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    Do NOT get an IUD (tell me why!)

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    I’ll start. I was on the pill before, worked alternating shifts, never remembered to take them. So I switched to Mirena. I took the pill regularly until insertion, but had to schedule it for my inactive pill week because they like to insert it on your period. I took two cervix dilation pills, which worked wonders( almost too much) and forgot to take some Motrin before.  Insertion sucked. Like a bad period cramp. You definitely want to take some sort of pill, because once it kicked in the cramping whent away. The heating pad will also be your best friend.

    Now for side effects, when I had it inserted, my body first rejected it, so they had to put it back in. My doctor had never seen anything like that before, so she recommended to be careful fot a day or two because I apparently had an increased perforation risk for that time. I spotted for about two months. Nothing heavy, just pantyliners for that time. I would cramp at random, and according to SO the strings have a mind of their own, but they will soften a little, just not much. I did have a false pregnancy with it about 3 months in. My body recognized something in there, and made my body react in said way, but it went away when I got my next “period”. My period is really light spotting, which is amazing when my periods almost put me in the hospital a couple times. My boobs shrunk, but I was on the pill for about 8-9 years so I attributed it to that. I’m much easier to aggravate now, though don’t let that deter you. I blame that due to life stresses. 

    I chose the Mirena over the Skyla or Copper due to a handful of reasons. I had never had a kid, so my one doctor was hesitant,  but another doctor in the office did it.My doctor recommended that since I have heavy periods now, don’t get the copper because it won’t help me in that aspect.  So I had the choice with skyla or Mirena. 3 years vs 5 years, I wanted longer protection because SO and I don’t want kids until we are married and comfortable enough,  so that could have been either of those. My insurance covered both, but my doctor recommended that I can always get the Mirena taken out in 3 years vs getting the Skyla and deciding to get another put back in 3 years. Also a big factor was value.The Mirena was minimally more expensive for two more years of protection if you don’t have insurance.  I didn’t want to have to pay for additional copays in 3 years when I could prolong it.

    I’ve had it for a good 8-9 months now and I will definitely get another one in 4 years. I would recommend it, but that’s your decision to make. I don’t have a horror story for you, but there are always 20 bad reviews for each good one. So I hope this helps.

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    I have a Mirena and I love it! I did spot for like MONTHS though- cleared it up with an herbal tincture. I barely have a period now, it’s awesome. But yeah insertion is not fun but it’s fast and then you’re good for 5 years!

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    I have Mirena, and honestly LOVE IT!!! It took some getting used to, but it is great. The Insertion is quick and painful, that’s the truth it hurts but it’s over so fast.

    I had no bad side effects.

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    ImaStarr: I originally wanted to copper because I’ve reacted badly to bc with hormones (weight gain, depression, acne, etc). However I heard the same negatives that u mentioned so I ended up going with mirena and I love it! Haven’t noticed any difference at all as far as the hormones go, the only difference is that I have almost no period (MAYBE light spotting every couple months for a day or two) and no cramping. I always had horrible cramps that would keep me from work or school even sometimes curled up in a ball on my bed lol so only good things from me!

    My Future Sister-In-Law had bad luck with hers, though, bad cramping, bleeding and stuff but hers got dislodged (is that the right term???) Which is a possibility with any IUD so I’d take that with a grain of salt….assuming everything goes in and stays where it should I’ve only heard good things from other ppl 

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    ImaStarr:  I was recently PMing someone about my IUD experience so I’m just gonna copy and paste it. Short story, I have Mirena and I love it.


    I am really happy with my Mirena.. I had been on the pill for a couple of years, patch for one year, and then I finally faced the insertion of the IUD (we can talk about that later) 🙂 But yes, the Mirena is a very low dose of hormones that stay in your uterus. I got it last November, so have had it for 9 months now and have had like 2 periods, each of which have been really light and lasted like 2 days. Like I said before, I had been considering an IUD for a while. They are very safe and effective and seriously I am so happy I have it now. My doctor was really pro-IUD–she has one herself and had a lot of experience inserting them so I had a lot of confidence in her. One thing that throws a lot of people off is the insertion procedure, which freaked me out too, which is why I waited so long to get it. However, it really was not THAT bad. My insertion was somewhat unique in that i got it THAT day (when most people kind of plan with their doctor and then schedule another appt for like a week later in case the office needs to order it and to clear it with insurance and also so they can take some pain meds before). However, I got it that day and just went for it so i didn’t mentally freak myself out (i get really grossed out with medical stuff), so unfortunately, no pain peds pre-procedure for me. I immediately got very strong menstrual cramps which were pretty painful and I also got a little dizzy. My doctor gave me an ibuprofen 800 and I was very crampy the entire day and really just laid in bed. The next 2 days I still had cramps, but not as bad–which is understandable–takes your body a bit to adjust! I also had a heating pad and just took it easy. Looking back the whole experience was not that bad and I would have gotten an IUD even if it had been much more painful because I think it is so worth it. Oh, another thing, I was by myself in the gyno office because like i said, I just kinda got it that day–went in for an annual/re new bc pill and then just decided to do it. While I was fine with driving home, it probably would have been nice if my fiancé or another girl friend was there just to get me home and give me some gatorade and stuff 🙂 However, definitely isn’t NECESSARY–just depends on your comfort level and what kind of support you want with you there. s

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    I’ve had the copper IUD for 4 months now and I’m super happy with it.  I like that there are no hormones, therefore nothing to cause weight gain or acne. It didn’t hurt to have it put in, I had spotting for about an hour afterwards that was it. My first three periods were very heavy but now they’ve gone back to normal.

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    I LOVE my Mirena. It only hurt for a second when it was put in (and getting it put in took all of 15 seconds). I haven’t gotten a SINGLE bad side effect, not even cramping, the entire time I’ve had it (almost a year now). I’ve previously been on several types of pills and with them I got almost every one of the nasty side effects.

    And as a bonus, my horrible painful miserable periods stopped a month after I got my Mirena and I haven’t had a single period since. I plan on getting a new one as soon as this one runs out, and I never want to use a different form of BC. Getting it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


    (Also, If you’re considering Mirena vs Skyla, the only real bonus of the Skyla is that it’s a tiny bit smaller and there’s the downside that it will only last 3 years rather than 5. In my mind the chance of their being a little extra pain was worth the extra 2 years, but that’s something you have to decide for yourself.)

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