fucking loved when a code 99 rolled through the doors.  

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Bumble bee

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@BrandNewBride:  omg I can’t imagine how people can’t see that as tremendous work!



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@starfishnight:  im a Flight Attendant and it irks me when people think I’m a glorified waitress ( this has been said to my face, many times) or they think I lay on the beach all the time. Layovers are not a 24/7 party or a vacation.

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Busy bee
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@TaurianDoll:  +1!

Same here.  And then I feel bad because it seems like I’m trying to demean other people’s work, which I most certainly am not.  I just want people to recognize that I’m obviously capable of handling more work.  I did manage to complete a 4 year degree in civil engineering afterall, I’m capable of more than filing.

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Bumble bee
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That I must be lazy, uneducated, dull, and unmotivated to settle for my job. That I’m low class or white trash. My friend/co-worker’s dad told her that he was embarrassed to tell people what she did for a living because it’s a “fresh off the boat” job. Ahem. 


I laugh inside, because I’m making more money than most of them 🙂 



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Honey bee
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I’m an esthetician. Assumptions I encounter, which are not true are:

  • I put people to sleep before surgery (No. That’s an anesthetician, nurse anesthetist, or an anesthesiologist. I do skin care.) Common misconception, but I grow tired of explaining. 
  • I’m lazy/unintelligent because I went to beauty school instead of college. (No. I have an IQ of 133 and I’m incredibly intelligent. I went to college for criminal justice before realizing I WANTED to go to beauty school.)
  • I can “cure” acne, roasacea, hyper/hypopigmentation, excessive facial hair, etc. (No. I can suggest products or treatments to help with your issue. I cannot physically “cure” anything.)
  • I am THE authority on all things skin related and I’ve heard of and know how to treat/cure even the most obscure skin conditions. (No. I am smart and I do know my shit. But I possess a license that required 4 months of schooling. I’m not a dermatologist.)

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Honey bee
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Another teacher (well, currently student teacher) here.

  • We show up at 8 and leave at 3. Soooooo not true. Most teachers are putting at least an extra two hours in, if not more – especially during busy times like the first weeks of school.
  • We get nights, weekends, holidays off – again, we are putting away tons of hours, even when we’re not at school. When we aren’t teaching we’re planning and grading.
  • We’re glorified babysitters. NO. No. No. No. If we were babysitters we’d let the kids watch movies all day and have hours of recess.
  • We must have been too stupid/unmotivated to get a better job – this one kills me. I considered law school. I am a 4.0 student. I have a lot of potential to enter well-respected and better paying professions, but I love teaching. Just because I am teaching the basics of math doesn’t mean it’s easy work or I can’t do more than that.

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