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    Also I should add that I think cut is what gives a diamond the most sparkle and twinkle, so that’s most important to me.  Smaller diamonds also appear larger with an excellent or perfect cut. Next clarity, because anything with big old inclusions will also prevent the beauty of the diamond but again, it just needs to be eye clean. Then color, because you can get very beautiful near colorless diamonds, and most won’t know unless you were closely examining it if it wasn’t pure white, then carat….because a huge diamond lacking in the other three c’s will appear cloudy or dull. And that’s not good. 

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    Things like this really depend on the person. I went with an SI1 where the clarity did not impede light play. However, a person needs to see stones like that in person to be sure the clarity won’t affect their beauty because sometimes it can (especially when there are lots of clouds instead of one or two crystals or twinning wisps). I also went with an I colour because I have it set in yellow gold. It is GIA certified and I’ve never seen it look anything but white.

    But each person has their “sweet spot” for things they can overlook and things that really matter to them. IMO, you need to look at a lot of stones in person before deciding for yourself where your personal sweet spot is. There are people with any combination you can imagine who will tell you what you should find most important, but it doesn’t matter what other people think. It matters what you see when you look at your stone, and that might be different for everyone.

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    I dont think you can disregard any of them. But least important to me would be clarity. As long as it’s eye clean, that’s all I care about. 

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    I don’t think cut should ever be sacrificed. That is soooo important! Color and clarity are both very subjective. I am not very color sensitive but I have eagle eyes so I ended up with an I VVS1. Carat is the least important in my opinion. Who wants a big stone that doesn’t look good?

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    Color is least important to me. As long as it’s not champagne or chocolate I really don’t dislike any “colorless” diamonds. Carat is important to me because I want a certain amount of coverage (which actually isn’t that difficult for my 4.5 finger) and I don’t want to settle for a perfect diamond chip just to say I have a perfect diamond. Clarity is also really important to me and I have a VS1 which is very clean even under a loupe. I have an OEC so while it will never sparkle like a RB it still sparkles a lot. The only thing that annoys me about my diamond is that is has a culet.

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    One thing that I think is important to mention is how the cut can change how much clarity you’ll want. An RB hides flaws much better than a step-cut diamond (emerald or asscher). Also, an asscher will face up smaller than an RB, so carat won’t have the same feel. I would figure out which cut you want first, and then you’ll know how to rank the other C’s in terms of importance.

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    futuremrsc2be:  I voted clarity because…

    1. I’m color sensitive and prefer white stones over colored

    2. Even a low clarity stone can have a lot of sparkle if the CUT is very good

    3. I’m not materialistic but I do prefer my stone to be 0.50ct or greater. I just like finger coverage. I would trade clarity for a bit of carat size. (Just personal preference….smaller stones are just as beautiful though).

    Not trying to offend anyone! These are just my preferences

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    I put clarity as well because unless you are honestly putting your diamond under a microscope or looking for flaws 24/7 you will not notice inclusions of SI2 or less, maybe below that you will when you stare but I think it adds character, makes it very one of a kind. 

    color I find people end up regretting because other people do notice and does cheapen the look a bit(just trends I have observed but certainly not everyone feels this way)

    carat, is the most obvious when you galance at a diamond and you will see your rock out of the corner of your eye A LOT

    cut- this is truely what gives a diamond its sparkle a bad cut makes it look very dull. this is probably more important to me than carat.

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    I dislike white stones, so I would give up color.  However, it really depends on what’s important to you.

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    In order of most to least importance for me – cut, carat, clarity, color. I am getting a G/VS1, but if I ever buy diamonds again in the future, I’d go as low as a H-I/SI1-2 as long as it faced up white and was eye clean. Cut is by far the most important thing, IMO, since an ideal cut can mask a lower color or certain inclusions.

    SO and I looked at this guide when we were researching diamonds. It gives you a rough idea of where you have wiggle room on the 4C’s. http://www.lumeradiamonds.com/buying-diamonds/choose-a-diamond


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    Having been in the position to buy an e-ring myself for my fiancee, I researched and researched and researched this topic until I was sick of reading about it! LOL.

    I prioritized color, then cut (fiancee really wanted an extra sparkly ring), and then clarity (eye-clean was just fine by me). I got her a princess cut .54 carat F VS2 in a halo setting. It looks like it was made for her! I was super happy with it.

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    To me clarity is less important than I had originally thought. I spent lots of time looking at certficates of inclusions and thinking that would mean the diamond wouldn’t ‘Look good’. But unless you plan on always viewing your diamond in magnification or giving your friends and co-workers a loupe when they want to look at your ring…then a clean SI1 is all I would need to be happy!

    An excellent cut with an eye clean SI1 stone and mid-range colour (G/H/I) are what I  would choose. And then I would use the money saved from compromising the clarity & colour a bit and get a bigger carat stone 🙂

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    This is an interesting question – if someone would have asked me 6-8 months ago, I would have said: color (no lower than a D) with cut, clarity and carat at the lower end of acceptable.  Now I would say cut & color F or above would be equally as important, followed by clarity, with carat at the end of the list of priorities.

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    Carat.  I would pick minimums in every other area, and always stay ideal for cut.  Then I would get the largest stone with that criteria, that I could afford.

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    Heads up, I don’t know the specs on my diamond but this is how I feel: it’s gorgeous, big, sparkly, white, and picked just for me, so I love it. 

    However if I had to buy my own diamond or pick one for a RHR:

    I am fine with eye clean, but anything I1 or lower would be out of the question. SI2 is as low as I would comfortably go as long as it’s eye clean  

    I wouldn’t want anything that looks yellow, so I probably would not want anything lower than an H. I have a customer that told me hers was a “J” and it was pretty, but obviously yellow and not “Me”

    I love sparkle so excellent cut is all I would go for, plus it can help mask a lower clarity rating.  

    I would not sacrifice carat since I like larger stones! 

    So cut, carat, color, clarity is my importance ranking  🙂 



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