Which meal would you prefer? Vegetarian wedding

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    • Wedding: October 2017

    I m a real fussy eater so since I dont like cheese and nuts I d have to go with the lasagna on menu 6 or the pie on menu 1, and they re typical meat eater meals but with a substitute which I think makes them work well. 

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    I like 1 or 2.

    BEEelegant :  It’s a preferences < needs thing that boils down to the fact that meat eaters can eat vegetables, whereas vegans would not eat any food without a vegan option. Meat eaters might not eat their favorite meal in life, but they’ll still be able to put food in their stomachs and enjoy the event 🙂

    It might make more sense to compare it to alcohol, which is typically served at weddings. If a couple had a dry wedding, would you feel they were “forcing” their beliefs on you? There’s no rule that hosts have to serve their guests’ favorite meals ever, just that they provide something nice that their guests are capable of digesting without violating medical coniditons or strong ethical beliefs. I enjoy a glass of wine with dinner, but it won’t hurt me to skip it if I’m at a dry wedding.

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    happyowlbee :  Exactly. Or a kosher wedding. I once attended a wedding where the bride and groom’s family kept kosher, so all of the food was kosher. I didn’t roll up demanding a bacon cheeseburger. Was all of the food exactly to my taste? No, but I was able to find lots of things I enjoyed and didn’t leave hungry. 

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    KatieBklyn :  That’s a great example! I was trying to think of a better comparison than wine, and I think you nailed it.

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    Keep in mind that this poster is British; the “wedding breakfast” reference is a dead giveaway. In the U.K. They seem a lot more tolerant of vegetarian menus than Americans are, because in ‘murica we can’t survive 3 hours without shoving some meat in our faces. If I ever opened a restaurant in ‘murica, i would sell gun-shaped burgers wrapped in bacon and served on plates shaped like monster trucks, and I’d make a freakin fortune.


    anyway OP, you may get better advice from people who are closer to your social circle. Menu 1 probably has the most universal appeal though. In general I’m not a fan of soups as starters because it can be messy to serve and messy for the guests to eat.

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    I don’t remember who posted about risotto balls, but arancini are very similar to risotto balls. And risotto itself does not do well at weddings as it must be served perfectly. The food sounds lovely, and I think perhaps there are some cultural differences going on. I think between this and the food truck you will have some very happy guests. 

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    I have been a vegetarian for a few years now and I found somethings odd in every meal choice. I would get back to basics for your menus. I like to have regular sides as a meal. Like potatoes, rice, steamed or grilled veggies, baked carrots, pasta dish or a chickpea salad, and then do some hors d’voures like samosas, hummus and pita, fruit and veggie platters, cheese and crackers, salads, cheese puffs, salsa and chips. 

    We are doing a “cake and punch” style reception with wine, mimosas, sangria, tea, pop, water, and finger foods like Samosa, fruit/veggie, cheese platters, and a bunch of different desserts to choose from. My fiancé isn’t vegetarian , but I ended up getting my vegetarian wedding with him being non the wiser! 

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    eirlys :  we only heard good things. Maybe some people hated it and didn’t say but if anything we got a lot of good feedback. 

    We had a tapas style menu. Sharing plates and several things as main. In the evening we had tacos with veggie and kidney bean chilli and tons of salads and fries and sides. 

    I think whatever your diet you often get just ‘okay’ meals at weddings but it’s a type of catering that people expect and no one bats an eyelid. Going all veggie it’s like you cannot afford to be ‘okay’. It’s like you’ve really got to produce amazing catering or else people get all judgy – it’s a bit of a double standard really but it is satisfying to know you’ve made people go ‘wow’. 

    Our reception was at a restaurant well liked by local friends and although it’s omni it is renound for amazing veggie and vegan food and the chef was very enthusiastic, eats a lot of vegan food himself and really knew how to produce beautiful stuff. You’ve got to really trust your caterers to produce tasty meals.

    And have loads of it. Loads of stuff that just happens not to contain animals as well as specially crafted for veggie nutrition. As long as people have stacks of tasty stuff to mop up the booze they are happy.  

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    skunktastic :  FYI, OP has given updates both before and after your most recent post in this thread.

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    eirlys :  If you can get the lasagna without the beans, I would 100% have voted for that. A pasta veggie dish is a universal crowd pleaser.

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    MAny of the replies are from people who are in the USA and I have realised that their weddings & our British weddings are really quite different so bear that in mind! I think the majority of Brits would be very happy with Soup for a starter, but the US “salad” would completely throw them …

    I am not vegetarian, I have many friends who are. My thoughts:

    Menu 1: lovely starter, main is good BUT mushrooms allergies are increasing (I have a friend super allergic) and they are a love it or hate it food. Could something like a spinach & ricotta filling work instead?

    Menu 2: I dislike couscous ano some people would not like spicy – would be seen as a bit weird (though I love roasted cauliflower!). Arancini after couscous feels too “samey” – I’d far rather have a potato based dish! My least favourite option

    Menu 3: soup sounds lovely if you have some nice bread too! Lentil and nut pie sounds yummy – my  fav choice so far!

    Menu 4: soup as above; Mushrooms too divisive – if you don’t like them you won’t eat anything this course.. sorry – no

    Menu 5: soup as above; Tagones are lovely, but sone people may be less familiar with them so something more “mainstream” may be better

    Menu 6: soup as above; I think this would be a crowd pleaser but it doesn’t feel “fancy enough” for a wedding!

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    • Wedding: November 2017

    #1 sounds delicious 

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    Seems like you’re doing Mediterranean menus? I think  that starter platter in Menu 1 will have the most universal appeal, so I voted for that, but I looooove stuffed mushrooms and Moroccan tagine so those sound the best to me. 

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    Such an interesting post/discussion.  I voted for number 1.  I am from the US and a meat eater. I feel like a lot of people on here are not very open minded.  I would enjoy trying much of this stuff, not sure if I would like it or not, but who cares?  I do have a severe nut allergy, so nut pie would be out.  I think maybe some people’s problems come from the complexity of some of the dishes.  When there are many different ingredients, it increases the chance that someone will hate, be allergic to, or prefer not to eat something in the dish.  And some of the combinations do seem unusual to me, but I am not sure if that is cultural UK vs US.

    I have never tried or heard of carrot & coriander soup, but I am very curious about it now.  My husband is in the UK all the time for work; I am going to have to make him try it for me next time he is there.  I really like soups though, so I would be interested in trying it.  

    I do not think it would be wrong to do indian food (or any other ethnic food) at your wedding.  If you really like the food, I feel like that is not cultural appropriation.  Cultural appropriation would be if you looked up what traditions and dress were used at traditional Indian weddings, and imitated them for no reason.  Eating tasty food is just eating tasty food, in my opinion, especially if that is food you normally eat.  To answer your other questions, I also think pasta and spanakopita are delicious and great wedding food.  

    Last thing, you have every right to a vegetarian wedding.  I had a nut-free wedding.  It is your party.  If people want to eat meat, they can host a meat party.  There are tons of delicious meatless meals that will appeal to a general audience, and it is awesome that you are doing research to decide what will please your guests.  

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