Who all has gotten pregnant while on the pill?

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@Pinksapphire: I’ve been on bc for about 10 years now, and not had any problems (knock on wood!).  If you normally take it at 11 and took it at 2AM I don’t think that is a big problem.  I take mine in the morning and my doctor always says “as long as you take it when you brush your teeth, its fine.”  assuming you brush your teeth at some point in the morning…

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@Pinksapphire: I highly reccomend looking into implanon or the depo shot if taking the pill around the same time is rough to accomplish.

Before I was haviing sex, I used to take the pill at bedtime, which was always like a 4 hour range lol. Now that I am sexually active, I have super paranoia about taking it within the same hour every night,so I set an alarm on my phone and always make sure my pills are with me.

I have known quite a few babies from the pills, but it usually involves like they skipped pills, took them incorrectly or took antibiotics and didn’t know that they cancel out the pills.

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I did. I took my pill religiously as well at 9pm every night as I had an alarm set on my cell phone to remind me. 

I continued to take my pill being unaware and miscarried the child, more than likely due to the continuing of taking it. 

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@Pinksapphire: I’m not an expert, but you should be fine.  I’ve been on BC for about 10 years and take in the morning when brushing my teeth.  That time frame can vary by 4 hours and I’ve never gotten pregnant.  I don’t think you need to worry much, dear.

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I have been BUT it was the antibiotics thing… I knew that it cancels it out but when I was taking them for some reason i forgot or it didnt click or something… But I did the alarm on the phone thing too!

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@Pinksapphire: No, I think you are fine. I think if you miss one pill and take it in 24 hours you are fine, if you miss two, you are playing with fire…. at least thats what I tell myself. I think its written on the birth control package too. 

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I got pregnant on the pill (and miscarried). It was after missing two pills in a month though and not using alternate protection. My doctor told me that if I didn’t miss the pills, even taking them up to 6 hours difference each night (though I try not to), would still keep it at 90 or so % effective. If you are worried, try another method like an implant, etc.


EDIT: I’ve been on the pill for 8 years, and only used this as protection (except when taking antibiotics) and this is the ONLY TIME anything has ever happened. My sister takes her pills “at bedtime” (between 10pm and 3am) and has never even had a scare. I wouldn’t worry.

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I’ve been on it for 10 years or so and have never gotten pregnant while using it.  I also used to have a hard time taking it at the same time of day because my sleeping schedule always changes on the weekends.  To help this, I started taking it at lunch time.  Easy during the week, and if I sleep in on the weekend, it’s still fine!  Maybe you could try something like that, a different time of day that works no matter the day, if you’re worried?

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My niece got pregnant with her 2nd baby, when her first baby was 2 months old. Someone told her that you could not get pregnant, if you were breastfeeding and she believed them, which is why I have a great niece and nephew born 11 months apart.

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I took my BCP in the exact way that you do (every night before bed, but the time varied a lot) for more than 13 years.  I never got pregnant on the pill.  I did however get pregnant very soon after going off of the pill, so I know that the pills must have been doing their job while I took them. 

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I don’t think it’s OK to take it at different times….What my doctor told me is that it is OK to take it within an hour of the last time you took it (either an hour before or an hour after). She said that if I go past this difference, I can still take the pill as soon as I remember, or 2 pills if it has been 48 hours. However, the bigger the time difference the less effective the pill is, and if you miss 24 hours then you start the cycle all over again.

This does not mean that the pill is ineffective after a couple of hours; I think that it means that it is just not as effective as it could be, although I don’t know exact percentages. To me it’s not worth the risk of dropping even one percent in preventing pregnancy! I think you should try a different form of birth control if you are unable to take it within an hour every single day.


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I was terrible about taking my pill at the same time every day. I would take it in the morning and then forget about it and not take it again until nighttime. I was on and off for 10 years and never got pregnant. Most of my friends who use BCP are the same way. Of those that admit they aren’t very careful about timing, none of them have gotten pregnant. My one friend who did get pregnant on the pill insists she did everything to the letter (for the record I don’t believe her, although I couldn’t know for sure).

I used to worry I couldn’t get pregnant since I was on such a low dose and wasn’t very good about taking it at the same time everyday. I went off the pill the end of Oct 2010 and was pregnant by mid Dec.

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ME!! Pill, patch then again patch! 3 times!!! Crazy!! I used them exactly as told by my Dr. Oh well! I have 3 beautiful girls!!

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