(Closed) Which way should I wear my ring for interview tomorrow?

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Busy bee

I’ve just realised I’ve never looked at anyone’s rings when I’ve been interviewing! 

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Helper bee
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Wedding ring and sparkly band or just the wedding ring. I’d avoid wearing the engagement ring because it is quite large. The person interviewing you might think it will cause… discord among the brides you will be working with. Brides can be a little oversensitive about their rings, y’know?

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Helper bee
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Wow this one caught my eye, simply because where i am (Australia) usually by the time you make it to interview stage, your salary has already been discussed, what jewellery you wear would not impact that at all. I would not hesitate to wear my bridal set any time anywhere but i certainly agree with the suggestion that it may not be practical in that particular role given the materials you will be working with. They all look beautiful btw 

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Bee Keeper
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I think people say don’t wear your ring because it makes the employer think you’re going to have babies and go on maternity leave and that makes you less desirable. Since you said you’re going back to work from being a Stay-At-Home Mom, I doubt that will be an issue for you. I’m sure they’ll ask why you haven’t worked for the past couple of years and it won’t be an issue. 

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Bumble bee
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Plain wedding band alone.

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Helper bee
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I’ve always worn my ring. If an employer is going to look at my engagement ring and be worried that I won’t be competent at my job because I may be a mother in the future, I’m going to assume that they would think the same thing of me if I were wearing just a wedding band. That probably is not a place I’d like to work at anyhow.

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Bee Keeper
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I sooo love that look with the bands (so classic) but…only because I like it. Not because of an interview. I wear whatever rings I like for interviews and the like (and am in legal field).

I would not want to work for someone who would not hire me or pay me a decent salary because they assumed I had a husband taking care of me, or that I was a flight risk due to risk of babies. First, yuck, second, also inaccurate given I am the primary/main income in our home, and childfree. I have been involved on interviewing a lot over years and I honestly never care what someone is wearing as a ring (or not).

I also expect a place like DB had pretty standard pay scales.

Good luck!

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Blushing bee

I say wear whichever you prefer. I personally would wear my e-ring and wedding band and I would never take it off for a job interview. I’m interviewing for a job and my personal life has nothing to do with that. Personally, if a potential boss made assumptions about me because of my marital status or the fact that I’m a mom I wouldn’t want to work for them. And as far as them offering you a lower salary because of a ring, you can and should ALWAYS negotiate your salary!! Don’t just take the first thing they offer you and have an idea of what you would like to be paid before going in for the interview. Good luck!

P.S. – It’s really sad reading some of these comments and only further brings to light how much farther we have to go with women in the work place and fair/equal pay rights in the US! SMH It’s upsetting!!

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Bumble bee
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I like the bands for the interview because they are pretty and modest. I’m sure that a bridal shop would appreciate your rings more than most employers though.  Congratulations on going back to work after being a SAHM! I hope your interview goes great!! Good luck!! 

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Bumble bee
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It’s not the 1960s anymore, and it didn’t sound like you’re not applying to be a CEO – wear the rings however you want.  Many won’t even notice them, and will care more about your overall presentation of yourself and ability to answer their questions.  No one expects women to be “kept” anymore, and don’t think a man is supporting them.

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Helper bee

I wore a slightly sparkly band (the one in my pic) to an interview once and the interviewer looked down onto my documents (the country I work in/for – government work!) has you write your marital status on your application), at me and asked, “so, you’re … not… married?” I’m not, I just got a cute ring from my boyfriend, which is also a custom of that country.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

Whenever I’ve interviewed people the only times I’ve noticed their rings is when they fidget and play with them constantly. Any decent employer will not use it to make assumptions about your potential family income/baby plans – if they do it’s a crappy place to work and a big ring will help you dodge a bullet.

For what it’s worth I’m 31, married 2 years, and have worn my engagement ring on the past two job interviews I’ve had – and gotten them both. If you’re good, you’re good, and an employer would rather have you for a short time and hope you come back from maternity leave than risk having a crappy employee who stays forever because they can’t get another job. 

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