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I didnt really have a great time in college either. I didnt have anyone do anything really awful to me or anything, but spent alot of time studying and most of my weekends I worked so I never really go to “party”.   I am 25 and still have never been to a club!  I am alot happier now that I am done with the undergrad experience.

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Sugar bee
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I didn’t HATE it, but it want the best time of my life.

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t like it much. I went to school for Cosmetology (Sheridan College) but my course was all girls. It got really annoying in some of the classes and I had a couple of horrible teachers. Also, they promised to help the students find jobs after graduation and they lied. They didn’t make any effort to help. I wasn’t impressed.

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Honey bee
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Well I went to a school 30 minutes from home and was living at home. I finished in 2 1/2 years living at home (the third year was spent in a program abroad). I definitely relate to seeing people’s statuses about school and college life and being jealous since I hated where I was. I was in class with a lot of the same girls I went to high school with, but I met some new people, one of whom was going to be a bridesmaid (she dropped out 4 weeks before for personal reasons). A lot of my friends are graduating now and I see all of their posts and last weekends in their dorm or apartment and I am regretful that I never got that same experience. But at the end of the day, I know I was where I was meant to be for various other reasons and now I’m happily married!

(I was in the commuter school because I needed to stay close to home for scholarship reasons. If I went out of state I would’ve had to take out loans, and since I didn’t HAVE to, I chose the free option.)

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Helper bee
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I’m the same way!! I didn’t hate it, but I definitely did make any close friends or have the typical college experience.  I’m envious of the people who did meet their best friends in college and are still close.  I found that a lot of the women in college to be rather mean so I hung out with my Boyfriend or Best Friend and his friends 99% of the time.

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My college was a joke.  I loathed it.  We referred to it as “13th grade”.  It was, however, only 6 miles from my house.  For many many years it was a commuter school.  The year before I enrolled they reopened the dorms but had no parking rules laid out.  So residents and commuters shared one small parking lot. If you didnt have an 8am class you’d have to park out in the neighborhood somewhere.

My original major was cancelled less than a month before I had started so I had to pick a new major (neither which are currently work related).  Seriously, who eliminates a major?  I was able to finish a year early and have under 20k in loans, which is all I took from my time there.  Sometimes I kick myself for not going to Penn or Drexel or even the Curtis School, But now its a decision that I have to live with.

I could probably write a book on how I got a better education in high school, but I wont bore you all with those details.

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Honey bee
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@MASPA:  Since you mentioned Penn & Drexel, makes me wonder what college you went to since it sounds like we are in roughly the same area!

College was not the best time of my life. I do not keep in regular contact with anyone, and did not invite any of my Sorority Sisters to my wedding. I think that living together with a bunch of people the same age + the stress of classes/graduation/finding jobs = disaster. I’m glad to be out and I’m glad that Graduate School is much different.

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@soyjoy222:  i went to holy family.  where did you go?

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Busy bee
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I also found college to be somewhat of a joke…when you’re reading the same stories in English 101 that you read in 7th grade Reading class, it’s hard to take things seriously…those Gen Ed courses drove me nuts..

I had some great friends and hated leaving them midway through my second year when I decided I was done borrowing money to learn nothing. 

Honestly, I ended up loving work more than college — and I think I spent more time working while in college in Pittsburgh than I did going to school — I was working 6pm to 2am in the sports department at one of the newspapers out there and LOVED it. 

I’m now finally finishing up my degree, but my company is paying for it — which makes me feel better, because I still have trouble justifying the cost for what you get.  My sister is a speech pathologist and NEEDED college for her career.  I haven’t found my Comms and Bus Admin programs all that inspiring, or really necessary…once you get your foot in the door, if you work hard and have any kind of brains, it’s not that difficult to succeed and advance.

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Honey bee
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Aww, I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy it.

I really loved school! Though not because I met 100 life long friends, just because I love school in general and it was a good experience. Being able to read and write and study is all I’d ever do if I had the choice.

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Busy Beekeeper
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I can’t say that the actual learning part of it was great (I am still kind of flip flopping, trying to figure out if that damn piece of paper was even worth it!). But, the experiences I had, and the people I met, I wouldn’t change for the world. I finally felt like I belonged, like my path actually mattered, and I found out things about myself that I never really knew before. The experience was priceless. So yeah, I don’t necessarily know if the education and expense was “worth it”, but the experience definitely was

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Bumble bee
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Wasn’t the time of my life. Glad I did it, but my bridal party was all girls from high school. We were just a lot closer than I ever got to anyone in college. I’m still friends with some of my sorority sisters, in that we’ll meet up once every few months for lunch…but they’re all closer to each other than I am to any of them.

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@MrsSl82be:  I agree.

I’m not sure that I got what I paid for education-wise, but I definitely wouldn’t trade the experiences for the world. I’m sorry that you had less than a stellar experience, but I know how you feel. I think the way you feel about college is the way I felt about high school.

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I HATED school. I moved back home 6 mos ago and am still recovering from my experience there. It was awful.

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