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dizzybee130:  White gold and platinum are very different colors, so my advice is to try both on and see which one you like with your skintone. Platinum also develops a patina over time, which some people don’t particularly like. As far as white gold is concerned, there are alloys of white gold that don’t have any nickel (eliminates the allergy factor that I think you’re referring to in number 1) and don’t need to be rhodium plated ever.  Look for platinum- or palladium- white gold if you’re interested in going that route; I know the designer A. Jaffe uses a palladium white gold exclusively in all of his rings, I’m sure there are others that do as well. These alloys usually aren’t much cheaper than platinum, but they are shinier and whiter (less gray) than platinum, and they won’t patina or dull over time.

I love the idea of a diamond center with a sapphire halo! I think rings like this are just GORGEOUS!:

Good luck deciding and congrats on your pending engagement!


ETA: This is a super old thread but it looks like there’s a bee with a similar ring design who has hand shots in this thread: http://boards.weddingbee.com/topic/help-figuring-out-band-for-e-ring-with-sapphire-halo-pictures-2/#axzz38UJnMamG


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dizzybee130:  It’s all very personal. 

Re the halo, personally I prefer white stone halos with a white centre stone; but that’s just me. I would perhaps have a jeweller make up some designs for you so you can see how it looks and go from there. Another option if you want coloured stones but aren’t sure about having them in the halo, you could consider ‘hidden’ stones in the setting, they look really pretty. 

Re metals: my ring is an ‘upgrade’ and is a replica of my original ring, but in platinum instead of white gold. Personally I don’t mind white gold for dress jewellery that I don’t wear often, but IMO it isn’t the best choice for an every day ring. The replating issue bugged me, and while some like the way it looks when it wears off (it gets a slightly yellow, ‘buttery’ tinge to it) I personally didn’t; for me a white metal should be just that: white. How quickly the plating wears off depends on your body chemistry; in my case to keep it looking bright white it would need replating about twice a year/once every 5 months. 

There are other differences between white gold and platinum though Inc platinum being heavier, which I personally love but others don’t, and the fact it scratches more easily and develops a patina (where is looks duller) fairly quickly. I only have this on the underside of my ring, and again I like this, but not everyone does. 

You do have other options though eg palladium, which is similar to platinum but lighter, doesn’t scratch as easily, and is MUCH cheaper (about 1/3 of the price).  I believe you can also get white gold alloyed with white metals so it doesn’t lose the colour, but I’ve not seen this where I live; I know a few bees have rings like this though so hopefully they can give you better info on that. 

Really though as I said it’s very personal. 

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I have not had a problem with white gold rings and the one time I tried stainless or whatever metal earrings I got an infection.  I only wear 24k gold earrings for extended periods of time now.  If you dont like the idea of getting it redipped, I’d just spend the extra on platinum.  It’s not that much more and if you think of it over a lifetime of wear, it’s a pretty insignificant difference.

Blue nile has some color halos.  hm, thye used to have it with blue sapphire too, but I only see the pink one now.



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I think a halo of colored gemstones would be lovely.  As for the white gold, I so react to non-gold jewelry.  I wear my white gold ring and earrings without any problems.  As for re dipping, it depends on how color sensitive you are.  I’ve been wearing a white gold ring for a year, and it still looks white to me.  It’s definitely nowhere near the color of the yellow gold ring on the other hand.

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I have white gold in my wedding band that’s alloyed with palladium, so no redipping and no allergy worries.  Palladium alloys aren’t as common as nickel alloys in the US, but they can be found if you look for them.

I love colored halos and sidestones around white stones.  I’m sure it will look awesome.

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You do not have to go days without your ring to have it redipped. A lot of stores with in house jewelers do it while you wait. Wish I had known that a long time ago, as I have sent mine off a hand full of times to be redipped. 

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I prefer the color of WG, and that’s what our jeweler recommended for my setting, so that’s what I h ave.  I don’t have any issues wearing it at all.

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My e-ring and wedding band are 18K white gold.  I can’t tell the difference between white gold and platinum by just looking at it.  I only get my e-ring dipped about once a year and they do it in the store for free.  Takes like 5 minutes.  I’ve only had to leave it if it’s being sized.  The cool thing about dipping is that it makes the ring look brand new again (i.e. no scratches).  I really wanted platinum too but it was nearly 3x the cost.  That just wasn’t something we could afford.  I am very happy with my white gold rings.

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I have had both platinum and white gold and I much prefer the tinge of warmth that white gold picks up over time. I have yet to have my 14k white gold setting redipped yet so that depends on your skin chemistry. Some people need it redipped often, others no. I have major skin allergies but haven’t had a problem with white gold. A jeweler can tell you particular alloy used in the white gold formula. Most companies are getting away from nickel. Stay away from chain stores though,  I had a problem with mall store white gold previously. 

 Platinum gets very dark if it isn’t polished frequently and I dislike the dinginess of the patina. Plus I love the shine of white gold and how it sets off my center stone. 

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dizzybee130:  1. You most likely are allergic to Nickel (maybe other metals, as well). Nickel allergies are very common. If you choose to go with a white gold setting, make sure the jeweler does not use Nickel in the white gold alloy. While most jewelers do not use Nickel any more, some still do.

2. Regardless which metal you choose, keep in mind that you will have to take the ring to a jeweler every six month to check the prongs, polish the ring (to get rid of scratches) and to rhodium plate it.Just think of it as part of regular maintenance. Your car isn’t worth less, because you have to change the oil every now and then, is it?

If you are considering to have a custom ring made, you could use the setting the Diamond is in now, and have it melted down, to make your ring.

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It seems you’ve gotten a lot of good answers to most of your questions regarding white gold vs. platinum. Both metals are beautiful and wonderful for rings, and I totally agree with what a PP said about it all being down to personal taste.

I thought I would post a picture of my original wedding band, in the hopes it would help you out a bit. My band is yellow gold next to white gold. The white gold is in the middle, with yellow gold on the sides and the inside of the ring. My husband and I have been married for about 16 years, and I’ve worn that band for many of those. I’ve never had it redipped. I actually never even thought about it — ha, ha!

Anyhow, I think the plating on the white gold center has worn away somewhat over the  years. It now has a (to me) very pretty sort of soft yellow color to it. I don’t really know how well it will show in a picture, but hopefully, you can see the contrast between it and the “brighter” yellow of yellow gold.

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This is my new ring and my old side by side. One is Platinum and one is white gold. HUGE difference, as you can tell. I vote platinum, is gorgeous and worth the price IMO.

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