(Closed) While we are waiting (and for others) state 5 facts about your relationship

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What a fun idea!

1) I texted my friend something to the effect of “I’m never going out with this guy again” while waiting for my SO to arrive to our second date. I was upset because he had shown up five minutes late to our first date and was late again for the second one.

2) Before I moved in with my SO, I had said that I would never live with another man until we were engaged (bad experience before). That being said, I moved in 3 months ago and it has been one of the best decisions i’ve ever made, no regrets!

3) My SO and I both had adopted animals from the same animal shelter and now we live in harmony with our 3 furbabies (two cats and a dog).

4) My SO snores and I am a very light sleeper and one of the most thoughtful gifts he ever bought me was a white noise machine. Sounds silly to write about but it has been a serious life saver. I get cranky when i’m tired! πŸ™‚

5) A common joke between my SO and I is whose last name to take once we get married. We often make ‘bets’ or have mini-competitions with the loser having to take the other’s name.

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1. We met on a professional driving course (I got a higher score :P) and he later told me he knew on the first day he wanted to be in a proper relationship with someone like me: (He didn’t think it could be me as I had a bf at this time.)

2. I knew I loved him when I was at an Olly Murs gig he took me to. (He hates pop but knew I loved him)

3. We moved in together when we’d been together for 3 months.

4. We have the easiest, chilled out relationship I’ve ever been in.

5. He was the first partner I saw myself marrying, and we’re getting engaged soon : )

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@Sassyfras27:  We are the same! His snoring can wake me up several times a night. I’ll need to look into that : )

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1- I met Darling Husband on his dad’s birthday

2- We met at a rugby game (he was impressed I knew so much about the game but I confessed that I played in college… we actually played the same position!)

3- Darling Husband & I share a birthday

4- He moved across the state so we wouldn’t have a long distance relationship any more

5- I have really enjoyed evolving with him.  We went from dating, to engaged & living together, to being parents.  Our relationship has definitely changed over the years but it’s stronger than ever!

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@Mine29:  Your #1 made me laugh; Fiance is a Jr. and has ben trying to convince me that we can name a kid after his dad, but we don’t have to use “the third” we can say “KidsName Jr. Jr.”
I am not having a Junior Junior! What!
He’s mostly joking about that, hahaha πŸ˜›

[ETA] OK wait I’ll play!

1. Fiance is 4 years and 1 week older than I.

2. We often think/say the same thing at the same time, I find it funny but sometimes it’s not cool haha

3. We both need a “project” at any given time and by that I usually mean some ridiculous amount of work being done to one of our mom’s houses since we don’t own a home together yet. Tear out some walls and replace all the insulation? Can we paint ALL the cabinets in the kitchen? Sure that sounds like a good time.

4. I once gave myself a concussion by headbutting Fiance in the face – it was an accident!

5. We base our trips and vacations on how many architectural works we’ll be able to see when we get there. We have driven hours out of the way to see some favorite buildings in person. (We met in… architecture school)

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This definitely is fun!


1. I met my SO online, and we talked several weeks before meeting. I enjoyed our first date, but when he didn’t offer to pay, my feelings were hurt and I thought it was a dealbreaker. However, he paid on the second date and soon after we had sparks!

2. We were long distance for most of the first year of our relationship. Getting through that was tough, but it definitely laid out a strong foundation!

3. I remember one of my close friends telling me how comfortable she immediately felt around  the man who would wind up becoming her husband when they first met, and didn’t think it meant anything. I then had the same experience around my SO! I feel more comfortable with him than I am with most people.

4. My SO is very athletic and played a lot of sports growing up, so he tends to stay active. I did not grow up an athlete. A few years ago, he told me he wanted us to be an “exercise couple.” At the time, I probably was offended and thinking something stupid like he thought I was fat or some such nonsense. Anyway, fast forward, for an unrelated reason, I started running (just for me, not because he said that) and now I am a distance runner..this past year we did 5+ races together, including a spartan beast and a half marathon. I make him run long distances with me, and he complains and I say “you wanted an exercise couple!” and he can only laugh and agree.

5. The biggest turn on for me about him, and the best “sign” that he was the one, is how much he loves animals- just as much as me! 3 months into our relationship we adopted a kitten. He also can stand around and watch wild animals as long as I can. It’s my favorite thing we do together! We now have 2 cats and are going to eventually get a dog too.

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1. I called my friend who was out of town the weekend I met Fiance and said “You missed soooo much, I’m pretty sure I have a boyfriend and I’m pretty sure I’m going to end up marrying him.”

2. We went to school together (same classes) and lived in the same apartment complex (in the next building) for an entire year but never knew it.

3. I thought he was married with a child (rumor)

4. He told me he had been engaged before and left at the altar the first night I met him (he later told me he knew I was the one and wanted to get that bombshell out of the way right away so we could move past it)

5. He is the only guy I have dated that we haven’t broken up and gotten back together again…over 5 years together now!

6.  One more….we both have the exact same job with the same company πŸ™‚

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@LoveKurtGeiger:  He got me the dohm sleep machine which uses real air to make the sound rather than playing a loop, which my brain would pick up on and never let me fall asleep. I can’t recommend it enough, SO says it even helps HIM sleep better (but that’s probably because i’m not elbowing him in the back every hour to make him stop snoring!)

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This is cute πŸ™‚ I’ll play!


1. I almost cancelled my first date with my SO because I was SO NERVOUS. I literally thought I was going to puke as I waited for 8 pm to arrive!! 


2. We met online, and I wasn’t looking. I actually went online to delete my profile when I saw he had “winked” at me and one look at his picture had me like “who isssss thissss?!” I coyly replied with a “heyyy ;)” not knowing you got one free message (zoosk) and then have to sign up to communicate. I’m no dummy, and I’m cheap so I created a second profile and used that one freebie message to send him my email address–and it worked! I thought well he’ll either be flattered or think I’m a psycho, luckily he was flattered πŸ™‚


3. On our first date we toasted to it being our last first date. The e-ring is in the house so that toast musta worked!!! lol


4. We’re like a modern day brady bunch–and I wouldn’t have it any other way. We each have three kids and while we have four 24/7 I love love love the weekends when we have all 6.


5. We both have rescued pit bulls as pets, mine a male and his a female. Since moving in together in July our dogs are now bff’s and it’s the cutest thing ever πŸ™‚


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1) I met Mr. H on a blind date that neither of us wanted to go on! We planned to spend 30 minutes having a drink and making painful small talk. The date lasted 8 hours and we closed down the bar. I no longer hate blind dates (or have a need to go on them) lol

2) Mr. H and I have a 13″ in height difference between us. He’s 6’3 and I’m 5’2. I often compare us to Shaq standing next to Kevin Hart. Here’s a photo for reference: 

3) We love to cook–seriously, each and every night we cook something healthy and homemade. If we have a lot of time, we totally Master Chef the shit out of dinner.

4) At least once a day we have tickle fights…sometimes it results in sexy time but every time it results in some good belly laughs and snuggles. We love to laugh with each other.

5) We both passionately hate cilantro, celery, and water chestnuts. Guh. Ross.

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1. We met when we where young (though he was old enough to buy me alcohol!) and heard numerous people tell me it would not last, and it was puppy love. This was in 1991.


2. He was quite the troublemaker. On our first date he brought be a watermelon (acquired *ahem*) from outside a grocery store, and flowers (neighbors yard)


3. We are very much opposites, he is quite outspoken and does not forgive easy, I’m reserved and shy and will forgive if you just ask.


4. We are professionals during the day, but our alter egos are badass bikers.


5.  He cries more than I do.


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@Sassyfras27:  Ace, thanks : ) I’ll see if I can get it in the UK, it sounds good. sorry, thread jacking πŸ˜›

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@DrD711:  I love your #5. Mr. H and I went on vacation 2 months ago. We don’t have cable at home (generally we feel like it’s a waste since we have Hulu and Netflix). What did we do the whole time we had cable at the hotel? Watched Animal Planet.


Let me be more specific.


We spent 3 days watching Too Cute! Puppies and Kitties.



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1) We have the same birthday! He’s two years older but same day. We celebrated our first together this August with a trip to San Fran. 


2) This is weird but we both dont eat fruit- the texture grosses us out! Im a little better than he is (eat smoothies weekly for the nutrition). Hes the only other person I’ve ever met whos the same way.


3)We live about an hour apart- in the same city! We joke that its a long distance relationship. Bourrough crossed lovers. (Brooklyn to Queens) 


4) We play a lot of music together. We both play guitar and sing. 


5) We met at a Phish cover-band show at a ski lodge and as they say, the rest is history. 








@DaneLady:  We have the same birthday too! How do you all celebrate as a couple? Do you ever get tired of sharing or is it always special??






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