Which job offer would you choose?

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I would ask how much you value the work-life balance. While firm 2 would be incredible for your career, do you see yourself having babies and wanting to spend more time at home with your family in the future? If you’re career driven and see yourself with that focus all the time, firm 2. As a new mom having to go back to work on Monday, if it were me I would easily pick firm #1. 

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I think you have to focus on living your life now rather than always looking forward to something better. This chance to spend time with your grandmother isn’t going to come again, whereas you’ll have countless other opportunities to pursue more prestige in your career, change location, whatever.

You can still think about “boosting your resume” five years from now. You can never go back and have seven months of precious time with your grandmother at the end of her life.

Which opportunity do you think you’re more likely to regret giving up?

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amiryana :  can you call your hiring manager and try to negotiate your start date? To me it sounds like you want firm 2 more. A lot of times hiring managers are very open to negotiation and you have another offer so that puts you in a very good negotiating position. I think it would be totally okay to say that you have another offer that starts in August is there any way they could negotiate a later start time since that’s kind of a deal-breaker for you.

The way I’ve always negotiated job offers before is a little different than the way you might hear about it on the internet. I’ve always said I have another offer and it’s X is there anything we can do about your offer? I really want to work here because of insert reason here. And I really get along with ” insert people ” here. Often I found that you can usually get a couple of thousand dollars extra in salary, or extra perks like a parking space, extra vacation or even a later start date. 

You sound like you’re fresh out of school. I would see if you can meet with your University career counselor. I used to work in my University’s Career Center and my career counselor literally walked me through creating a script to talk to the hiring manager about salary negotiations. I’ve used it ever since and I’ve always been able to negotiate something that will work a little better for me. Hiring managers know that got a job offer is usually a starting point.

Also you have another offer. If they’re being super lame and don’t negotiate then I would just take the other offer.

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amiryana :  If I were in your position, I’d choose firm 1. Family is more important than career. There will be other great opportunities for you in the future so choosing firm 1 will not limit you. You will regret losing the opportunity to spend time with your grandmother in what may be her last years. Trust me. I’ve been there, done that and it really hurts.

I’d also choose firm 1 because of the flexibility. I can’t stand working jobs where they make it hard for me to have a healthy work/life balance. I love money and my career a lot, but my time is too valuable to give all away for someone else to make money. 

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I vote for firm one. 

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amiryana :  Go with option 1. I work for a big national firm and having that name on your CV is not always as valuable as people would have you believe. Your career will always be there to be developed and opportunities will always come around. This time with your lovely grandma will unfortunately not be. I think that’s more precious in the long run. Just my 2 cents! 

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I wish I had firms fighting for me to work for them lol! I vote firm 1!

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I would choose people ( your beloved grandmother) over career prestige. You have another job offer, you don’t have another grandmother who means as much as you described. You can always work for that second firm later on. 

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amiryana : Firm 2. Money and prestige aren’t everything but they can solve a lot of life problems. 

As someone who made the Firm 1 choice earlier in my career, I’ve been paying for it and working 2x as hard to prove myself for less money ever since. 

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Firm 2 and negotiate a later start date. 

Only if they say no is this a dilemma. 

Cross that bridge if you need too. 

This advice is based on the assumption you’re career focused and have been studying for a specific career path. 

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If someday you end up wanting kids and want to choose to a more family-friendly firm, then is it likely you could leave Firm 2 and get a job at Firm 1, or somewhere else with more work-life balance?

If so, then I would choose Firm 2 and try to negotiate a later start date.

I think the whole concept of the book Lean In is that women often “lean out” of the workforce too early (i.e., choosing a more family-friendly, less-ambitious path too early in their careers).


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I would tell you what I would lean towards, but honestly I’m not sure that would help you.  I would have my own reasons and I may not value the things you may value (or value them at the same cost).  So instead, I will leave you with a book recommendation (it’s a pretty fast read).

Smart Choices: A Practical Guide to Making Better Decisions by John Hammond


It’s a pretty quick read and at first seems like common sense, but it was designed to help you wade through all of the variables and consequences of a decision exactly like this.  I’ve employed the method on a few less consequential decisions since reading it and it really helps sort out just how you value things and compare them to feel like you’re making a better decision.

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I would be going with one.

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You’re just starting your career, so I see your concern, but grandma would always win out over work.  

I don’t see anyone looking back saying “I wish I’d spent less time with my family while I could”.

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