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noone else had these colours?

Folks may just be shying away. Bright tie on Black on Black is a popular yet controversial style choice for men on their wedding days. Some love it, the others hate it. I don’t like it and I agree with you that a white shirt is a better option.

what do you think? too much black?

I know some guys think the black on black suit and shirt combo is going to look good or cool or something… but it’s way too easy for it to look cliche.   It looks like a hitman costume instead of a fellow who has thrown on a nice suit for his wedding day. I always get the sense that the dude hates suits and, being forced to do so, he’s going to make it look as badass as he possibly can.  But unless you have an unconventional look/style and/or are an actual hitman or play bass for Jack White, the look is usually too badass for the average chap. Or even the above-average chap.

This guy looks cool. He has the personal style to balance out the tie so that there’s not this super-focus on the high-contrast tie:

Here are photos with identical clothing, but without the personal style to balance the contrasting red tie. The headline for this one is: “Suburban kid, forced to wear a suit for prom does so begrudgingly because suits are for pansies.”

On this one I get: “my magic show is kid friendly and I can do balloon animals. I carry entertainer’s insurance and use live bunnies. But as you can see from my clothes: I am mysterious.”

So… all three are wearing identical color choices. All three look completely different. Only one pulls it off, In My Humble Opinion.

do you think the vests might help if we did go black?

I don’t think it will help so much that you’ll feel any better about the black shirt.

Black on black can look fantastic, in my opinion, when everything is fitted extremely well and the fellow is not wearing any tie at all. And if they do throw on a tie, I prefer it to be a black tie so that there is not the high contrast of a bright tie against the black.

Awesome: black on black, no tie. Focus is a good lookin’ fella’s face.  When you throw on a high-contrast tie, all focus is directly on the tie, which is not a really balanced look.

Black on black, black tie: Same principal. Will Smith’s look is balanced and there’s no explosion of focus on a tie.  Contrast this look with the high-contrast look of a white tie against an all black background—a look that is difficult to balance out and pull off.

No balance here. All I think is, “tie, tie, tie, tie, tie, tie.”  Can be cool if you’re in a band or doing some other form of entertainment. Or if you have the personality for it. This look on this guy, to me, says, “I’m forced to wear a suit. I hate suits.  I want to wear something cool. Where are my shades? Can I wear sneakers?” (Actually, I think this would look infinitely better if he were wearing a pair of black and white chucks to give the eye something to see other than the tie. And ok, his grandma’s curtains aren’t doing him any favors 🙂 ) 

In other words, it’s not a look that I particularly like, but a lot of people do. I’m way more stuffy when it comes to this sort of thing, though, so keep that in mind. Just wanted throw out some input  🙂

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