Which work schedule is more practical with new baby?

posted 3 years ago in Babies
  • poll: which work scedule would you choose
    option 1 (half days from office/half days from home) : (9 votes)
    28 %
    option 2 (3 days per week from office/ 2 days per week from home) : (23 votes)
    72 %
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    I haven’t voted because I think this is a really tough option.  

    If you have the option for grandparents coming over to help out the two days you will be working from home, I would do full days in the office. But if that isn’t an option I would ldo mornings in the office and finish my work day once my husband got home. 

    I just don’t see you getting any work done at home without someone to help look after the baby.

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     I think the first one is best

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    I would say go with the first one for a couple of reasons.

    1). If you are dead set on Boyfriend or Best Friend, you need baby to do most of the work most of time. Pumping diminishes your milk supply as it isn’t as effective as a baby’s sucking. The first option you would only have to pump once. The second you would be pumping multiple times that day. Also, I find less milk comes out when pumping so you would have to pump for a longer period of time than you would if you were breastfeeding to produce the same amount of milk. That would suck if you had to do that multiple times a day. And coming from someone who pumped it took me half an hour to get the right amount of milk. You would have to pump like 3 times in the day for the second option. That is like 1 and a half hours spent pumping. (Could be different for you, but that’s how it was for me and a lot of other pumping women I know)

    2). This sounds shallow, but when you are a mother you tend to fall into the trap of not making the time to shower/get dressed and it kind of turns into a habit and its not very good for your self image. You end up feeling really gross walking around in your dressing gown and messy hair all day. Ya know? So the early morning work starts where you work half the day in option one is a good motivation to get up, get dressed and make yourself look presentable. Plus, you feel better when you are clean and look nice.

    3). It seems like the first option would be easier for baby sisters/husband etc to work around especially since you said you could choose the hours. 

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    churrosandroses :  there are plenty of women who Boyfriend or Best Friend and work out of the house full time, so it’s not necessarily true that pumping wouldn’t work for those full days. 

    I do agree that getting work done while you’re home alone with baby would be hard. My SIL worked full time from home after my nephew was born, but she had to hire a nanny who could be with the baby because she couldn’t actually get work done during the day. Eventually she quit and stays home with baby now. 

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    I didn’t vote but commenting to follow. I’m trying to figure out a similar schedule after maternity leave.

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    This is tough. I’m pregnant with my first so I don’t have experience to help, but I think the first would be better – but only if you can find a daycare place or a sitter who won’t charge you full price for the part-time schedule. Is an in-home sitter possible for you?

    The reason I like the first option is the minimal number of hours away from baby, less pumping, and I think the “routine” is good for baby and mom alike. Plus, then you only have four hours of work to get done, so if you need to wait until Darling Husband is home, you won’t be up all night like you would be if you were trying to get 8 hours in on a Tuesday or Thursday with the other schedule. 

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    Not a mom yet, but I would vote 2.  My mom had my little sister much later in life and did something like that.  Daycares charge by the day, not the hours, so you will save LOADS of money in daycare, plus it seems like you would end up spending more time with your baby.  

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    I voted #2. If you are at all relying on day care you will pay by the day, not the hour. For me, just getting out of the house was the hardest part of working full time with kids. I would love to have the opportunity to work schedule #2.

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    I would vote option 2 only if you had childcare while working from home. Taking care of a baby and working does not work unless you have an angel child and a forgiving boss. They cry even when you’re supposed to be on a conference call.

    The only part time option at my daycare is half days so I know it’s possibly to find something that works with option 1.

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    No offense but I think both options with “work from home” seem unrealistic. I tried to do a very minimal amount of work this way after my daughter and failed. Can you just cut back to 4 full time days? 

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    mountainpines :  Super tough call! I absolutely hate commuting for half days but with that option you get to work from home more and don’t have to be away from your baby for such long chunks of time. I think I would do that option for first 3-4 months and then switch to the second option if that’s possible. Working from home is awesome but only if you are working during nap time or someone else is there to help out. It’s very stressful trying to work and take care of baby simultaneously. The couple times I’ve done it I felt like I was failing at both.

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    ‘Working from home’ with a baby but without childcare is practically impossible.  Watching a baby and eventually a toddler is a full time job itself.  You want to work 4-8 hours AFTER watching a baby all day? That sounds exhausting and I don’t see how it’s possible without full time help. 

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