(Closed) While we are waiting (and for others) state 5 facts about your relationship

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1. We met online only because I mistakenly set the wrong age limit. If I didn’t accidently select one year higher than my cut-off, he wouldn’t have come up on my list of matches and we’d never have met.

2. His first job assignment was around my neighborhood which isn’t crazy but when you learn that we live in different states, it’s wowzers.

3. We love the fact that we’re from different cultures and races.

4. On our first date, he wanted me to meet his bother. I thought, “This guy’s nice but he won’t make it out of the friend zone.” 

5. We have totally different taste in music so it’s a compromise for both of us when taking long drives.

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1. We met on move-in day two years ago in my college dorm.  My roommate, myself, and him got to talking and wound up standing/sitting in the hall and just chit-chatting for over two hours that night.  Hit it off from the start :)<br />2. We like to be kids in our spare time and play things like Mario Kart, Monopoly, and Clue.  It’s fun to have a game night every once in a while :)<br />3. We’re both really close with our families.  We’ve decided that family is really important to us so we want to stay at least within a 4 hour drive from both of our families when we settle down.<br />4. We set up my best friend since 1st grade with his roommate two weeks after we started dating, without even meaning to.  All we did was invite both of them to go out for dinner at the campus cafetaria with us, and they ended up hitting it off, and now, they’re still going strong almost two years later!  So, we’re 1 for 1 on our match-making practice, haha.<br />5. He’s my best friend I’ve ever had.  I can’t go a day without talking to him, whether it be through text, call, or in person.  I just want to share everything with him and vice versa.  We have so much fun together and two years later, I still feel the same butterflies that I felt on the very first day.<br /><br />

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It’s so lovely reading everyone’s relationship facts, here are some of ours…


1) My SO went on a date with a friend of mine but it didn’t work out but stayed friends. 6 months later, on my birthday he took my hand on the dance floor out of the blue in front of all our friends and the girl he had dated. I was shocked not wanting to offend her and told him “we’ll talk about this later”…instead of talking we ended up kissing!

2) We’re obsessed with Rugby, Mexican food and chocolate.

3) A year in we moved to the other side of the world from Ireland to New Zealand all on our own, knowing no one and got our first apartment together having only ever lived with our families.

4) My favourite part of every day is when we get into bed at night, I get into “the nook” (under his arm) and we talk about our day and plans for the future.

5) Our engagement ring is currently being made =)

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Love this!

1) We met online – he was my first and only online date! We talked for about three weeks before we met in person… the second we hugged, I knew that was it. 

2) We are long distance 🙁 I’m applying to jobs in his town, and if I haven’t found one by December, he will be requesting a job transfer to an office in my town! Hopefully we will be together in the next 6 months or so!

3) I steal his dog every once in awhile. I have more space to walk him (BF lives in a small city) and a bit more free time since my job slows down in the summer, so I take his dog every few weeks.  It’s a bit like joint custody, without the divorce. 

4) He is about 4 months older than me, and the first I’ve ever dated that is older than me!

5) I’m an only child, and he is one of 5 kids… It’s so fun to get to experience having a large family!

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1) He was actually married when we met (long story lol but I’m not a homewrecker or anything) 


2) He is absolutely my best friend. 


3) My daughter loves him, too. And he’s such an amazing father figure for her


4) We have random competitions because we are both competitive and i like to kick his butt in dumb challenges.


5) and he DEFINITELY cries more than I do lol 

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