(Closed) Who does what in the house?

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  • poll: Which chores does your SO do around the house?
    Taking out the trash : (98 votes)
    21 %
    Lawn-mowing : (55 votes)
    12 %
    Dishwashing : (59 votes)
    13 %
    Vacuuming : (42 votes)
    9 %
    Laundry : (50 votes)
    11 %
    Repairs : (67 votes)
    14 %
    Bathroom scrubbing : (27 votes)
    6 %
    Dusting : (14 votes)
    3 %
    General picking up : (54 votes)
    12 %
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    Fiance and I share housework/upkeep pretty evenly, I do vacuuming, dusting, we share dishes, general cleanup and a bunch else, and he takes care of the yard and laundry.  Lately I’ve been working more hours so he does a bigger share of the housework, but if we were working equal hours it would be even, or I would do more if he were working more.  

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    My guy does almost all the cooking and kitchen cleaning – it’s awesome!  He also takes out the trash, cuts the lawn, manages the garage, and helps me deep clean sometimes.

    I do all the laundry and putting away of clothes, general picking up, and most deep cleaning. 

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    SO works, and I don’t. I’m basically a housewife (no kids though, not now or ever). I do all the cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, bill paying etc, and SO earns all the money. It works well for us. I do have access to the money, so I don’t feel deprived.

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    To be honest…

    We don’t keep score… nor do we have a drawn up list that we’ve put a lot of effort in to divide down the middle.

    My first marriage, there were TONS of arguments about Chores & Housekeeping

    BOTH of us were extremly unhappy…

    Instead of playing to each of our Strengths & Weaknesses that two people naturally bring to a relationship, we were piling the expectations of the other on one another.

    Recipe for Disaster.

    This time round…

    I married Mr Wonderful.

    He cooks, he cleans, he takes out the garbage, maintains the cars, and cuts  the grass.

    I do a bit of odds and ends… Recycling – ALL the Laundry – Baking – Putzing around in the Kitchen etc.

    It may not sound like it… but it even outs.  My style is more “spontaneous” than regimented.  So I am more likely go go on a spree (ie Spring Cleaning from top to bottom) than be the girl you want to rely on too heavily for the weekly routine

    Just is who I am… I get highly bored by routine.

    Lol, in all honestly, my primary job around the house seems to be research,  planning & organization of what we will do next (a hold over from my career)  … be that at home, or where we will travel to (we are semi-retired)

    So my planning might just as well be meal planning, grocery / shopping list, or pantry organization, or keeping track of the various maintenance schedules & contracts (Window Cleaning – Lawn Service – Snow Removal – Chimney Cleaning etc)

    And when we renovate, I’m the one that does all that planning, get the Quotes, Interview the Contractors, keep an eye on the process etc.

    (Lol, cannot tell you how funny it is to have a Contractor come, meet us both and be clearly talking to Mr TTR… and he’ll say “You need to work it out with her… she’s the one who knows all this stuff”)

    He says he is happy with this arrangement because he was single for so many years before he met me and so he’s used to doing for himself… and according to him, I bring a ton of other good qualities to our relationship… like I truly deeply CARE about him, and LOVE him 100% no matter what !!

    Something he told me he’s never felt in a relationship before in his 60+ years.  So that says something right there.  (He’s Mr Nice-Guy too many women have taken him for granted, I guess)

    And something that I truly believe ONLY Encores really get… it is so wonderful to find someone who loves your UNCONDITIONALLY… that is the ultimate…. the thing that we are all searching for in life.

    And I feel the same way… he GETS ME like no other.

    Anyhow… we NEVER argue, fight or barely ever even disagree.  We spend  almost 24/7×365 together and we never tire of each other.  We are each  other’s best friend.  And truly enjoy each other’s company… it is nice to  have someone who you can have an intelligent conversation with on ANY topic  !!

    He’s an absolute doll… I am one lucky girl (and I know &  appreciate it). 

    Lol, think I’ll keep him awhile longer Laughing *HUGE  Grin*


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    We have a cleaner ๐Ÿ™‚ Fiance does laundry but so do i. He takes out the trash. He HATES doing dishes so he cooks and I clean up. 

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    We’re pretty traditional, for the most part he takes care of the outside(mowing and plowing) , repairs and making random furniture.  I do most of the cooking, grocery shopping, dishes and other cleaning. He does help out with cleaning occasionally, he tends to like things cleaner than I do, so he’ll go around the kitchen a little more thoroughly than I would every once in a while.  He also grills dinner fairly often in the summer and randomly does laundry. 


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    It depends. Right now FH is on break from school for three weeks, so he’s home while I’m at school and he takes care of most everything around the house. I still cook dinner, do laundry and straighten up.


    When FH and I are both in school, we do thinks more evenly. He’s the only one working, so I’m hanging out around the house from 3pm onward. FH usually takes the garbage out, cuts the grass and cleans out the litter box. I do most everything else, but he will do laundry or put dishes in the dishwasher if they need to be done. 


    Honestly he’s better at keeping the house clean. 

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    We both share household tasks, but Fiance definitely handles the trash for the most part and mows the lawn. I don’t know how to use a lawnmower! (Probably should learn, huh?) 

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    He does it all if I don’t. We just do what needs to be done. Granted we will have a messy house for a busy day but it always gets cleaned well.

    He’s been doing more this past week while I was dealing with some health issues, so for the last 3 days or whatever I’ve been super cleaning and cooking. Like scrubbed the carpets twice, dog baths, dishes, trash, even bathrooms. 

    We both mix it up but in general I’m in charge of cleaning, he does trash yardwork and cooks :), we both repair, depending on who feels like it.

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    Yes, he does all of those, and more, except we don’t have a lawn.

    I do most of those too (the exception is that I rarely take out the trash). We each have chores we tend to do, but not stark chore divisions. We both tend to do more of the chores we each like more. He’s the whiz of all things kitchen-related (except nutrition research, that’s me… so for example, I’ll buy a new veggie based on its health qualities, and he will…turn that into delicious food ๐Ÿ™‚ ), I naturally tidy up wherever I’m near, and enjoy folding fresh laundry. He does a bit more around the house than me, but I’m trying to catch up. 

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    @kateisstoned:  “Other”- he also cleans the kitty litter ๐Ÿ˜€

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    My Fiance washes the dishes (since I do all of the cooking), takes out the garbage most of the time (but I wrangle the recycling at the same time), and scrubs the toilet (it’s his stupid boy pee splashing all over it!).  Once we have a house he’ll do all of the lawn care, while I’ll manage the gardens.  


    I do all of the cooking (as mentioned above, this is in exchange for him doing the dishes), the bookkeeping, and the majority of tidying-up.  It would never occur to him to clear off a cluttered surface unless I told him “hey, we’re cleaning today!”  I clean the remainder of the bathroom while he scrubs the toilet.


    We do the laundry together, simply because we always do two loads at a time and it’s a lot easier to haul two hampers down two flights of stairs when you have a second pair of hands.  However, we’ve both done laundry solo when required.  If I plan a cleaning day for us, we both do an equal amount of work – one of us will push the vacuum while the other moves things out of the way, etc.  We’re also both pretty handy when it comes to repairs, although he takes care of anything electrical.  

    We take turns with the cats – I feed them on even nights, he has the odd nights.  We each clean out the litter while the other person feeds them.  

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    My husband deploys too much to give him assigned jobs. He works. I keep the house spic and span.

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    I do all the cooking, and Fiance does all the cleaning.


    He is in the military, so he has very high standards when it comes to cleanliness and order. He has taken over cleaning in just about every way. We clean on weekends, but he cleans deeper than I do. 


    Sometimes I feel like he does more, but we agree that it makes up for when he’s gone and I have to do everything.

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