(Closed) Which of SO's quirks make your blood boil?

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If he just has to pee, he will pee in the shower and leave it there. This is a new habit of his that I’m not happy about.

When he takes the dog out in the morning, he just lets her pee but doesn’t wait for her to poop. Then one of two things happens, 1) I have to take the dog out because she’s whining and Darling Husband left for work already, 2) He doesn’t understand why she’s whining and gets upset that he has to take her out again. Just save us both the extra trip and let her poop!

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@beetee123:  Lol this is exactly what he does to me. He almost never puts dishes away anymore because he’s finally realized that he doesn’t know where they’re supposed to go. He moves everything around on the counters every couple of weeks though and puts certain things into a cabinet or the pantry. So I get used to where the paper towels and things are and then I got to get something and it’s gone.

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Ugh…I’d hate that too, OP. 

My blood boils when my husband whistles. I absolutely cannot stand when people whistle!!!

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He burps and farts in public, interrupts me constantly, and never remembers anything I tell him. According to him, I need to “constantly remind” him of any upcoming plans. Um no. You’re a grown man, put it in your calendar!

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Leaving dirty clothes AROUND the hamper.

Leaving the bathroom floor soaking wet after a shower.

Sucking through the straw when there is NOTHING LEFT IN THE CUP!

I’m sure there’s more but he has been on my good side lately.

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@juliana192:  Mine has this very annoying ability to get sucked into whatever might be playing on the tv no matter what it is, he doesn’t even have to LIKE the show! He gets home from work and will go complete zombie if his eyes hit the Tv. Baby cartoons? Yep. Big middle of an aweful chick-flick? Totally. Very end of Dr. Who (even though he hates it)?-every time. I have to pause the show or else he absolutely will not hear me if I ask him something. 

He also does that thing where he’ll put the dirty dishes BESIDE the sink, but never IN the sink. The real kicker is that putting the dishes in the sink is a shorter distance then putting them on the counter next to it… MEN lol


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He always OVER DIPS THE CHIP!  I’ll pour a huge thing of salsa or queso and I swear I get one chip with salsa on it before he’s finished the bowl with 3 chips.

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He always leave the tub a mess after he showers. Theres always his little fuzzies (he has an afro, so it leaves fuzzies instead of strands) all over the tub floor, and it drives me crazy. He also leaves them on the bathroom mat. I hate it! It looks like theres spiders everywhere.

Another thing, though its not his fault, is just how differently we were raised. His family just do things weirdly. Like if they open a bag of cookies and dont eat them all, they put them in the fridge, and if someone doesnt put them in the fridge, then they get thrown away. Even if the pack is resealable! He’s also tried putting flour, bisquick, and cake mix boxes in the fridge.

He’s so messy. He does good with cleaning up after himself in the downstairs part of the house, but the upstairs (his “man cave”) is a complete wreck, and everytime he says he’s going to clean it, he just ends up playing video games. Ugh.

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@jessicadarling:  I thought my Darling Husband was the only one who did that, it drives me bonkers! Every. Single. Time!!! Where are you going?

Agh I’m leaving on a jet plane!! Like you said, where do you think I’m going?! 

And also, what will you do with that information now that you know? It just such an obnoxious question lol!

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