(Closed) Who did you tell first? How did they react?

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Awww…I love that! That is so special you told your grandmom first! I so miss my grandmom. You could tell her anything.

Hey this is kind of on another subject…not sure if this should be an new feed or not. I am new to the Wedding Bee. But you made me think of it.

I would like to give a tip for all you ladies and guys lucky enough to have grand parents. It is actually advice my husband came up with who really notices things.

Spend time with your grandparents early in the reception.

Take 5 minutes in sit down and talk with them and share memories and how happy you are they are there. You will be so happy you did.

For them this is huge they are getting to see thier children’s children get married…this is something they have been waiting for forever. Imagine thier joy.

It is a long day for them. With so much excitement. It will make them feel so special.

If you wait to the end of the reception they may be too tired to enjoy you.

Later on you will appreciate that time so much and it will be among one of your best memories of your day! Be sure to give your photographers a heads up too you are going to do this

Love and Hugs.




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my parents and then his, and then we enjoyed just some time to ourselves that night. i guess we told our waitress at dinner too, she asked why we both had such dopey grins on our faces and then brought us a free bottle of champagne.

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I called my Mum who was ironing at the time. After she couldn’t believe the good news and screaming with excitement, she told me after she stopped ironing and cracked open a bottle of champagne.

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He propsed on the KISS CAM at the Cardinals game (on the jumbo screen) so before I could even tell anyone I was getting text messages from friends that were at the game that saw us!


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@Jax1: That is such sweet advice–I started tearing up! But then again, what DOESN’T make me tear up these days??!! I will definitley remember this!

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He proposed to me next to the lake, while we were there (after I calmed down), I called my mom.  She is like… He didn’t ask our permission and I was like uhhh I think he talked to Dad?  Then she kept asking me about if she should announce it in the paper.. I was like huh?!  I can’t think right now.  She was very excited, I think my mom knew it was coming pretty soon and my FI’s family knew it would during the summer.  My sister and brother (teenagers) were kind of like meh whatever! when I told them.  

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My parents knew because he had already asked my dad 🙂

And I pretty much knew it was coming too (we went out of town, back to our college town for a game, and I was pretty sure he was going to propose at the spot where we met & he did 🙂

His parents, however, didn’t know he was popping the ques & his mom seemed a little erked that she didn’t know. But, they arn’t close, so whatever!

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I actually told my two best friends first, since I knew they would be happy and supportive.  My parents were a bit, um, perturbed.  It wore off reasonably quickly once they got to know him, but they’d never met my husband prior to engagement and our unusual courtship worried them.

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Okay I have to represent for the non-perfect/non-funny side of the engagement reveal. Let me start by saying that the proposal itself was AWESOME and I choose to remember that about the day… not what happened later. So, here is the story: 

Fiance and I had been together over 2.5 years and we all pretty much knew he was going to propose. I was really excited but my parents were nervous. They just have a hard time warming up to people and my brother had just gotten engaged not too long before… I think she was just really hoping that Fiance waited until after my brother’s wedding to propose. 

So Fiance and I had a vacation planned to Mexico for my bday. I told my mom that I’d call her when we got to the hotel to let her know we had made it okay. We got to Mexico about 4pm and it took us a while to get through and get to the hotel. I bought a phone card but when we got to the room realized that I couldn’t use it from the room phone, so I made a mental note to walk down to the lobby to use the payphone to call my mom but then promptly forgot. 

Fiance and I took a walk on the beach, hung out for a while, went back to the room to wash up, then went for a second walk down the beach which is when he proposed. By the time we got back to the room it was maybe 9:30 at night (or about 5 hours after my mom expected a call… and I am NOT a person who forgets to call). 

Obviously I remember at this point and decide to try to call.. but it costs $8/minute from the room phone and I couldn’t use my phone card at the payphone either (why did they even sell the stupid phone cards?) so the front desk gave me a number that my parents could call the hotel at so it wouldn’t be so expensive. So I call my parents and say really fast “Hi mom I’m fine sorry I didn’t call but this is costing $8/minute and I want to talk so please call me back at *******”. Then like 30 minutes passes and they don’t call. 

Apparently the number didn’t work. So at this point my parents had been (apparently) REALLY worried about us because we were 5 hours late calling, it was past midnight their time on a weeknight (way past their bedtime), they were frustrated because they couldn’t find a number to actually get through to us at the hotel, they didn’t know what happened to us, and on top of that were kind of hoping we didn’t get engaged…..

So she finally calls and is ranting about how hard it was to get through and I”m like “mom— I’m fine. I’m engaged!”

Her response: “Oh no….. are you sure?” 


Clearly I was upset. And I REALLY did not want Fiance to know that she wasn’t super happy so I was metering my response so he wouldn’t know. So she asked the appropriate questions… how/where/when/whats the ring like and then we left. It was a huge huge let-down. I was really upset that she rained on my engagement parade like that. 

I didn’t tell Fiance (and still haven’t because I don’t want to give him a reason not to like her) and the next morning used the internet cafe to write her a long email telling her that like it or not, I was getting married and she could be a part of it or not. 

Then I went on and enjoyed my week and did NOT let it ruin my AMAZING birthday trip, vacation, engagement, etc. We had a fabulous time 🙂 

And by the time I was back on US soil she had metered herself and was much more pleasant about the whole thing. I don’t know that she is genuinely happy about the marriage still… but she at least is being a willing and helpful participant and keeping any bad thoughts she has to herself, which is really all I can ask. 

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I told my mom, then my sister. but they already knew…we were in charleston sc and they were both in on it.

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@Jax1: That is really sweet advice and really is making me tear up. I know my grandmother will not be coming to the wedding. She cannot travel cross country as she is too frail (94 now will be 95 then). At this point I don’t even know if she will make it until next September and it is breaking my heart.

She’s coming home from the hospital today to be set up at home with full time care. This is when I hate living on the other side of the country from my family.

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After I proposed to Miss Coffee we jumped in the car and I drove her up to a Bed & Breakfast in Wisconsin. I knew the drive would take over an hour, so I figured this time could be spent calling our family members and closest friends. I wanted to be able to take the afternoon & evening for the two of us to celebrate alone. But I also wanted to secure some time to tell our peeps the good news!

Miss Coffee called her Mom first… within seconds, was crying in excitement. I called my parents first as well. My parents knew I would be asking her to marry me; so when my pop answered the phone he instantly said “was the mission a success”? He’s a former Marine. LOL  

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I called my mom.  She’d been napping and was a bit out of it after a long work week. Her response to our news was, “The cat is crawling all over me. She’s really heavy.” 

Mom then passed the phone to my dad, who said “Already?” 

Apparently, the Fiance had waited until about four hours before the proposal to ask my dad’s blessing.

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We told his parents and siblings first, then my parents. (We didn’t tell anyone for a few weeks, we waited until the Memorial weekend so we could tell them in person since my parents live 6 hours away and his parents live 3 hours away.)

Their response? “It’s about time!” (We’ve been dating for 6 years, living together for 4 of those.)

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