(Closed) Who else failed the one-hour gestational diabetes test?

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I’m sure every Dr is different, but I was told 15-30 carbs for breakfast, 30-45 for lunch and 45-60 for dinner. 2 15 carbs snacks, one between breakfast and dinner and one between lunch and dinner. 

And eat a 15-30 carb snack at bedtime to help with fasting #s. cheese and peanut putter were life savers for me snacking. Low carb and a lot of protein. 

It takes some getting used to, there’s lots of good Info online. 

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@PilotsGirl56:  so sorry you failed. Message me if you would like. I have 3 insulin shots a day, and my numbers have been a little crazy, but that’s expected with the hormones. I was a complete mess when I found out, hubby was like your husband. You did nothing wrong! Some people just can’t handle the extra sugars during pregnancy. *hugs*

And the easiest thing to start on now is watching your carbs & portion sizes. Like Robin_Sparkles said… I have 15-30 at breakfast, 30-45 at lunch and dinner. And supposed to have 3 snacks a day. You don’t go hungry on this which I found funny/odd. 

The perk is you get to see your baby a lot more, and the drs are watching you & the baby more carefully to make sure everything is ok. I took a lot of comfort in that. 

And both of my dr’s and the dietician said “if you want a piece of cake, have one… Dont have a giant one but have one… If you want a big plate of pasta, have it. You’ll be fine!” 🙂

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Did any of you ladies have to do this test very early on in pregnancy?  I have a family history of diabetes and have to do the glucose test next week (at 10w4d) and am very scared. 

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@PilotsGirl56:  im sorry to hear that. i failed when i was 6 months ; ( i had no signs at all but once i failed that test i did ( funny how that happens) i just had to watch what i ate. i lost 22lbs having gestational diabetes  and i also had a grade 3 placenta due to the diabetes. everything was fine thank God but i had to watch my sugar and check it 3 times a day ( prick my finger that hurts) when your doing it that much you run out of fingers lol. Good luck dont worrie everything will be fine just watch your diet and you will know when you have over done it you will get very tired and sleepy.

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@PilotsGirl56:  Eh, I’ve lost weight this pregnancy and failed.  I never failed in my previous two pregnancies.  I did my three hour today.  

I’m really worried about failing because I definitely am not a person who can eat at scheduled times.  

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@PilotsGirl56:  Saw that you failed.  *hugs*  I hope you find the transition to the diabetic diet smooth. 

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Hi there. 

I just wanted to send some encouragement. I’m a GD momma and am on insulin. haven’t only gained 6 lbs and I’m almost 37 weeks. I passed my test at 28 weeks so I thought everything was fine until at 32 weeks I was measuring 6 weeks ahead. They didnt suspect GD bc I never had ansymptoms But they tested me again just to make sure. I failed. I had to start monitoring myself and thats when I noticed my sugar levels were extremely high. I was devastated. I thought I did this to my child, I tried to control it with diet and I ended up causing myself to become sick bc I was cutting too many carbs. That’s when they realized into body just couldn’t control it’s sugar I started insulin injections last week and now I’m finally where I should be. But this changed everything. I’m not saying you will need insulin and I’m not trying to scare you I just want u to know I have been in your shoes and if u have any questions just send me a message. Everything will Work out in the end! * Hugs*

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@PilotsGirl56:  I’m average size and I’ve already been diagnosed with GD. I can assure you that it is NOTHING that you have done wrong – try not to look at it as passing or failing. I eat healthy, exercise, do everything I’m supposed to do and still my blood sugar levels are considered too high. Now I am counting my carb intake, I have to test 3-4 times a day and I’m on daily insulin injections, and while I was absolutely devastated at first, it’s really not that bad. You’ll get the hang of it (whatever your next course may be) and realize that it’s really not as bad as it seems. You’ve gotta do what you can to take care of both yourself and your LO, and in the end it will be worth it!!!

Just remember that it’s nothing that you did wrong. You can’t blame yourself! I’m so glad that now you know because it means that you can do something to monitor it to help both you and your sweet baby. If you ever have any questions, please let me know – I’ve been seeing a diabetes counselor and my doctor every 2 weeks since early pregnancy and I would be more than happy to give you ideas and tips, encouragement and support, or just be there as a shoulder to cry on/vent to! 

I hope it all goes well for you and best luck to you throughout your pregnancy!

@redhead46: Yes! I had to do it at 10w because of a family history of diabetes. At first I was really upset and frustrated, but after they found out that my blood sugar levels were high, I realized that they were just doing it to help me. I’m so glad that they didn’t wait until later in the pregnancy to find out because it would’ve been a lot harder to adjust. Also, this way, from the very start we’ve been monitoring everything and I’ve adjusted my diet and been on insulin, so my baby is growing at a healthy rate! Best wishes to you – I hope you test negative!


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I failed the one hour but passed the three hour. It was my first appointment and right after lunch and was not told I would be taking this test. So that quick fast food lunch and large orange drink totally did not help! (Left work late and had 30 min to the appt). The 3 hour test came up normal. From what I understand this happens all the time. I should also note that pre-pregnancy I was told by my doc that I was around the pre-diabetic zone and needed to pay attention so it doesn’t get worse. I’m now almost 23 weeks and no diabetes in sight. 🙂

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@BeccaBee83:  did they tell you what your hemoglobin a1c was when you were first tested? Mine was high at 6w and I have been on injections ever since. Just curious as to what your number was- they’ve thoroughly frightened me. 

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Awww, I’m sorry you failed both.  I ended up wtih GD too (and am a little overweight, so I totally get the feelings that there could have been something for me to do that prevented this).  Really though, the diet isn’t that bad.  It’s probably pretty similar to what people SHOULD be eating, pregnant and diabetic or not.  Just look at it as an opportunity to have a really good reason to make healthy eating a habit.  I wasn’t a big carbs fiend to begin with, so I found that 45-60 carbs per meal, and 3 15g snacks is actually a LOT of food, and am never hungry.  Do I stare longingly at othe people’s chocolate cake and french fries – yes.  And is it a little inconvenient to be working and tied to pretty strict eating/testing times – for sure.  I take 4 tests and 1 insulin injection per day because I couldn’t get my fasting sugars down with diet/exercise, but even that is a tiny needle, and you just kind of get used to it.

Good luck!

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Trust me it’s not your size! I’m plus size & passed this test. My best friend is a size 4 & failed.  Everyones body processes differently.  People think you can cheat the test you totally can’t. The night before my test was Halloween I ate an unnatural amount of candy & passed. My bff did go on to pass the 3hour test. I’ve had a few friends fail the 1hour test & pass the 3hr. Good luck!

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