(Closed) Which vaccines are ESSENTIAL in your opinion?

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@bells: i agree with you. I don’t think chicken pox or flu is essential

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@bells: I agree with you too.  The flu vaccination will only help prevent certain strains, which isn’t good enough for me.

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To me, essential vaccines include the following (I admit, I may be inadvertantly missing one or two):

  • MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella)
  • HiB (Haemophilus influenzae type b)
  • Hepatitis B
  • Rotavirus
  • DTaP (Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus)
  • PVC (Pneumococcal)
  • IPV (Polio)
  • Hepatitis A
  • MCV (Meningococcus)

I’ll admit, I’m not sold on either chicken pox (varicella) or HPV – this is likely due to the fact that these are new vaccines that were not even in existance when I was being vaccinated as a child.  I lean towards allowing my child to catch chicken pox as a kid and if they don’t, then vaccinating since it is much more severe if caught as an adult.

I don’t even put the annual flu shot on the same level at all what-so-ever as vaccines like MMR, HiB, polio, etc.  They aren’t even comperable, IMO.  And no, I do not view it ass essential unless one belongs to a high risk group.

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I agree with you 100% FutureKMM.

I am biased because I am getting my PhD studying hep B which causes liver cancer… Although it’s not as prevalent in the US, it’s pretty terrible in Asia/Africa. Usually by the time you realize it has caused cancer you don’t have much longer to live. So IMO def get your Hep B vaccination. 

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Our daycare requires proof of all vaccines in order to be enrolled, so Addie is completely up to date.  She will also receive the flu shot this year (she didn’t last year because we had a private nanny) and the chicken pox vaccine, when it’s time.  Even if it wasn’t required, I would still do the chicken pox vaccine, but I might be inclined to skip the flu vaccine.

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Bumble bee
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I plan on following my pediatrician’s recommendations, so that will probably include all vaccines, including the one for chicken pox (can cause major health issues if you get it later in life) and eventually HPV.  I know the HPV vaccine is still new, but when I think about the consequences of a daughter of mine getting HPV (which is really easy to contract through sexual activity and essentially symptomless) it terrifies me.  I was too late to get the HPV vaccine myself, but any child of mine will be getting it when their time comes. 

I was actually surprised to see on the CDC website that they now recommend that everyone over the age of 6 months get a yearly flu shot.  I’ve never had one in my life, although I will be getting one this year b/c I’m pregnant.  I’m planning on asking my doctor about it, since every year does seem a bit excessive for a healthy adult. 

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I agree with FutureKMM.

As for the chicken pox, I remember having them as a child. It was never life threatening, but definitely one of the most uncomfortable illnesses I had as a kid. I might want to spare my children that experience.

HPV, maybe, if more research will be done on it by then. I have HPV, one of the high risk strains, and I have had years of abnormal paps, biopsies, and even surgery because of it. 

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Busy bee
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The HPV vaccine only covers 4 strains of HPV.  Not saying that is nothing, but that only covers about 70% of HPV strains that cause cervical cancer.  I think people think it’s a catch-all, but it’s not.  I’m not sure about that one.  I also don’t get the flu vaccine…ever…even H1N1 and I was an at risk group.  I’m on the fence about chicken pox.

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Which vaccines are ESSENTIAL in your opinion?

All of them.

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All of them are essential in my mind.  Chicken pox can be devastating to both child and adults around that child who may get it, or to pregnant women who get chicken pox while pregnant.  The flu pandemic in the 20s killed thousands and thousands of people, and still kills young kids and elderly people every year.  Vaccines aren’t just about keeping your kids healthy, but keeping the people around them healthy as well

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The flu shot is definetly not an essential for me. Many forget it only protects 2 strands when there is many more every season. Also new moms on the fence about it need to think about the fact that at least one year until they are 4, a baby will need 2 doses of the flu vaccine. That is a lot for me even if it is coming my pediatrician and CDC.

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@BackyardLoveBird: I’d rather be protected against 70% of HPV than none. 


I think everything people have mentioned so far plus: 

– chickenpox (can come back as shingles later if you have it when you’re a kid)

– HPV (no brainer for me – decreased risk of cervical cancer? almost everyone has it? YES PLEASE.)

I never get a flu shot because for my age group we’re more likely to get flu but less likely to have a bad outcome. For my kids, I would probably get one for them up to age 12, especially any “emergency” vaccines like H1N1 a couple years back. For myself though, no. 

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My kids had the chickenpox vaccine when it was brand-new and had just been introduced. They are now grown up and it’s been effective so far.  I would totally recommend it.  Chicken pox can be a dangerous illness-one of the complications is um, death and infection. No thanks to that.

And they had all the other standard ones listed above but I think there was also a vaccination against a certain kind of pneumonia that the pediatrician also recommended. And my son who had Type II Diabetes has to have a flu shot every year.

I don’t think you can ever be too careful.

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@skibobrown:  My husband just told me the other day that he heard Govenor Brown is planning on reintroducing a version of state law A.B. 16 (which was first introduced in 2006 and then later withdrawn).  The original bill ordered public schools to include the HPV vaccine for girls sixth grade and older as part of the regularly required vaccines.  According to NPR, Govenor Brown might be reintroducing the bill as early as next year.  So by the time our kids get to that age, it might very well be required in schools anyway.

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