(Closed) Who else had a "simple & sweet" proposal?

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Technically FI & I became “engaged” when he was deployed. The original “plan” was that he would propose after coming home and we would get married in early ’14. However, we found out that he was getting orders over the summer and wanted to get married before we moved. That meant we had less than 7 months and I asked for permission to start actively planning before he came home. Our venue was booked before I had a ring on my finger.


When he came home (Dec. 23), I knew that a proposal was iminant and I kept trying to creat romantic situations. He was on to me. He ended up proposing Christmas morning, while we were sitting on the bed opening our stockings. It was perfect for us, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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@goingtotherooftopoflove:  Oh my goodness… cute couple alert. 🙂 Congratulations!

Ours was a home. Some friends set up some candles while we were out, we got home and I opened the door, and voila… the proposal. It was romantic, sweet, but in our own home and lowish-key I thought, which is perfect for us.

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We spent the day driving around trying to get to the beach where he was going to propose… but we got lost and had car trouble, and in the end we wound up at a beach the next town over from where we live. We swam, then drove up to a cliff overlooking our town & its beach to watch the sunset. He asked me to marry him while we watched the sun go down. Simple & sweet & PRIVATE & perfect. <3 

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Ooh! Me too. I haven’t share yet.

I also had suspicions beforehand because I owned my ring (long story) and had given the ring to my bf at the beginning of the summer and was waiting for it back. We’d already talked about it a lot and read a bunch of relationship books and all kinds of things for me to be comfortable because I’ve been engaged before. But then my dad had a bad health incident and lots of things were happening (and we’re long distance), so there was quite a delay, which I kind of understood, but was beginning to wonder how to ask for my ring back . . . when we scheduled a weekend of camping. We’d talked about going camping for years, but it had never worked out. As a pseudo-joke, I had told him I wouldn’t get engaged to him until we went camping together because I’ve never really been camping and he loves it and I wanted to make sure we could make it through a camping trip! So it was kind of an obvious opportunity.

We set up the campsite and went hiking around and I thought for sure he’d ask out in the woods, especially since I knew he had brought steak and asked me to bring fancy wine. But no. So we drank the fancy wine and ate steak and I got happily hammered, which isn’t hard because I’m a light weight (and spilled a bunch of the good wine =/). Well, FI asked if I wanted smores and I said sure and he headed back to the car, where I assumed he went to get the smores stuff (he had packed for the trip, so I hadn’t the faintest idea where anything was). Suddenly he appeared on his knee beside me asking me to marry him with the ring! I was like yes, hugged him, then said “thank you for choosing me” then told him to get up out of the gravel. Then we made smores :). Unfortunately, this means all our “we got engaged” pictures are of me completely hammered =/. He still uses it as his facebook picture, much to my embarassment lol.

Turns out his original plan had been to wait until the next morning at the end of our camping trip, but I was so happy and things were going so well he decided to go ahead that night. That turned out to be an excellent plan because the air mattress went flat that night! So I was laughing in the morning and he was like “whew . . you might not have said yes after a night on gravel”. It was hilarious.

So a new camping air mattress for his ‘princess’ is on our registry lol. (he calls his tent “the castle”).

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I had a simple one too.


My FI (boyfriend at the time) came home for leave and he was to be home for a week. His friend had told me that he saw a ring box in his bag and to expect a proposal. So of course I was crazy excited and impatient. I waited till two nights before he went back to base and brought it up. He laughed and said he had been waiting for the right time. I went back to patiently waiting. FINALLY the night he left we were in his drive way standing in the rain when he popped the question. I practically tackled him and started crying. He was like, “You haven’t said yes yet!” So, of course, I said yes. He didn’t have a ring so his friend had been lying the whole time, but I didn’t mind, he came home again just before he deployed and we picked out a ring.


I have been engaged for three years and we have had our ups and downs, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I love my Marine and I can’t wait to become his wife on September 7th 2013!

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Blushing bee
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My FI did it whilst we were on holiday in Italy. On the drive to the ferry to France he wagig icing me this whole ‘I’m really sorry, I would have liked to proposed on this trip but I just can’t afford it. I know I should and I want to but it will have to wait’. I didn’t think anything of it. 


I then saw a text from his mum saying ‘did you get the ring then?’, he was bring super weird with his phone for a few days also, so I was confused and just assumed he was going to but hadnt been able to. 


Then we were In Pompeii (one of you bucketlist places), I even commented that he had made one of lifelong dreams come true, and he commented that he hopes to make manor more happen. We were walking through all these romantic spots like the ampitheatre, gardens with doves, and I even thought ‘wow these would be perfect proposal places’. 


Fast forward an hour, we are in this ruin of an ancient pub in pompeii, off the Main Street and all alone. It had huge steep steps and I was struggling to get down them. I asked FI for help and he just walked off – RUDE I thought. Manage to scoot down them on my bum, turn the corner and see him down on 1 knee! 

I was so shocked I didn’t reply for a good ten seconds! Turns out he had asked my dad for permission before we left (the night I was a super hormonal bitch), and had even left the ring out accidentally the morning of, I apparently tidied up around it not even realising it was there! Apparently he chickened out of all the romantic spots because so many people were there, so he did it when we were alone. 

it was a bit of a shame (I’d have loved a tourist to catch it on film!) but it was private and special none the less 🙂 and it makes for a different story! 😉 

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Mine was simple and sweet! It was the middle of my exam period, and I came home from studying on campus all day, so I was exhausted and pretty grumpy. He was acting odd, and kind of following me around, and even though I knew he had the ring the thought of a proposal didn’t even cross my mind (like I said, grumpy!).

Anyway, I basically snapped at him to stop following me around, and went upstairs to our bedroom and flopped face down on the bed. When I rolled over, I saw that he had stickered our ceiling with “Will you marry me?!”, and he was beside the bed on his knee with the ring.

It caught me so off guard that I think I stammered out something like “Do I say yes now??”…. so dumb. He was like “I sure hope so!” and then I said yes, and he put the ring on me.

He had been following me around because he didn’t want me to sneak upstairs without him and ruin the surprise, and he was sooo nervous… and I was so bitchy!! I felt awful, but he knew how exhausted I was and I think he was just relieved that his plan worked.

It was adorable, and private, which was exactly what I wanted (no public scenes for me thank you!!). I still have the lettering on the ceiling above my bed so we see it each night before we go to sleep 🙂

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We work in law enforcement, we met when i started working in dispatch, he is a deputy and we both work nights. I had had a very rough few weeks, my aunt had passed away, and I was not dealing with it well. I knew he would be proposing at some point, although I didn’t even know that he had a ring purchased.

Anyway, it had been a particulary tough day for me and I went to work, hoping it would go by quickly… as soon as I got to work, his best friend (best man now) who also works with us, came down to chat with me, while I was talking with him, my FH came over the radio and spelled out WILL U MARRY ME, like he was running a plate… I was so shocked that all I could say was 10-04!!!

He then came down to dispatch and got down on his knee… It was perfect!!

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@goingtotherooftopoflove:Oh gosh. These are so cute. Even the ladies with the “simple and sweet” proposals have me beat. I still feel super bummed about my proposal…

It was our 5 year anniversary. The rain spoiled all of our plans, so instead we went to the Carnegie Science Center (Children’s science museum in Pittsurgh), then headed to see a movie. After the movie, we walked back to his truck, and he asked while we were sitting there trying to decide where to go to eat. Yep. Didn’t get on one knee. Didn’t plan something sweet at home. He’s the man of my dreams, but I was pretty miserable with the proposal. I feel sort of embarassed when friends and family asked how it happened. I have to embellish it… a lot.

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Simple one here… And I’m so pleased because it was very “me” and he respected that. It was here in our home, when I was making soup in pj’s!!!! It was on a very special date for me so it was even more special. I’m glad I have a simple engagement. To me, fanfare doesn’t equal love. But to each her own, ya know?

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My FI and I were in a long distance relationship through college, and I always said that my perfect proposal would happen after we moved in together, in the morning, right after I woke up, since waking up next to him was such rare and wonderful thing at that time.

I had a pretty good idea of when he ordered the ring, and so I bugged him mercilessly  once he started to get all coy about it.  He would tease me by getting down on one knee and asking me to “maaaaaaa-ssage my shoulders” or whatever, and so there were a lot of pretend proposals.  I’m like “just give me the damn thing already!” and he would say “it’s not like I’m hiding a ring in my sock drawer, so chill out.”

Anyways, I’m just waking up on a Sunday and he started saying stuff about how much he loved me, and how he couldn’t imagine ever wanting to wake up anywhere else.  I told him to shut his pie hole and stop teasing me, and rolled over to go back to sleep.  I was actually pretty surprised when he pulled the ring out of his sock drawer.  Could not have imagined a more perfect proposal.

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My FH originally planned a surprise sunset beach proposal during our SoCal beach vacation last summer. He had three weeks to go until his big moment and he got excited and did it early, haha! He ended up proposing on a Wednesday morning before work at 5am!  He ran out to his car to grab the ring ( it was in his glove compartment) ans he came in, flipped all the lighs on, told me how much he loved me and how he wanted to be with forever and with tears in his eyes, he got down on one knee and gave me a beautiful ring. I was naked in bed at our apartment.. Not what I hmidnight mind, but it was simple and beautiful; we were both crying and it’s our story and I love it. 🙂

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