(Closed) Which form of birth control do you suggest?

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  • poll: Which do you recommend (specify brand in comments)

    The pill

    The ring

    The patch


    The shot


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    @jasonkatie2014:  no that’s old advice re: IUDs after children. My obgyn told me that lots of young women are getting them, and it’s the most common form of BC for obgyns (that says a lot!) 

    i havent had kids and yeah mine hurt going in, but it was just momentary with some follow up cramps that were just like bad period cramps. SO WORTH IT!!! I have the non hormonal IUD (Paraguard) – no fake hormones, no remembering pills, and it’s good for 10 years!

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    @WannaBeeMrsB:  I liked how easy it was to use the ring except it irritated my lady parts.  I constantly felt like I had a UTI or yeast infection.

    I refused to try the patch and my doctor doesn’t like prescribing it due to the issues with it.

    No shots for me; I would be afraid of not being able to get an appointment for my next shot in time and then lapsing and showing up pregnant (this happens on a lot of those teen mom and 16 & pregnant shows.)

    I would not recommend the implant based on my mom’s experience.  She felt awful and had issues similar to mine with the ring.  She had it taken out early because the side effects were so bad.

    I loved using NFP after reading TCOYF but I had an accident when I ovulated early so I decided it wasn’t as reliable as I needed it to be to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

    The pill makes me nauseous and somewhat affects my drive but it’s my best option at the moment.  I will probably get an IUD after we have a child.  Right now I am on Azurette which is a low dose pill so I have very few side effects from it.  I also liked Mircette and Kariva but my insurance now has me on Azurette.

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    I’ve heard good and bad things about all forms of BC, but if you had issues with the pill, I’m not sure any other hormonal BC would be the answer for you, at least not a routine low-dose method like the ring or patch. These deliver the same sorts of hormones in a different way.

    I use the copper (non-hormonal, paragard) IUD and love it. I never have to think about it. The hormonal IUD (mirena) doesn’t last as long, 5 years compared to 10 with the copper one, though the hormones are supposedly lower than the pill, so you may get better results. 

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    i used the pill and got pregnant, then i tried the shot at 19 and it made me crazy. switched to the patch but it burned my skin. got back on the shot at 30 and i love it. havent had a period in 2 years and i know when im pms, but no real period. yes i did gain some weight but i contribute that to sitting on my butt and not working out as well. you def have to find whats right for you. i dont like having to remember to take a pill daily.

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    I use condoms, because I dislike hormonal bc and I will not use anything that can prevent a conceived embryo from implanting. But, ITA with the pp who said it’s a very personal decision.

    Eta: hormonal bc makes me a psycho

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    I was on the pill and hated it. Switched to a hormone free method. FAM and condoms when fertile. Couldn’t be happier and I love knowing exactly what is going on with my body (especially since I have irregular cycles!!!). I know it’s not for everyone but it’s a good thing to look into.

    From what others are saying, an IUD may be a good option as well for you!

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    @WannaBeeMrsB:  I highly recommend a copper IUD. No hormones and the one available in the US lasts 10 years. However, it is a little big for some uteri (including mine). I went to Canada and got the small copper IUD available there, which lasts for 5 years (but I never feel it or have issues from it because it fits inside me properly, unlike the US one, the Paragard. . . my uterus is the minimum size the Paragard can go into and apparently, for me, that was a problem).

    Copper IUDs don’t always cause worse cramps and heavier periods. Both my copper IUDs did/do reduce my cramps and bleeding, and I have heard of a few other people who noticed the same thing with copper IUDs.

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    @WannaBeeMrsB:  I was on pills for a very long time  &had the same lack of sex drive issues with it. I switched over to the IUD (copper Paraguard) 3+ years ago & it came back in full swing! The side effects to the copper IUD cna be painful the first 3-6 mos but after that it’s pretty smooth sailing plus then you don’t have to worry about lab created hormones coursing through your body. Never had children or been pregnant, my provider had no issue with it though since i’ve had the same partner for 6+ years at the time. 


    ETA: I have also tried nuvaring but HATED it. Everyone’s body reacts differently but mine wanted that thing out asap & I had crazy thick discharge to prove it. =(


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    None of these. Condoms and later  FAM’s for this girl.

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    I voted the shot (Depo Provera, but the generic Medroxyprogesterone). I spent about 4 years on birth control pills and they never did anything for me. I always had breakthrough bleeding and my periods were never regulated. When I found a new doctor, I also found out I had fallopian and ovarian cysts and endometriosis so he told me I could try the ring or the shot. I chose the shot. I haven’t had any negative side effects and I don’t get a period, which is good for me because my periods and cramps were absolutely awful. 


    If you’re on it long term, they do recommend that you have bone density screenings for bone loss. 


    I’ve also heard good things about the Implanon. 


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    I’ve been on the pill for like 8 years or so (first to regulate my period but now for pregnancy prevention lol. I was originally on Ortho Tri-Cyclin Low but HATED it (I’d get horrible tummy aches). I switched to Yasmin which is great. I’ve literally had NO side effects. It also has a mild diuretic so it lessens bloat. There are newer versions of it now, like Yaz, which give you a lighter, shorter period, but I like Yasmin and having a regular period (I wasn’t often normal with that in past.) Good luck with whatever you choose!

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    I will not use hormonal birth control anymore after suffering horrible side effects seemingly out of nowhere. I use Fertility Awareness Method now and so far so good! Temping every morning is a little annoying, but not bad.

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    I loved the nuvaring, once in I never felt it 🙂 that being said, I have a petite friend that absolutely hates it 🙁 I’m not sure why she’s staying on it but she says its super uncomfortable for her and she may have gotten an infection from reinserting it after washing… 

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    My choice wasn’t listed but I would vote for condoms or FAM. I am personally against anything hormonal or inserting something foreign into my body. But to each their own.

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