(Closed) Who else has experienced jealousy throughout their engagement?

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Helper bee
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Not the thing with my mom, but from “friends”…yes. People are such miserable trolls they love to spread the hate! It’s sad that joyous events like weddings and such bring out the flipping worst in people. 

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Buzzing bee

@Chelwilly:  My mom is jealous that I’m getting so much attention, so much so that two months after I got engaged, she bought a $10,000 dollar engagement ring to match mine!

That’s insane. Does it actually match your ring? How did she even tell you? “Oh honey, by the way, we’re twinsies!”

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For the most part, i had a very positive response. I’m friends with a group of girls in my neighborhood who are all married. Ive been the only single one for the whole time i’ve known them. They saw my sadness with past break ups  and were so thrilled for me that i finally found the one!

My close friend who is single though, wasn’t excited at all.  Several months ago when my fiance and i were talking about marriage she had a few smart a$$ comments to make about the whole thing.  Once we got engaged she was just like “oh thats nice. congrats” and then didnt talk about it again. I was pretty hurt.  Later she told me that we were always single together and she feels alone now that her good single friend is now getting married.  She has come around a lot since then though.  She is back to normal. I go out of my way not to be one of those brides who only talks about her wedding. 

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Busy bee
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@Chelwilly:  totally! ive had a friend also say shes embarrassed that ive got such a sucessful career and engagement to a wonderful guy (who btw she told me she liked after my fi and i were officially bf and gf?!) lost a few friends over it… but im way happier with the true friends i do have!! (=

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Yep. I had one person being a negative Nancy when she heard we got engaged. It totally ruined the friendship.

Otherwise, I’ve had really great responses! Everyone else is happy for us.

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Buzzing bee
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The people who care about me the most, for the most part were excited for me. I had a co-worker say “oh that’s nice” when I showed the ring and told everyone the news. Of course she has a man but he has not proposed… There is a former co worker who barley glanced at my ring, I know she was jealous, she has always seen me as competition, I am unsure of why… Another female coworker said my wedding band should be plain because it would be “too many diamonds”otherwise. She yanked the ring off my finger to look at it better! She had no manners. I have a close friend who has dated the same guy for years, and she said it seems like everyone in our age bracket is married and/or has kids, so she is feeling some pressure…. I have only been with my Fiance for less than 3 years, sooo… She was genuinely happy for me though. I was expecting my FB female friends to congratulate me, but most did not, married or single. The haters are going to do what they do best: hate! I am expecting more hatred once I am finished school, and I have a great job. Whatever, it keeps me motivated! I must be doing something right if folks are so mad… Enjoy what sounds like a wonderful life, op!

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Busy bee
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Oh Girl, I’m with you on this one!!! My sister sounds like your mom. She constantly brings up the cost of my engagement ring and how it was too expensive. Instead of competing with me by trying to one up me, she talks down on everything I do. How honeymoons are stupid. Showers are stupid. Bridesmaids are stupid. She has somerhing defensive to say about everything I do!! Oh and to make matters worse, she’s gettingn married in 2 months so she’s competiting” against me big time. Though I don’t know how you compete against someone who isn’t competing back haha. She is so jealous of the relationship my Fiance and I have together, it’s really quite funny. She also has this idea that we’re made of money haha. Oh well! the best thing is, she’s having 75 people at her wedding and it costs almost $30,000!! And she gets on me about the cost of ours which is less than half of that because we decided to get married in the winter. HA! I love hearing everyone else’s stories!!! I don’t know how you deal with your mom, that would drive me crazy!!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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Haven’t seen any jealousy.. but more just lack of anyone really caring.

I told my mom after fi proposed, and her response was, “Oh. Let’s see the ring”. She looked at it, said it looked like something i’d wear, and that was it. No congratulations or anything.

Thanks, Mom.

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Honey bee
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@Chelwilly:  …were we seperated at birth?


I’m not even ENGAGED yet and my mom is being a little bit high-strung about the whole thing (we have been actively planning since February and I made the mistake of telling her).  She is ticked Boyfriend or Best Friend will be walking me down and not her and ticked he wont be asking her (or anyones) “permission” to marry me.


I would not be the slightest bit surprised if she shows up in a bridal gown.


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