(Closed) Who are you voting for, Obama or Romney?

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    I'm not voting.

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    @bunnyharriet:  Not that I am a Romney fan, but you can’t blame him for the Big Dig!  It started in, correct me if I’m wrong, 1400 BCE and is scheduled to be completed by Star Fleet officers in the year 2456 CE.   Again, please let me know if I’m being inaccurate.

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    I should learn not to open these threads – I lose a bit of faith in humanity each time :/

    I am voting Obama, not as “the lesser of two evils,” but as a great president and candidate.  He is not perfect – no person is – but he has accomplished a great deal in 3.5 years, especially considering the giant shitshow Dubya left him (lest people forget, the economy tanked in 2008, months before Obama was even elected, let alone in office). 

    Obama has also accomplished much in the fight for equality, including the Ledbetter act. 

    And I agree with Neetch:

    Neetch Oh wow. I’m not “only defined” by my lady parts. But I don’t deny that they exist, either. It’s much more degrading to vote for a party that gives zero fucks about women.

    Reproductive rights are not some “trivial issue” that should be brushed aside to focus on “the important stuff.”  Control over my body is VERY important.  Voting for a president that has actual respect for women is a no brainer.

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    I’m not 100% Romney, but he will be getting my vote.

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    President Obama will get my vote again.

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    +1 I’m with you. I cannot stand the elitist attitude that Romney has. How can anyone honestly believe that 47% of Americans are “the takers”?? Really? While I do believe that success is what you make of it, I also strongly believe that your success truly is defined by how you treat others, what you do to help others and what you do for those that can do nothing to help you. It’s about giving BACK to society, not just about what society can do for you. It’s about helping those that can no longer help themselves to get back on their feet and to teach them how to be productive members of society. If only everyone had this attitude, I truly believe that so many of the problems in this country would be bandaged. It won’t happen overnight, but what happened to the mentality that we are ALL in this TOGETHER?? I hate the current party system.

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    Neither, I’m in the 3rd party camp!  

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    You need yet another option. I am indeed voting – but for the Libertarian Party’s candidate – Gary Johnson. I refuse to vote for the “lessor of two evils” (Obama – sellout vs. Romney – elitist).

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    I cannot vote, as a non-citizen, but Fiance will be voting Obama, and I am behind my Fiance 110%.

    We have mild but counted pre-existing conditions. We are extremely fortunate that we will most likely be able to get very pricey insurance. We are the lucky ones. It still restricts us however, for example we would love to start a small business, but that is off the table if we cannot get insurance. The literally thousands of people who die from not being able to access health insurance each year deserve better. Being a low income earner should not be a capital offence.

    I also can’t stand Romney’s utterly contemptious attitude toward lower income earners, and those on welfare.


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    @sarahbabs:  +1 to everything you said.

    I took one of those quizzes that tells you who you agree with, and I think Jill Stein was my frontrunner. I’d vote for her in a heartbeat if third party candidates had a chance in hell in this country (especially because I have views that both Republicans and Democrats hold). Unfortunately, we’re stuck with a worthless system (two party/electoral college) where we’re forced to choose A or B (or not vote), and our votes don’t really count. Not exactly democracy.

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    OBAMA! i have never regretted campaigning or voting for him. in terms of “obamacare”, i work in insurance and i think the affordable care act (while not without flaws) is doing great things to make healthcare accessible to everyone… and to quell the insane pace at which the costs are rising. plus i live in a state with this program already in place and guess what, it helps people… A LOT.

    i also am a woman and am a-ok with voting with “my lady parts” if thats what you want to call it. i refuse to contribute to the loss of rights for women. or the LGBT community. or minorities. or anyone else…

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    @vorpalette:  AHHH!!! You just said the dreaded 2 words  “electoral college”. I HATE the system of electoral votes. We need to change it to whoever gets the majority of the votes wins. But thats another topic!

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    Right now I’m undecided but leaning towards not voting. (yes i know I should).

    I’m in a tough spot – I voted for Obama last election and have gotten a LOT of shit for it from my boss, while I never admitted to voting for him, I never said I didn’t either. I work in the heavy equipment industry and Obama has not been beneficial to us at all by not supporting coal industries, etc. which Romney plans to do. (Most of our business the past 4 years has been overseas). I definetly don’t want to have to worry about getting laid off again because of Obama being reelected. (was laid off in 2009 for about 3 months).

    I do agree with a lot of what Romney wants to do (as of last night’s debate) but I don’t like that he can’t back any of it up. Obama spent more time explaining Romney’s plans then Romney did. He wants to cut the deficit but can’t say how, he doesn’t support Obamacare when it’s based off of his plan, etc. And I’m definelty not for cutting funding for planned parenthood/taking away women’s rights.

    So I’m stuck. In general I just plain hate politics and politicians.

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    Seriously LOLing at not being “defined by my lady parts.”

    If you weren’t already being defined by them then people wouldn’t keep trying to pass legislature based on them. 

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    If I were in a contested state, I would definitely vote for Obama.  Though I actually voted for Romney for governor of Massachusetts.  He seemed rather reasonable then.  But now he’s toeing the party line and saying what the Republican base wants to hear, and if he actually follows through with what he’s saying now, I would not be happy.

    But it’s pretty certain Massachusetts will go to Obama anyway, so I feel like I can add some support to a third party, so I will probably be voting Green.

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    @lorie:  To my knowledge, states also offer a non-driver’s identification card, which you can get as a photo ID in lieu of a license. It’s not a good idea for any adult to go around this world without any form of photo ID. Even if she is 88, what if they decide to ID her for buying certain medications, or alcohol? We may scoff at the thought of needing to ID an elderly person, but it’s actually the law and they are correct to do so. So I don’t see that as a valid argument for not requiring photo ID to vote. It’s a measure to prevent voting fraud, which I appreciate.

    ETA: I don’t know if your mother is also in Colorado, but here is a link for non-driver ID cards in that state http://www.dmv.com/co/colorado/apply-id-card I’m pretty sure all states offer them

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