(Closed) Which do you prefer: Miss, Ms., or Mrs.?

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    Ms. (and I'm married)

    Ms. (and I'm unmarried)



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    Mrs. H here 😉

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    Definitely Ms.!  I think of it as no one else’s business as to whether I am married.

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    I think once I turned 20 no one referred to me with Miss…unless that someone was an old old relative. 

    Right now I prefer Ms. because that’s the one that fits, May 9th of next year I will become Mrs. and that’s probably the name I will go by…but is someone calls me Ms. I won’t throw a bitchfit nor will I correct them. 

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    What I’ve been wondering is if I should go by Ms. or Mrs. when I get married.  I’m not changing my name, but it seems like every last wedding-related caption is “Mr. and Mrs.” Kind of crappy when there’s little alternative for those aren’t “aren’t supposed to” go by Mrs.

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    Ms. D here! 

    I’m a closet feminist and I’m not a fan of the history behind “Mrs” so I prefer to go by Ms. 

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    Definitely a fan of being “Mrs.H” now! 🙂

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    I was Ms. before I was married, and I am Ms. now. It bothers me the people use titles to convey a woman’s marital status, wheras a man is always Mr. regardless of his marital status.

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    I go by Ms. now. I think Miss is for younger girls. I can’t wait to go by Mrs. though!!

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    I kind of like being Mrs. [My married name], but I use that in my personal life only and stick to Ms. at work. I’ve always viewed Ms. as more professional due to its blindness to marital status.

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    I like being a Mrs. I frankly feel sorry for men since they don’t get to change their title! Maybe it’s just because I’m still fairly newly married so it’s still exciting to me (we still say “hey husband” and “hey wife” at home and giggle about it, lol), or because I’m young and have a young face so it makes me feel older and more mature somehow, but regardless the reason, I like it 🙂


     Edit: At work I go by my first name or full name, I work in a sector where people are friendly (as in talk to other people in the business as if they were friends, not as in they are any nicer than anybody else or not, lol) and 99.9% of the time someone addresses me by my first name.


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    I know that technically I am a Miss, but it sticks in my craw and I hate saying it. It sounds so immature. I can’t wait to be Dr. in a year or two.

    When I’m married I am keeping my own last name, and I will be Mrs. MaidenName, which is normal in the UK if you keep your name.

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    I never get called any of those in english, but sometimes my french coworkers will call me “mademoiselle” which is by far the nicest!

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    Definitely Mrs. Took some time to get used to it but I like it. What I don’t like is getting older and getting the “ma’am” instead of “miss.”

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    When I was a young woman and single (1970s) … I was proud of my Miss status

    Ms. was just coming into use, and preferred generally by older women… either extreme feminists or those BITTER from their Divorces, failed relationships etc.  That definitelly set the tone for the rest of my life.

    When I got married I kept my Maiden Name, but chose to be either Mrs. HisLastName socially, or professionally Ms. MyLastName (I had mellowed).

    Lol, altho if I was filling out some type of form I was not beyond putting an X in the checkbox for Mrs… and still using my own last name.

    When I got Seperated / Divorced was very hard.  I knew I wasn’t Mrs. anylonger… but neither was I Miss.  So Ms was it.

    And because I had the same name thru the whole period (MY Maiden Name = MY Married Name = MY Divorced Name)… I have to say I didn’t like this period of time… so the feelings about the connotation of being Ms in society returned

    When I hooked up with Mr TTR and we got more serious (moved in together) I was quite content to have people assume I was Mrs TTR socially… and I didn’t correct them (my past life was complicated… I didn’t wish to share that much info)

    And when we got married I was VERY Pleased to OFFICIALLY embrace the title of MRS TTR

    All that said,

    Maybe because I am an Etiquette Lover, maybe because I just like things with style…

    BUT I truly LOVE the Southern Custom of Ladies taking on the form of Address of Miss combined with their first names… (such as Miss Daisy etc)

    And now as I am aging (gracefully) I am hoping to adopt this more and more… when I meet young children I hope to instill in them the idea of calling me Miss First-Name versus just my first name (grates on me as an Etiquette Snob… too forward for a child, and disrespectful IMO)… and well the whole tradition of FAKE Aunts & Uncles I grew up under in the 1950s altho charming, got to be very confusing as I got older and was trying to sort out our family tree.

    Much better to know the nice genteel lady down the street as Miss. Daisy, IMO.

    So that is the direction, I am a heading in…

    Hope this helps,

    *Needless to say, with so much History… for your Poll I VOTED OTHER.


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