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Sugar bee
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I suggest a rat or a cat as well! I have a rat, he is the sweetest thing ever. He loves snuggling and loves to play 

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Busy bee
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I have a fish and 1 cat, and though the Fiance is allergic he looooooves cats. So just to start we’ll have my cat and hopefully later down the line get a dog. I’d start off with a cat personally. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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Plenty of 9 to 5 people have dogs. I just wouldn’t get a puppy.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Have you considered ferrets? They sleep around 18-20 hours a day. They’re very sweet (I have two) and playful creatures. They need about 3-4 hours of play a day out of their cage, depending on if they get sleepy or not before the 4 hour mark. Sometimes mine get sleepy around the 3 hour mark and I’ll just let them sleep the last hour out of their cage. Once I put them up they sleep, eat and sleep some more. They do need to be watched when they’re out though. Do your research first and make sure to “ferret proof” your home (so they can’t get into the stove, behind the fridge or other tight spaces) if you decide a ferret is for you. : )

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Buzzing bee
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We have a dog, and a guinea pig that lives indoors. the guinea pig is very sweet and friendly, but I wish we had gotten 2 or 3 so she has company. if I was allowed another pet it would be rats or something like a budgie, parotlett, cockateil. Birds have amazing persoailities and are very social. The only reason we cant have any more is thta our dog would most likely chase them

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Busy bee
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I used to live in Sheffield!

Anyway cats are always great, I totally agree with rats being awesome. I will always love lizards snakes and fish as pets! Ferrets are fantastic.

and you could consider adopting an older dog who can handle the time alone. I have a 9yo who deals really well when I’m away. He gets loads of cuddles when I’m home. and if they are well trained more work places are accepting of having them with you while you work! 

The easiest pets I’ve had are lizards and snakes hardest are dogs and fish. 

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Helper bee

I have two house rabbits (also live in a big enclosure when we’re not in) and they are the BEST! Boy rabbit licks and kisses us and girl rabbit is a bit more reserved about showing her emotions so nudges and head butts us to show love. But if she hasn’t seen us for a long time (I once went home to my parents for a week when I was really ill) she’ll make an exception and give licks/kisses when you’re back because she missed you! Rabbits aren’t for everyone because they do a lot of things on their own terms (unlike a dog they’re really not that interested in pleasing you!) and they’re so different, some really don’t like to be touched and most hate being picked up, so you have to love them for them. But they’re so entertaining and they’re so sweet and loving! They’re also perfect for me and Fiance because if we go away overnight as long as they have fresh hay and water they’re okay to stay in their big pen and keep each other company. 

Also, I don’t know if you can get around the ‘eww’ factor that a lot of people have or the cost, but sphynx cats have the personality of dogs in cats bodies! They’re super super loving and can be trained like dogs fairly easily, but without needing the exercise commitment dogs need. They have such big hearts I’d definitely get two if you’re out most of the day (doesn’t help with the cost of buying – ouch!) but when you come home you’ll still be showered with love! 

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Bumble bee

cbops:  We also work long hours and have two house cats. They are a bit different in the sense that they are bengals so unusual looking and they act quite a bit different to normal cats!

Before that we had fish which was actually more challenging than any other pet we have had, the constant cleaning of the tank (we had a very large tank) and continuous death issues!

A friend of mine has a pygmy hedgehog which is a mini hedgehog which is bred to be kept in a home as a pet. He is so cute but they are nocturnal so tend to be very lively at night (and may keep you awake) but sleepy and angry throughout the day.

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Blushing bee
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Another vote for ferrets! I did not want pets because of the potential heartbreak of losing one, but my husband got his way. Now I am so in love with them I can’t even deal. It’s physically hard to leave the house in the morning. Just make sure you play with them interactively at least 1-2 hours per day. Otherwise they are super low maintenance. 🙂


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Bumble bee

I have two cats and a 2 year old little dog,  Just got the dog two years ago and was hesitant to, but it worked out well.  The cats keep the dog entertained.  I feed her at 5 AM with dry and wet, she usually leaves some dry in the bowl to munch on during the day. Gets fed at night about 6:30 wet/dry.    I leave the house at 6:20 AM and dont return till 6:20 PM.  My son is home during the day and leaves around 2 ishy. 

PEE wee pad trained, so I dont worry about walks etc.

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Bee Keeper
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cbops:  you can get a dog even if you work 9-5. If you’re concerned about leaving a puppy that long, look into adopting an older (but still young) dog that is housebroken and doesn’t need to be let out every couple hours. Plenty of people work 9-5 and still give their dogs loads of attention and playtime.

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Helper bee

_blackbird_:  Look into degus. SO much fun and they have the intelligence of a cat/dog. They are also very easy to find in the UK (for some reason? even though they are from Chile lol) Just watch out if you get them. Because they are so smart, you have to fortify their enclosure and they will  chew on ANYTHING. 

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Sugar bee
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I say get two cats – they have each other to play with and keep each other company when you’re gone and are pretty self-sufficient (litter box) so that you don’t need to be there all day to care for them.  We got two cats right after we got married, and we’re so happy we got two together!  They’ve grown up together, still love to play with each other every day, and we don’t feel as bad when we have to leave them for a weekend or something because they aren’t alone.

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Busy bee
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cbops:  I’ve only had cats and like them a lot. I’d get an older one though (at least a year or two old) so you can see thier personality fully. I adopted a kitten and I love her, but she’s a lot different than when I first got her. I chose her because she was a total cuddle bug, now she is very mouthy and doesn’t like to be held lol.

I”ve heard pugs and english bull dogs are good because they are lazier and good for apartments. They don’t need as much excersise and attention because they are lower maintainance. Pugs are suppossed to be pretty loyal. I’ve never had a dog though so this is just going off what I’ve herad.

I’m not sure what is illegal in the UK are far as small animals and exotic pets go. But I heard sugar gliders are amazing pets! They are very loyal and don’t smell that bad. They greet you when you come home and will sit on your shoulder while you walk around. 🙂 They are social though, so you would need more than one.

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We have had aquatic turtles and guinea pigs. Both were really great. It’s nice to have 2 pets because they can keep each other company. They are low maintenance. When were home, we would take them out and have them walk around the house. We also took the turtles in the backyard and watched walk. We did not let our guinea pigs in the backyard because they were pretty quick at taking off. One time while we were in Colorado, our male guinea pig almost took off into the woods. Guinea pigs are extremely curious and will nibble on items left out especially paper. Both our turtles and guinea pigs have their own personalities and they are relaxing to be around. We have taken them to pet stores and they are well behaved even around cats and dogs. You can also foster a pet who could stay in your home for few weeks. It would give you time to see if you would enjoy having them. We also had a fish and he was really low maintenance.


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