(Closed) Who do you (not) want in the delivery room with you?

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Helper bee
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It’s just gonna be Darling Husband and the hospital staff.  I originally wanted my mom too – she’s awesome, very supportive, and has done this before.  But since we got pregnant, it’s really been this amazing family-building process with Darling Husband and me, and I’m excited for us to experience labor and birth as a family unit.  Honestly, how amazing Darling Husband has been during pregnancy has made me completely trust in his ability to support me in labor, so I don’t feel like I need anyone else there.

We won’t have people in the waiting room either.  We’ll call our parents when we’re admitted, so they know, and we’ll call them a little while after the baby is born to share the news, and then we’ll see them in the next few days.

I should also mention that I work at the hospital where I’ll be delivering, so the aforementioned “hospital staff” are all known to me, and I might be a little picky about which nurses/doctors I want present, since I definitely have my favorites and least favorites.  Of course, everything goes out the window in an emergency, and I wouldn’t deliver there if I didn’t at least trust everyone’s abilities.

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Bumble bee
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@PoppyH:  I really only want my husband. Unfortunately my Mother-In-Law and SIL live in town  and I think they will try to be there. I do not plan to let them know when we go to the hospital. I would not be comfortable with other people there. Probably not even my mom.

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Busy bee
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@menzies:  I have been saying this constantly!

I am really early on…only 6 weeks. As of now the only person that will be allowed in the room is my husband, unless he faints (pretty sure he would) then it would be my mom.

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6 years ago when I had my daughter it was a rather quick delivery so my mom, dad, little sister and child’s father were all in the room. It was a pretty big room though so my dad and sister were able to stand in the corner and stay out of my business, lol.

This time around it’ll be my Darling Husband, mom and Mother-In-Law -When it comes down to it, doesn’t really matter who is looking at your ‘cooter’ as long you get the baby out. Maybe I’m a little weird, lol.


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nobody! lol

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Blushing bee
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My husband and required medical staff only! When it comes to immediate family, I rather have them wait at home and not even in the waiting room. I want to experience labour and our newly built family as an individual entity.

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Busy bee
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I only want DH and the medical staff in the room when I deliver.

Hypothetically (because I’m not even pregnant yet), we would like to wait until the baby was born to even call family to come to the hospital. The issue with that is, both parents of mine work at the hospital where I’ll be delivering. Sigh. In a perfect world, though.


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Bumble bee
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No kids or anything, but either by myself or my sister.

My husband would either pass out and need more attention than me, or he’d hide in the corner and refuse to help, so no reason for him to be in there! Haha, of course it could be different if we were ever in that situation, but currently that is how I see him being!

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Helper bee
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I only want Darling Husband there. My family and in laws live a 2 hour flight away and I’m not sure if they will be in the area  close to delivery. If they are I don’t want them in the hospital until I’m ready after delivery. Mother-In-Law loves to take pics and Facebook. In fact, she outed our pregnancy to extended family through her Facebook posts. I definitely want to control which post baby pics are put on social media and I probably won’t be able to if she is here to take her own pics.  And I don’t want anyone else telling my birth story at family functions except for me.  My mom also has a history of divulging my private health information to extended family so I will probably tell her as little as possible.

 I am thinking of just calling after baby is born after reading all these delivery room drama stories.

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Blushing bee

In the scenario where I had a kid, I’d like my mom or my husband to be there for the labour.

And for the actual pushing, EVERYBODY OUT. Except the medical staff. (Pretty sure my mom and husband are queasy with blood so they won’t be any help anyway lol.)

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Busy bee
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My aunt, who is a labor and delivery nurse. I want my own expert in there….

I’m still debating whether or not I want my Darling Husband in there… not for any other reason but he would be a wreck and probably vomit at the sights and smells. Hospitals freak him out terribly and I would want someone in there who knows what the hell all the medical staff are talking about and can translate for me.

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Sugar bee
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I’ve had three babies and I gotta tell ya~ by the time labor had progressed to the pushing stage I didn’t give a rat’s ass who was in the room!  I’m focused on having that baby!  I definitely want my husband there with me and I’d have as many supportive friends and family as I could. Birth is such an amazing part of life and I appreciate sharing it with other people.  


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I figure anyone can come and see me before I start heavy labor, once it’s push time everyone but my husband out.  I think my mom wants to be in there with me (she was with my 4 nieces and nephews) but I’m a little more shy than my sisters and don’t really want her seeing that (plus I think she might stress me out).  I know my Mother-In-Law, Father-In-Law, and grandma in law will be in the waiting room. They’ll be the hardest to kick out before the baby is born and I figure my husband won’t do it so I’m already planning to have a nurse ask them to leave.

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I only want my husband and a doula in the room with me during labour, and only a doula (and my doctor) during delivery. We might change our minds at the time and have my husband stay in for delivery, but he’s exceptionally squeamish so we both think that if he’s in the room he’ll probably just feel horribly sick and throw up or faint.
I usually respond to intense pain by wanting to be alone in a quiet place, so I would hate to have a bunch of people in the room.

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When I had my first it was my then Darling Husband, my mom, Mother-In-Law and oldest SIL. I let each one come in, in that order, too. They could stay only if they were silent. I do mean silent, not quiet. Mother-In-Law struggled some but the nurses would have kicked her out if she hadn’t shaped up. I had an unmediated labor and delivery and noises distracted me. They all saw my vajayjay. 

For the twins, a vaginal birth in the OR only my then Darling Husband was permitted per hospital policy. Mother-In-Law and my mom waited somewhere. It was my mom’s birthday, too.

For this pregnancy, my new Darling Husband will be there. My mom can come if she wants but will probably watch the older kids at home. Father-In-Law and his wife can be in the waiting room if they want but I doubt they wil be, as they’re an hour away. They wouldn’t want to be in the delivery room. Darling Husband has 3 bothers and they can be in the waiting room, if that’s how they want to spend their time. Lol. I’m pretty sure they have better things to do than sit around watching a clock, when they could be living their lives instead! 

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