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After reading the other Bee’s responces, I kind of feel bad that I an not enjoying this time of my life. (Shrug) :/ cant wait for it to be over.. 

lol Skip the engagment and Marriage…Im more excited about the honeymoon!! sealed

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Busy bee

I enjoyed it, but only because I was in on the process. There was probably a six month lag between when we had a serious talk in which we decided we both wanted to get married, and the actual proposal.

We picked a ring together, but he wanted the actual event to be a surprise. He told me it would be as soon as possible after the ring was finished. He had the ring for about a month before proposing. I didn’t know the ring was finished until it had been at the house for two weeks, so it was really only two weeks of anticipation, which I did enjoy. 

If I didn’t have any idea when when it was happening, or felt like I had no control or say in the process, my reaction would have been very, very different. 

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I enjoy this time! No anxiety about when, I know it’ll be sometime in 2018, and once we have a couple things squared away I’ll have a more exact timeframe. I love being with my SO and engagement/weddings aren’t a touchy subject with him, so it’s fun to just have talks about what sort of wedding we’ll have and such. And there’s no stress with wedding talk because we don’t actually have to plan it yet lol. 

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Helper bee

I started out being kind of annoyed but I didn’t know the timeline.

Now I still wouldn’t say I know the timeline that well but he plans on doing it “maybe in a few years maybe next year”. I don’t know if that makes me “Waiting” like the girls who know their SO has a ring and plans on proposing and has thought about it.

I definitely am with you on the anything could happen wonderment and the “how will i feel, what will he say, will i cry?” thoughts. I like thinking about it and I like where we are at. Its definitely feeling like the calm before the storm. 

He hasn’t really talked about proposal stuff on his own or asked me what I like about a ring. I might get more excited if he did. Because I would know he is starting to be on the same page.

So I am enjoying it at times but don’t really feel like I am waiting yet because I don’t think he is ready.

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I do actually enjoy the waiting period a bit. Not that I don’t have my moments of impatience when I get myself all worked up thinking about it, but I’m not in a huge rush for the proposal. Maybe it’s because we’ve talked about getting married, I know we’re both on the same page about it and we WILL get married eventually. I know she adores me, and I also know she is working hard on making the proposal as awesome as she possibly can, so I don’t find it hard to give her the time she needs to do that. 

I also know that this whole proposal business is just a tiny blip on the map of what I plan to be a lifetime together, so I try to enjoy all of it, even the waiting process. I like to think I’ll one day look back on this time as a precious memory, because once the proposal is over, that moment is over and we start a whole new chapter together. 

That said, I did at one point have to tell her to stop talking about it, because it was driving me crazy hearing her talk about our future wedding, tell me she can’t wait to marry me, talk about where we might honeymoon etc., all while we are not even engaged yet, so no actual planning could really take place and I couldn’t talk to anyone else about it because it’s not official! tongue-out


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Busy bee

We’re enjoying it! But we are both really busy people in general, so there’s not tons of time to ruminate on if I think it’s taking “too long.” In fact, I think he is going to pop the question sooner than I originally thought, lol.

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pixieduster5 :  Totally agreed! My FI’s excitement was palpable. In fact, when I came over to his house that night, he proposed literally the second I got in the door! He said once he had the ring he couldn’t wait to get it on my finger. Since then he has been an active and enthusiastic partner in wedding planning. He’ll make a phone call here, I’ll make one there, he’ll set up a meeting with a potential reception hall for one week, I’ll set one up for the next week. That’s a man who is ready and excited to get married. If you and your SO are making fake proposals to each other, that to me says that you guys are at that point in your relationship at which you’re both ready to embrace the next step. Every woman deserves to have a Fiance like that. It really saddens me to hear what some bees have to put up with.

Enjoy this very special time and keep us updated!

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LittleRedBug :  I guess I never considered myself waiting in the months between Fiance and I deciding to get married, and him proposing.  However, I guess I was.  He had been gun ho about marriage since we started dating and brought it up with disturbing regularity.  (Dude I do not want to talk about marriage after 4 months of dating!)  I almost broke up with him because he was freaking me out. 

Once we decided that we would get married, I felt in on the process.  I helped him pick out a ring.  I was certain he was going to propose.  I felt like I had a say in the situation, and I did feel excited and happy.  I was also very curious to see how he was going to propose.  (He did a great job!)

Waiting is not enjoyable when you are unsure of your partners intentions.  If you aren’t 100% confident your partner is going to pop the question eventually, its a hellish experience.  

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LittleRedBug :  

Well I never really ‘waited’ at all. We just decided we would and then did it. Pretty quickly  too, but we’ d moved in  together  straight away anyway .  

I could not and would not ever have endured  actual ‘waiting’  for him to decide our future in the way  so many bees seem to find acceptable . Takes all sorts as they say . 

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My SO bought the ring and I’m just pretty much waiting. I’ll admit, the first 2 weeks was the toughest, I kept bugging him day by day about it, when we’re together, when we’re not, when we’re texting, when we’re chatting on the phone. Lol.

But after the 2 weeks marked pass, I began to enjoy the waiting. The excitement of knowing it’ll come one day.. And his friends constantly asking me “Come, tell me what you want in your proposal” and the “(SO’s name), you better make it grand or we’re going to make your life a living hell” jokes in front of him and seeing his adorable laugh is really fun and hilarious.

I’m sure there’ll be time when I’ll get excited and start bugging him again when our timeline gets closer, but as for right now, I’m enjoying every bit of it cos I know it’ll only comes once 🙂

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Wow this is such a nice post to read. I know I am with the guy I want to be with into old age and I’ve definitely been feeling antsy (maybe bc I just turned 30) but it’s been really awesome reading these stories. I should be living in the present and enjoying our day to day adventures. We both know we want to be with the other person  so there is no rush and I do want the whole thing from the ring to popping the question to be a surprise so I’m just going to be visiting this board to get my wedding and proposal urges met lol 

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I enjoyed it too! My fiance and I had been together for 2.5 years before he proposed, and we are getting married on our 5 year anniversary. I enjoyed waiting because we were both in school leading up to the engagement, and knew that we wanted to wait until we finished. It was something to look forward too! 

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