(Closed) Who else hates facebook?????

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  • poll: FACEBOOK:
    there's way too much BS on there I could do without : (74 votes)
    18 %
    I wish I could go without, but I'm addicted : (61 votes)
    15 %
    Im on it everyday and love it! : (48 votes)
    12 %
    Tried it and hated it! : (19 votes)
    5 %
    I occasionally go "Facebook Abstinent" but always go back : (19 votes)
    5 %
    I ONLY use it to keep contact with everyone/family/friends : (55 votes)
    13 %
    I only like to share photos : (20 votes)
    5 %
    I just like stalking people : (54 votes)
    13 %
    I'm on the BEE more than FB : (62 votes)
    15 %
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    @princessggg:  I go between loving and hating FB.


    I love it because I can keep in touch with people across the world.. see photos easily, etc. I also “like” a lot of my favorite stores, websites, etc. so I get updates right there on my newsfeed instead of having to go to each and every site. I probably have hundreds of likes by now. Creeping people is also fun.


    I hate it because it’s made life more complicated. For example, I have an ex coworker on there who I fell out with a while back. She blocked me from seeing pretty much everything on her profile, so I responded in kind (thus me learning more about the confusing world of FB privacy settings). I could just delete her but we have mutual friends and I don’t want to cause any more friction then there already is. I wish she’d just delete me. I also see posts on there that I’d rather not see. Political posts that piss me off… people putting their opinions out there that I disagree with… etc.


    Some days I wish I never signed up, but now I feel as if I have to keep it. I have SO’s family on there as well, etc.


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    @princessggg:  Hence why i asked since it wasn’t clear in your original post. 

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    I don’t mind Facebook. I actually keep it active just so I can use it to play Candy Crush (sad I know). I get it can be a great way of staying in contact with those who are far from you but the one thing I hate is that many people assume Facebook is the only way they can communicate with others. For example, I called my friend asking about details for her potluck party on what she wanted me to bring. Her response, “oh I thought you knew, I posted it on Facebook.”

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    I wonder sometimes if people who hate Facebook just have annoying friends, or friend anyone and everyone.  I find it’s a great way for an introvert (me) to keep up with everyone, and I’ve only run into a small number of people who write annoying posts.  I simply hid them from my feed or de-friended them.

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    Honestly if you hate it so much than stay off of it. I can never understand these types of threads of people hating so much on social media.  Plain and simple if you don’t like it than don’t have an account, than don’t be on it.

    I take FB with a grain of salt. Do certain people get annoying, you bet!  I just hide their news feed. 

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    Facebook annoys me… partly because my boyfriend is constantly on it, but I also have to roll my eyes when people post selfies (vain!) or make it obvious how much effort goes into their facebook “persona.” Otherwise I just find it boring. I never update mine.

    After we got engaged my boyfriend asked if I wanted to change our relationship status and I said no. We can change it after we get married but I don’t want to be listed as “engaged” because then we’ll be bombarded with ads and people inviting themselves to the wedding. Anyone who needs to know we’re engaged can hear it from us.

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    I am much happier with my FB account now that I have 25 friends instead of 225. I keep it to immediate family and close friends only. I check in once every few days, mostly because my cousin lives in Ohio and just had a baby. I can’t get enough of the adorable baby photos she posts! 😀

    The only thing that annoys me is when people invite me to events on Facebook. I never check it and have missed birthday parties, happy hours, etc. because people have become too lazy to send an email or a text, it’s always just a mass Facebook invitation.

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    The Winkelvoss twins.

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    I hate Facebook and social media in general. I deleted mine months ago and I am much happier without it. Part of the reason I deleted it was because I was sick of my friends using it as a substitute for actual human interaction. If you want to hang out with me or invite me somewhere or even just talk to me then CALL ME, don’t drop a message in my inbox or on my wall and say you’ve done your duty as a friend.

    I also hate that just because you are online everyone thinks they are entitled to a piece of you. I had family memebers who were always complaining to my mom that I didn’t friend them on Facebook which I always found really obnoxious. 

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    I deactivated my Facebook over 6 months ago. I simply wasn’t interested in what other people were posting anymore. I’m sure my posts were boring too.

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    Love hate relationship with Facebook! I really enjoy updating others, keeping up with everyone’s lives, events, and messaging.

    That said, I notice a lot of people have poor netiquette and that annoys me. I don’t like the mellow dramatic posts, vague statements about how horrible their life is, constant wedding updates when everyone on their friend list is not invited, or incessant offensive political and/or religious propaganda.

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    God, yes. I find it so show-offy and time wasting, and a bit creepy.

    It’s not ‘real’. I would rather be living and meeting people in person who I actually want to see in real life and showing them my photos in person etc.


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    I have so many friends and family all over the world, so I cannot imagine not having my Facebook to keep up with them. It’s convenient communication and updates.

    I also hate talking on the phone, and I always prefer writing to people, so I would much rather message people on Facebook often than give a rare phone call.

    I don’t understand people who hate FB for the drama. What drama? I keep my friends list to a minimum. I delete people every few months. I have around 140 friends, and they are all people I keep in touch with – not the random gal I met the other day and chatted with for five minutes. I don’t have any problem deleting someone who is rude or obnoxious. If they are, then I’d bet I rarely, if ever, hang out with them in person, so who cares if they get upset at me deleting them.

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