White sapphire or moissanite?

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    Helper bee

    Its a huge difference! White sapphire is beautiful in its own right… But nothing compared to moissanite. White sapphire glows… Where as moissy sparkle. 

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    Buzzing Beekeeper

    glitzy :  White sapphire is pretty but it’s not very sparkly or clear. If you want sparkly and clear, go with moissanite. White or silver zircon is also more sparkly than sapphire. (Zircon is different from cubic zirconium.)

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    Bumble bee
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    White sapphire also gets very dull very quickly- you need to clean it often

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    They are very different stones.

    White sapphire doesn’t sparkle, it glows. You also need to keep it very clean or it clouds up.

    Moissy sparkles and I think I saw someone here who has one say they don’t attract as much dirt.

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    Honey bee
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    White sapphire is harder to keep looking good. It isn’t as sparkly. I prefer moissanite. 

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    Top is 2 carat  lab created white sapphire in a 10k white gold got it at walmart for less than 200

    Bottom is a diamond about 1000 about .6 carat 1 carat tw


    Yes white sapphires are not as sparkly as but it has a cold glow. it does show rainbows but not like a diamond or moissy.  Yes it does get dirty faster than my diamond. I wear them both. I never pass it off as a diamomd i show both hands do the few ppl who ask can see the difference. 

    I also went sapphire for the price as it was an anniversary ring. Since we saved so much ill get 7 stone ring hopefully. I havent found white sapphires bands but heres an example i had saved from last year. White sapphire ring moissy band

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    Helper bee

    It just depends on which qualities mean more to you. I have seen and owned several lifeless white sapphires that turned me off of them. They were dull and didn’t sparkle. That was until I recently bought a large well cut round one with alot of facets. The facets make or break white sapphires! I am completely blown away by how much it sparkles…and not just white, but rainbow in some lighting. 

    However, it doesn’t sparkle as much as my moissanite, although you can’t tell by the photos. My moissanite isn’t the best quality, but it sparkles like nothing I’ve ever seen. The sapphire is so white that it makes the moissanite look grey in the photo, but it’s really not. I also rarely have to clean it. Sapphires dirty quickly, especially the white. If you soak it in some dawn and clean with a baby toothbrush a few times a week, it’ll always look good! I have had no issues with either stone chipping, cracking, or scratching….so strength and durability are not an issue.

    If you want to save money that badly, and don’t mind cleaning often/less sparkles, go for the white sapphire!

    The white sapphire is the giant stone in my photos. Both were taken in similar lighting.

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    Helper bee

    I voted moissanite only bc I’m a sucker for sparkles and I DON’T like having to clean my jewelry often lol. It’s all up to you though and it’s a win win situation.

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    Bumble bee
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    Moissanite gets my vote! 

    White sapphire is pretty, and both stones are doubly refractive, but sapphire has a very low dispersion rate, so it doesn’t really ever look “crisp”, although someone could probalby figure out which axis to cut it on to show it to its best advantage, but I haven’t seen it yet. Moissanite is easier to keep clean. 

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    Busy bee

    They look very different! White sapphires look are more dull and cloud up if not cleaned once or twice a week. They’re almost frosty-looking to me. white is my least favorite color in sapphires. I feel very underwhelmed when I see them (sorry for those who have them…everyone has their own taste!) Then again moissanite (which I have) is a lab made stone (I guess sapphires can be, too, though!). So it really depends on what you’re after. If it’s a nice, natural stone you want, I’d go for white sapphire. As long as it’s clean it’ll look nice, but it’s not sparkly. If it’s purely visual interest for you, go with moissanite if you like sparkles. 

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    I love love love my moissanite, it’s so sparkly and bright. I’m so happy with it! Adding my vote for moissanite 🙂 IMG_0951

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    Worker bee
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    I have a white sapphire, and what the other bees are saying is true. She doesn’t really sparkle like a diamond or moissy she glows, and gives off cool tones that look blue to me. I know I’m in the minority but that’s what I love about them. It really boils down to preference.night time picoutside picthis is her glowing

    I’m sure whatever you choose will be beautiful. I apologize if pics are huge or small but I have no clue how to resize them

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    I vote Moissanite. I considered white sapphire but they get dirty easily and do not have the fire and sparkle Moissanite has .Moissanite is also more durable and Charles &Colvard Moissanite comes with a limited lifetime warranty as long as you register your ring within 30 days of receiving it. If you love sparkle and fire OR want something that looks close to a diamond without the diamond price go Moissanite. If you want a clear stone that’s beautiful but a bit understated and dont mind cleaning it frequently go the white sapphire. Some ladies also prefer white sapphire because they want a natural gemstone. White sapphire in jewelry can be either natural or lab created. Moissanite also occurs naturally but not in enough quantity to be used in jewelry. All Moissanite used in jewelry is lab created. 

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